The Best Bottle Brush

My little one uses formula so we need bottles, nippes, lids and so on and one thing we seem to go through at an alarming rate are bottle brushes as they seem to wear down over time and I rarely get a month out of one if that.

So far, we’ve been using the OXO brand brush but at about ten dollars it’s not the cheapest so I began to look around for alternatives that are cheaper.

bottle brush

I found the Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush, Blue for under $4.00 and seeing as we go though about one a month that could end up saving us close to $40.00 a year.

Considering that it apparently costs over $250,000.00 to raise a kid I will take every saving I can get when it comes to raising her.

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Jekyll vs Wordpress


I’m conflicted when it comes to what software to use for blogging. I have more than once switched from Jekyll to Wordpress and then back again.

The Pros of using Wordpress for writing are obvious: Over a third of the internet runs on it and all you have to do is fire up your web broser and start to write (assuming you prefer to write in the wordpress editor vs some other app).

With Jekyll the pro is speed. As it’s a static site there’s no database to configure and for the most part you don’ have to worry about plugins and other stuff that could go wrong. Also depending on where you choose to host your site it could be free to host it. I use firebase as it’s both free and run by Google so the page loads are fast.

I guess if there’s one big difference it’s speed. Static sites are just faster. It makes sense that they would be because without the overhead of Wordpress and databases it takes a lot less resources to serve some plain text and to call a few images.

Mint Mobile vs Google Fi vs AT&T Prepaid


A cellular phone is a neccesity these days and it’s not the cost of the cellphone that’s expensive but it’s the phone plan that really costs the money because with a plan the monthly payments never end unless you die or decide hole up in your home and live like it’s 1987 again and reinstall your landline, plug in your answering machine and get a newspaper subscription.

In essence, a mobile phone plan is necessity in 2019 and not even a luxury. Sure, phones can be considered a luxury but for the service it makes sense to shop around so that’s what I did this morning:

AT&T Prepaid at $25.00 a Month

This was the first offer that caught my eye as the math works out to $300 a year for the phone service and includes the features I need such as enough data, unlimited texts and from what I read in the small print it will allow me to use in Canada - and Call Canada for that price as well and considering I have family in Canada that’s kind of a big deal.

So, not bad. $300, plus taxes at AT&T

Mint Mobile at $20.00 a month

I will start off the bat that this got vetoed pretty quick because the international calling/using is not included and nobody wants to use metered calling when roaming in other countries. There’s an option where you can prepay for international services but that looks like a pain in the ass. I also don’t want to have to turn off data or my phone because I travel in Canada. But if you call within the US it’s hard to beat $15.00 a month

Google Fi at about $30.00 a month

This is the mobile phone service that I’m currently on and although the data is pricey at $10.00 a gb, my current situation doesn’t have either my wife and I using a lot of data and most months we’re using less than 3GB so the phone bill for both lines ends up being about $65.00 for both of us.

Is it Worth it to Switch Celluar Carriers?

It depends. If I didn’t need Canada I would look at prepaid offers from other carriers like T-Mobile and Verizon as I bet I could beat my Google Fi offering, but because I use the Canada calling/usage features of Google Fi I find that the slightly extra montly cost is worth it to know I can just call and use my phone in Canada without having to worry about surprise bills.

Also, there’s the grief factor of ‘porting’ your number from carrier a to carrier b and if something goes wrong you’re at the mercy of the carrier and you can bet that if something goes wrong the carrier will blame the carrier you are switching from/to.

So yes, I could get a better deal on Cell phone carriers but for the time being I will stick with Google Fi for my cellular carrier even if it does cost about $20.00 more a month overall for the both of us.

The trouble with writing.

It’s not the idea of writing I have a hard time with it’s the actual writing that is the killer for me. I’m sure it is for a lot of others and it’s good to know I am not alone but still. What to write?

Im not that interesting to gain a following for this blog just on the basis of my writing as this is new skill for me, that I am trying to hone over time. But as it stands now I don’t have a very big audience for all the effort I have put into this site.

I would definitely make more as a barista at starbucks than I could by writing and yet I enjoy writing.

Maybe that’s all I need - the fact that I like to write. I don’t like the fact that I can’t type well and I am sure of the fact that I use too many commans but when it’s quiet and I get into the ‘zone’ of writing it’s a very enjoyable thing to do - and pretty cheap too. You could write on pretty much any device or even if you wanted to go old school and paper and pen there’s that option too.

Anyway, back to what to write about? And I think that it will end up being whatever I want.

The internet marketer in me wants to makes lists of stuff with lots of affiliate links but I don’t think that this is the best idea and I’m pretty boring with the day to day stuff - at least I think so - but then again, maybe not.

Perhaps the trick is to do a little bit of everything and then see what works and what doesn’t. It’s early days for me yet as I have six years to get to a million words. (I figure I might as well give myself some time)

Assuming I need to write 600,000 words that means I need to write 100,000 words a year or approx 300 words a day.

I think 300 words a day is a very reasonable goal as it’s really just a few paragraphs and you’re done

At least that’s the plan. We shall see.

One Million Words

the big city

I have decided to just try and write here as much as possible about a whole lot of topics as I have learned that you just never know what will resonate with your readers (or, more likely now - what gets completely ignored) and I am beginning to realize that it’s just a numbers game:

The More You Write

The more you will get read. Also (and I need this part) you will get better over time, or at least that’s the idea..

So, assuming each one of these posts is 300 words on average and I have about 765 posts: the math works out to be abut 225,000 words. I suppose I could count the words in each post but that’s too much like work.

I would much rather just write about stuff and see how long it would take me to write approximately a million words. I have no idea how long this will take or even what I will write about but I have a feeling if I write more I will get more of an audience. It makes sense, yes? If you throw enough against the wall surely something would stick.

Not every article would have to be a pulitzer award winner. I think my most popular post is no prize but when it gets searched for, the reader gets the result he/she wants: the question answered.

I have a lot of questions. Some are related to my baby and raising her and yet others might be related to well..whatever.

If this was a site I wanted to make money online with I would write about one topic like…oh I don’t know: power drills and sell you all on the drill you should buy but with this site first and foremost it’s for fun and I think that publishing a million words might be fun. :+1: