Oontz Angle Mini Bluetooth Speaker


After my last article about not using images, I might regret that for the most part as some posts do go better with images. I don’t know. I know that I like to write in plain text and that the Wordpress editor kills me to use it so I keep coming back to using a SSG to great my posts.

It’s doable, but I just don’t have the patience to write posts and then insert a bunch of images as the images never seem to load for me or there’s permission screwups, etc.

Anyway, no image. But I bought this little bluetooth speaker and it works quite well for playing lullabies for the little one.

Do You Need Images

I have been looking at some of my post here that are most popular and one thing struck me - none of them have images.

Not. One.

This might make for a boring looking blog/site/whatever this is but boy it would cut down on the work and most of the images are just for illustration for the most part anyway and don’t really offer any value when it comes to actual use.

I suppose if I had diagrams or the like then I suppose but most of the time the images I post don’t really do a lot anyway.

Yes, the offer a bit of visual flair to an otherwise boring wall of text but other than that they are kind of useless and just take up bandwidth and more time for the site to load.

So from now on I will try to write without images and see how it all works out.

We will see.

Mark Text

I have tried so many markdown editors over the years but this one might be my new favorite

image alt text

It’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux too.

Linkedin Too

image alt text

I never, ever got any value whatsoever out of Linkedin so it’s absolutely no problem for me to get rid of this service as I never used it.

In fact, I **forgot ** I had signed up for thisaccout over a decade ago as the email it had on file was older than dirt and one I don’t use so I didn’t get any emails about this account at all.

Needless to say if I hadn’t used it in a decade that it was time to go.