5 Silverados

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Just five silverados last night at work.

I was hoping to photograph six but I don’t know where the time went. The five I did do were parked in what is probably the worst spot on the lot with no room at all so I tend to take it slow and get out a look to make sure I don’t hit another one.

I doubt I’m going to work later today though due to the big winter storm. The commute would be longer than my actual shift. I will now later in the day.

On Subscribing to Spotify

I have canceled and uncanceled my spotify subscription so many times I can’t count but I keep coming back to spotify even though BW and I share a google play music subscription and it a lot of ways they duplicate each other, but I find that both have different qualities that I like and so I figure I can find the ten bucks a month it costs to pay for my spotify entertainment.

I especially enjoy the weekly curated ‘discover’ playlist that spotify has as well. Also, this playlist has probably every song I grew up with with something like 1000 songs or more, there’s always a song I haven’t heard in years.

Speaking of which U2’s the Joshua Tree was released 30 years ago earlier this week.

30 YEARS! How did that happen?

Enchilada Pie

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BW made enchilada pie tonight, and it was pretty good. She would say it was delicious but as I’m the fussy eater in the house I’m not sure I would have it again. But, thedog and I got fed so I guess if we like living indoors we should not complain too loudly.

Sold 2008 Apple iMac

I just watched my Apple iMac leave the house, sold to some young man on craigslist:

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It’s a 2008 model, and I maxed out the RAM and replaced the hard drive with a faster one, but I didn’t really need it and besides: the rule is if something comes in the house then something has to leave and I’m eyeing a new phone so maybe I can get BW to okay that purchase now that I’ve gotten rid of some crap.

I paid about $170 for this with upgrades and sold it for $150.00 so I didn’t pay too much of an Apple tax for this item. It ran surprisingly well for a 9 year old computer but I have others to use so I will survive without this for now.

9 Silverados

I was in and out of **nine **different Chevrolet Silverados today and let me tell you that I wish they had heated seats becasuse it was cold today for sure at about 20 degrees. I thought, or hoped we were through with this winter stuff but apparently not quite yet.

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