The Perfect Jekyll Theme

I may have found the perfect jekyll theme. I have tried a bunch of themes and they end up all having issues or they are just a bit too boring.

Paper theme is clean and minimal and looks great on all devices as well.


I have been searching high and low trying to find how I can easily write and blog without getting bogged down with distraction free editors and other fluff. I don’t need an IDE and yet some simple text editors are just too…well, simple.

I write in markdown so I want to be able to have a few keyboard shortcuts at my ready to make my writing just a bit easier but text editors don’t have markdown shortcuts (usually) and IDE’s are just plain overkill.

Up until now, I hadn’t found anything I liked but after some searching this evening I think I have found my new writing software. It’s Mark Text and it works well and even allows me to easily add images too.


If all goes well, when I publish this, you should see a photo of some pancakes. If this happens then I have found my new workflow.

On Trying Again


If at first you don’t succeed..well, you know the rest.

I was trying to create a site earlier today with wordpress and was having a heck of a time getting vaultpress to work right so I gave up and went for walk and decided to stick with Jekyll as my publishing tool of choice.

One reason I wanted to use wordpress was because I thought it might be easier as once you have it setup all you really have to do is write a title, the post and add an image or two and you’re good to go. But as I have written before I really like using Jekyll once I get my mind wrapped around how static site generators work as it reminds me of creating sites in the old days with just a text editor and some html.

So, once I decided that wordpress was out of the running and that for better or worse, I was stuck with Jekyll I decided to have another stab at designing the site I really wanted, and I have to tell you it’s really ugly and I am totally okay with that.

My new site has white background, zero images and black text with HTML links as the standard blue. It could not be more boring if I tried. And that’s a good thing.

I have no sharing buttons, related posts or any other crap - just content that I hope will be of use to somebody as much as it is to me. I’ve also changed my mindset some. Where I would once chase the money and made many crappy sites trying to do so - this little side hustle is fun and I think that’s more important. Would it be nice if I made a dollar or two? Sure, but I want to add a lot more content and value before I worry about monetizing this.

I’m happy with the day’s efforts and that’s all I could ask. I tried again and I won this time.

Eat, Play, Sleep


I have come to realize that the child really has only 3 modes:

  • eat
  • play
  • sleep

The trick is to figure out what she needs of the three, and they keep on changing all the time but I have found that if she eats every 3 hours, and then plays for an hour and then sleeps for an hour (when I can find time to write this) then we’re in pretty good shape when it becomes caring for her.

It’s interesting that even at this young age she’s developed habits and a pattern to her growing and learning.

The Side Hustle


It’s important to have a hobby site. When I started ramseeker way back when it started as a side hustle or hobby site and I hope to do this again.

I have started another site that I hope to sucessful but as it’s still early days I have no way of knowing yet. In fact, I have a long way to go before it’s all set up in any fashion. I have the design setup and the hosting figured out.

As always, I am going with Jekyll and Google’s firebase for my publishing and hosting need because fast and free are hard to beat.

With that in mind the only thing will cost me is time. I have tried some other hustles and always gave up/got bored if I didn’t have instant success so I want to try and be more patient this time. I’m going to give this site some time and I don’t exect to have any success until the first year.

In the meantime, it’s a lot fun and everybody should have a hobby or side hustle they can work on.