H is for House Fire

Today’s Word is…

house fire!

I’m pretty sure this isn’t what is meant when the recipe calls to preheat the oven.

It seems that the pie BW baked me spilled over a little bit and so the drippings were burning off.

For those who are wondering: I do know where the fire extinguisher is, and our pizza for lunch turned out just fine.

Thankfully it’s freakishly warm today so I could open the windows to let the smoke out for an hour or so.

We have the oven self-cleaning now as I write this so that this won’t happen again for a little while at least.

Miss American Pie

I came home from work last night and lo and behold BW was** making me a pie**! And I have to tell you she might have outdone herself. Look out cinnabon - you have competition.

Also, for those that are counting - this is pie number 2 for 2018.

In other news we dodged the ‘take apart the dashboard’ repair on my car. It turned out it had a clogged heater core but the mechanic was able to flush it out. If this didn’t work then the only other option would have been the 1000 dollar plus repair so that’s a big relief.

I’m not sure if the repair will hold over time but we can handle a $124.00 bill and cross our fingers. For the time being at least, the car has heat.

Today ended up being quite busy as I had to repair the garden hose. It was warmish (mid 40’s) out so I took the opportunity to wash some of the winter gunk off the garage floor. A 2 dollar trip to the hardware store resulted in a fixed hose and a cleaner garage floor.

Once that was done, I cleaned out and vacuumed out BW’s car and walked the dog.

And lastly, the dog got a new dog bed so she can hang out with me in my little basement office:

This brings the dog bed count up to four for her in the house. One of which is heated.

The dog does have seniority after all.

Until tomorrow.

TH and Co.

Hot or Not?

I found out that the heater in my car died so today I took it to our friendly mechanic and of course as I was driving it there the heat started to work again. So I see two scenarios:

It will be fine and he will send me home

The entire car will have to be taken apart to replace some weird little valve that you can only access by taking apart the car and the repair is worth the same price of the car.

If number 1 happens then yay for me.

If number 2 happens then I better stock up on sweaters.

That’s Car incident number 1 this week…

Item Number 2

The second car woe is that BW’s car needed new brakes on the rear.

There’s few advantages of working at a car dealer, but one is dropping off the car to get fixed. The disadvantage is that you tend to get charged ‘dealer rates’ as opposed to our mechanic on the island.

But when you factor on my staff discount, the pricing for new brakes and rotors was pretty good so I just had it done at work and by the time I was done for the day the car was ready.

Item Number 3

Because my car was in the shop, I took BW’s car to work and after work, I took the power washer to the car so I could see out of it again. It’s pretty sloppy weather here in Buffalo.

I come around the corner and start hosing the car down and I notice the scuffs you see above.

For the life of me I could not figure out how, where , or when this may have happened. I know I didn’t do it and I thought somebody may have hit it in a parking lot, but the scuffs and scratches didn’t match any scenario I could think of.

When I got home tonight and told BW she replied “Oh ya, I fogot to tell you - I did that”


Mystery solved.

50 Shades of Gray

“Let’s scrape the popcorn off the ceiling and paint the family room” said BW.

And just like that my latest project began.

Now, I’m a pretty smart guy and I try and play the useless card as much as humanly possible when it comes to getting out of chores but I was no match for BW.

You see, this all started with a light that BW found at her new favorite store but after some measuring we determined that it was too tall/long and I would bonk my head. Also, it was $250.00

So I found this one on eBay instead for $50.00 :

Actual light installed.

But that still didn’t get me out of the work. It had begun -** the great family room makeover of 2017** _(and into 2018). _

The first step was to get the popcorn ceiling down. As I did not have the skills or inclination to do this - I delegated and hired Tom the Handyman.

Poor Tom. He didn’t know what he was getting into. He was down in the basement for what seemed like days and days before he came up covered in dust and claimed that he would be done. He also told me he would not take any more drywall jobs after this as we had cured him of that.

But he did a great job but now this is where I come in -** the painting. **

I started to joke that it was “Wake up and paint” (insert day here) as for a while there all my leisure time was on the end of a brush. Every time you paint you swear that it’s the last time you will ever paint again and then every time I think “ How hard can it be?”. Ha! You think I would learn.

