The Next Mac Pro

Dan Knight on the upcoming 2018 Mac Pro and the importance of upgradability for Apple’s Pro Desktop:

The Next Mac Pro

> > > > Pros and power users wanted their expansion slots and drive bays; they didn’t want to be limited to adding external devices with their rats nest of wires. They wanted internal expansion options. > > > >

Apple MacBook Pro 13.3 LED Intel i5-3210M Core 2.5GHz 4GB 500GB Laptop MD101LLA

This MacBook Pro 13 inch is from 2012 and has a street price of about $600 as configured.

RAM Upgrades for 2012 MacBook Pro 13 inch

As far as ram goes for this model you can max out the RAM all the way to 16GB on this model and for current pricing it will set you back about $100 (check price).

Be sure to buy DDR3 1600 Mhz SDRAM SODIMMS and replace the 4GB RAM with the two 8GB sticks that you buy

SSD Drive Upgrades for 2012 MacBook Pro

SSD Drives keep getting cheaper and one would argue that in 2017, this might be a better upgrade than RAM. The 500GB spinner hard drive on this is a good capacity and you could keep it as is, but I suggest a SSD Drive. If you’re okay with 500GB for storage space then you could add a SSD Drive of the same capacity for well under $200.00

(check price)

Battery Upgrades for 2012 MacBook Pro

The battery will probably be shot on this computer after five years of use so you will want to replace the battery. Unlike some of the other new Models or the MacBook Air this is possible and pretty easy to do. Batteries for the 2012 MacBook Pro are about $40 so for the price it’s probably a good idea (check price)

I Like Pie

Spoiler Alert: I’m in the doghouse with BW

You see, this weekend she went away to some conference in virginia and thedog and I stayed home and worked all weekend cleaning the house.

Look, I have proof:

image alt text

*It’s a rough life. *


Upon her return she brought me a surprise:

image alt text

It’s an apple tart. It looks…well…nice. The way an apple tart might want to look.

This is why I’m in trouble: My response to the tart gift was: ‘meh’.

And boy, was** BW miffed at me**. I got the entire spiel: “I drive 9 hours and bring you home a tart and all you do is complain about how you don’t like tarts!”.

(note to BW: I don’t like tarts)

Folks, I can’t explain the reaction to my lack of reaction other than to say it was not good

## But I like Pie

There’s a family joke that I will eat any pie that is round. I don’t care the flavor as long as it meets the requirement of being round, and most importantly:** that it’s a pie!!!**

And therein lies the rub:

I ‘like’ the tart.

I ‘like’ the fact that BW thought of me and brought me home a treat.


You’re Doing it Wrong

You would think that with a few years of marriage under our belts (and more than a few pies) that when shopping for baked goods for her husband that her default purchase would be…oh, I dunno.. a pie?

But nope. I get a tart.

The tart is okay, but…it’s a tart. It’s **not a pie. **And that my dear readers is my complaint.

I tried to explain to BW that she should think about it this way:

I used electric cars as an example.

She’s all about electrics cars and she wants a tesla so bad she can taste it (I bet it tastes better than this tart)

So I argued that if she could imagine “what if I can home with a Chevy Bolt instead?” I argued.

I mean, it’s **kind of like a tesla ** if you factor in the fact that the only real similarity in the two is the fact that they are both electric cars (the bolt though actually exists, unlike BW’s dream tesla)

BW didn’t appreciate my argument about the electric cars, and even worse is the fact that I have reduced my chances of fresh baked goods coming into the house

So to pay for my sins (and hopefully seen another baked good in my married life)

I will put this on the internet:

**I’m so sorry BW about the tart. It was so thoughtful of you and you are the best wife ever. **

The End.

PS. I like pie better than tarts.

PPS. Thedog likes those little doggie cookies.


TH and friend.

The Week in Review

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a week since my last post but a lot of stuff can happen in a week so let’s recap:

Some Snow Melted

image alt text

(note parking brake on dog)

A week ago I called in sick (sick of winter) 2 days in a row because we got walloped with almost 2 feet of the stuff:

image alt text

And now, hardly anything left

More Signs of Spring

It’s muddy paw season here:

image alt text

I hate muddy paw season, because no matter how much you try the dig still manages to track stuff into the house. Spring Cleaning over and over and over again. (sigh)

I Saw a Chevy Bolt

I told BW I was going to come home with one (I kid. I like living indoors)

image alt text

They are smaller than I thought they would be. They’re nice looking but I don’t really understand why all car manufacturers that make electric cars make them to look more like concept cars than actual …well, cars.

Tesla’s electric car looks pretty normal, but it’s also too rich for our blood. If you want an interior with a lot of plastic then this is the car for you.

I Got Fingerprinted

Mom would be so proud.

Actually, this is a good thing. I’m applying for citizenship and getting fingerprinted is part of the process. I was in and out in 15 minutes.

Now, I wait for an appointment for an interview to open up. In the meantime I’ve got some civics questions to study for my exam.

Another Year Older

Happy Birthday to meeeee……..

image alt text

My favorite mother in law drove all the way to Buffalo to bake me a birtday pie (blueberry!) and also gifted me with a card for Target that I used to stock up on clothes. It’s kind of hard to beat a 2 dollar t-shirt on sale. I’m a good little shopper.

and BW bought me a cake from Wegmans and had it waiting for me after work with a cup of tea.

(BW doesn’t bake because it’s safer for us that way)

image alt text

So, all in all a pretty busy week and a pretty good week. After last week’s snow storm any week without 2 feet of snow is a good one.

Also, there was pie (and cake!)

It Snowed This Week

It’s been a few days since my last update I’m not sure where to start, but let’s get the good news first:

I had a few days off from work because this:

image alt text

We got walloped with a nor’ easter and it was unusally because usually we get spared for the most of it because we’re north of lake erie and we miss out on most lake effect snow storms but not this time! .

But we survived.

At Least There Was Pie

Before the Storm:

image alt text

After the storm:

image alt text

But the storm did take us by surprise, (I was also surprised that BW bought me a pie) and there was bit of shoveling that had to happen because my car was just a little buried:

image alt text

Meanwhile… BW’s Car?

Oh she gets the garage where her car is nice and snow free and toasty warm. Because, pecking order.

image alt text

Luckily I had some help with all my shoveling:

image alt text

Actually, the dog was a good help during the storm as she herded BW in the back forty on the way back from the compost bin:

image alt text

And by the end of the day our little helper was pretty much toast:

image alt text

But at least we were able to turn up the heat.

Oh, wait…

image alt text

This is a photo of a furnace that won’t fire and needed a $300 cash infusion. (at least we found the christmas cup)..

So I asked google for a recommendation for heating and air conditioning company and I found a great guy who was fast, friendly and reasonable for the repair and we now have heat again.

We’ve got BW’s mom here up for a few days and she drove six hours just to bake me a pie!! (ok, and maybe visit her daughter) but also: THERE’S PIE !!!

To summarize boy, are we glad the week is over. We survived 2 feet of snow and a furnace out in the past few days, so now we are really ready for for spring (I’m not sure I’m ready for the spring chores though).

In the meantime, we had to bring a bit of spring indoors:

image alt text

Until next time…

TH and Co!