System Folder

I miss the older Macs at times and System Folder is a lot of fun

> > > > In this weblog I talk about my personal experience with vintage Macs and what I still do with my machines. I also try to collect useful information about classic hardware and software, republishing old articles and tips, mainly taken from 10-15 year-old magazines. > > > >

System Folder

The Macintosh Clone Era | Low End Mac

Maybe a Macintosh Clone wasn’t such a good idea after all…

> > > > The first thing that happened was clone makers developing Mac OS computers that ran faster than Apple’s computers while costing less – the 110 MHz Radius System 100 in March 1995 when Apple’s fastest was the 100 MHz Power Mac 8100, the 120 MHz Power Computing Power 120 a month later, the 150 MHz PowerWave in October 1995, the quad 132 MHz Daystar Genesis MP 528 (the first multiprocessor Mac) in October 1995 and quad 150 MHz MP 600 in February 1996, the 200 MHz Power Tower in April 1996, the 250 MHz Umax SuperMac S900 with a second CPU slot in August 1996, and so on. > > > >

The Macintosh Clone Era

Gabriel Google Docs Add-ON

This little add-on changed my workflow. I can write in Google Docs and then published to my site hosted on github pages. I select the site I want to post to and the add-on takes care of the rest. It even adds images to the article or post.

> > > > This is a simple Google Apps ‘Add-On’ which converts a Google Doc to a text based format called Markdown. It adds a little metadata (in YAML format) about the document (e.g. a title, author, categories/tags) and commits it (together with any associated images) to a Github Repository (repo). > > > >

Gabriel by thiscouldbejd

Apple Recycling

With all the hype around the new iPhones announced today, remember yYou can always recycle your old one through Apple.

Renew and Recycling - Apple

> > > > The Apple Renew program lets you recycle your device at an Apple Store or online.1 We’ll make sure it’s recycled responsibly or given a chance to be used again. > > > >