I think it took me about 3 weekends to get it painted. The trickiest bit was around the stairs as they had never been painted since we had the new floor in so there was years of paint remnants to sand down before I even begin. Also, if you look closely you will notice the edge at the ceiling isn’t the straightest, but I blame that on the popcorn. Also, all BW had to do was feed me - You get good or cheap - pick one.

Once it was all painted, BW decided we needed new carpet down there to cover up our expensive flooring so this was added. I have to say I am not one for carpet but this looks very nice and most importantly: it doesn’t shed.

Once the carpet was down we had a challenge - to cover up the solar and electrical panels with the TV.

Before we had solar, the TV covered the panels as our 46 inch TV was big enough. But now that there’s 2 or more panels on the wall we would have to buy something like a 75 inch TV to cover up all the panels.

The problem with buying a big TV is we don’t watch all that much - a few hours a week at most so the idea of spending $1000 or more on a TV didn’t seem like a lot of fun.

My MIL suggested a frame and then then more I thought about it the more I liked the idea so I googled and suggested my idea to BW.

“No” was the response.

But I googled and showed her what I was thinking and she came around and actually got enthused about this project.

We wandered around home depot forever trying to get what we had in mind and turn it into reality but we finally figured out that we needed some plywood and the fake wood that’s popular right now.

We came home and started gluing.

Once we had the wall built we just had to figure out how to hang it.

At first I drilled holes in the plywood and just bolted the TV and wall directly to the mount we have up already

The problem with that was that you could not get at the back of the TV or even get to the ports. Lesson learned.

At one point, I had the TV upside down. This was a learning project.

So I bought another TV mount that allows the TV to hang on the wood much like a picture on a wall so we can still have the wall mounted to the wall mount and if we did get a bigger TV we would not have to redesign the wall.

I used big bolts and bolted the wood wall to the original mount and then bolted the 2nd mount to the wall. By theory this thing should hold. Fingers crossed.

This was too heavy for BW and I to lift about ear level so I hired tom the handyman to swing by and help install it and so far so good - it holds !

We got lucky with the sizing, and as you can see it’s real close to the ceiling but it’s been up for a week or so now and looks like it’s going to hold.

My FIL gave us a soundbar for Christmas so we got rid of the ugly home theater system and the soundbar does the trick for us just fine.

And with that, we’re done.

Total cost for this was about $100 for the plywood, planking and nuts and bolts, etc.

Here’s the before and after photos:

One last thing I forgot to mention was the blinds. BW sent me to the store to buy white but they didn’t have them so I bought the linen color and even though we didn’t plan it they tie into the color of the TV wall and the room pretty good.

I think they looks much nicer than the white ones would have looked anyway.

BW had hoped to get new furniture for down here but yours truly needed a new dental implant and guess what an implant costs? About the same as a new sectional. So for the time being she will have to live with our ugly furniture for just a bit longer.

But at least we don’t have to buy a new TV.

On the Seventh Day


Another day, another pie.

But more importantly, I’ve managed to stick to writing  here for a entire week without giving up. Now granted that these little posts have not been war and peace but these little snippets will be fun to look back at over time.  So yay for me. I only have to write for 358 more days in 2018.

As the photo suggests, it was a pretty quiet day at home. It’s warmed up a bit and should be even warmer tomorrow.

I don’t like you right now

BW called me from the Airport at 10:45 am. Her flight is at 10:45 pm and she lands at midnight. I asked her  what she was going to to do for 12 hours at the airport and she ended up going to the movies. last I heard from her she  was in movie number 2 and that she was the only person in the theater.

My complaint is that I have to go collect BW at 11:30pm and then drive her home.  The trouble is that I have to get up and work a 12 hour day about five hours later. I think we may have to change the blog name to ‘cranky husband’.

I tried to convince  BW to take an uber and let me slumber but she wants me to pick her up so off I go. Also - she still wants flowers. I have my orders.

In preparation of my sleepless night, I had a nap today so I guess I can’t complain too much.

In fact, now that you think of it - it’s been a pretty good day: 2 different kinds of pie, and a nap, and the wifey comes home.

Tomorrow I might not be able to type full sentences but for now we’re doing just fine.