A Decade of Soldered RAM

Ten Years.

Boy does time go fast. I was reading this morning that it’s been 10 years of the MacBook Air  and I realized that the MacBook Air introduction was the beginning of the end and now in 2018 with a few exceptionsit’s all soldered RAM on Apple computers.

say goodbye to ram upgrades

At first I thought that this was a bad thing, and I think it was in the days of MacBook Air models shipping with just 2GB of RAM but now the standard config is 8GB I think that for most users 8GB is enough - I know it is for me.

I know that if you’re a power user or pro then a MacBook Air with 8GB might not be enough ram for you but for the most of us it is. Soldered RAM gives us the ability to have computers like the MacBook Air which I doubt we would have otherwise.

It doesn’t seem so long ago that the PowerBook G4 at 1 inch thick was the epitome of thin  for a laptop computer but the MacBook Air and it’s lack of ram upgrades combined with the removal of the CD drive changed that and now almost every other notebook today is a MacBook Air clone.

So it seems like we’re stuck with soldered ram for the future as even the last notebook from Apple you could upgrade the RAM on is now 6 years old.  In a way I miss the ram upgrades and the prices I tracked but overall I think that soldered ram is good.

I know some of you that want to tinker or squeeze every last drop out of their Mac will disagree but  I bet a lot of consumers just buy a MacBook Air and use it without having to worry about upgrades.

Upgrades were a hassle. Yes, you could double the ram from the amount that shipped from Apple but it was costly, confusing on what ram you needed to buy and in some cases you got bad ram or bought it from shady vendor. All this goes away with  Soldered RAM.

Yes, RAM upgrades from Apple are  a lot of money and you could do better with third party ram but I think that applied more in the earlier years. Sure, you pay more for a Macbook Air but not enough where I think that if you needed a Mac with maxed out RAM it matters. If you’re going to pay over a grand for a Mac, what’s another hundred bucks or so to future proof it for a few more years?

Soldered RAM is here to stay. The days of ram upgrades for  your mac are over.

I Have a Complaint


I just made it home, and barely got my coat off before I heard BW’s car pull up in the garage.

Guess what the first thing she says to me? (hint: see headline)

It seems my love for the pi-hole app I installed on our home wifi is not mutual because OMG I BLOCKED HER FACEBOOK! She can’t get important notifications about cat photos and fake news. 

I asked her if  any other, you know - important stuff  got blocked? Nope all work stuff was fine. she emailed, and wrote just fine. She tried to blame me about her work email on her phone but I just quit the app


At least the dog was happy to see me when I got home. ?

PS: One click and I fixed the facebook problem. send moar cat pictures plz.

Nap Day

The photo you see is a stock photo. I had thought about uploading a photo of BW snoozing on the couch but I like staying married.

We both had naps this afternoon so any day with a nap is a good day.

Also BW woke me up with a fresh coffee!.

I thought it was because she really loved me but it was really a bribe so I would put on my coat and walk the dog. I’m not saying she doesn’t love me but I think that there was an a ulterior motive.

My big excitement of the day was that I figured out how to free up a computer I was using for my ad blocking system by using a cloud server. It costs a few bucks a month but it frees up a perfectly good notebook.

Also…I ordered a mug.

It’s a pi-hole mug. Because the nerd in me needed this mug. BW has her space mugs, and this will be my special mug.

I also updated my pi-hole ( I think I like this software so much because it has the word ‘pie’ in it) so that it blocks close to 3 million sites. Porn, spam and malicious trackers - poof! Gone.

I’m back to work full-ish time this week so I’m glad I got my blogging and napping and nerding in today while there’s still time.

Oh, BW found another project for me. I will share when/if I’m done.

I thought the family room makeover would tie me over for some time but apparently there’s more work that has to be done.

Internet and Pie

I spent half an hour scraping the ice and snow off of my car this morning:

Only to find that the car wash was closed at work so even if I spent some time digging out the cars after the storm there was no way to wash them once I dug them out. If the cars aren’t clean I can’t very well photograph them.

So… I came home to BW.

She was doing something with little strips of paper and organizing a conference or something. I suggested that there was a computer upstairs that might make that easier but she was happy with her 1000 little strips of paper so whatever - happy wife, and all.

Me? I bought a faster router for my wireless system at home now that I’m living the ad-free lifestyle and spent a good part of the day setting it up. BW was not happy when I told her there was no internet for a while.

Had a very nice dinner and BW made me another pie. (pie count: 3)

So all in all a pretty good day at the end. We havDon’t panic yet though!e internet and pie - what more could a guy want?

Nerd Day

Not every post can be about how wonderful BW is and this one of them.

Wait, let me rephrase that: BW, you ARE wonderful but it’s just that this post won’t be to your liking. ( Whew, that was close)

Anyway, the past day or two I’ve been in nerd heaven at home here exploring new software and the like and I just have to share this:

It’s called Pi-Hole and it’s software intended to be installed on a raspberry pi and then connected to your router. It then only allows your computer to call from known servers and not ad servers.

And wow! I forgot how fast the web could be before it got ruined with ads. I’m not so much against some webmaster with a few ads that makes him/her some money. It’s just that some have really gone to town with the advertising and tracking and I don’t need to know that 1 easy step to lose belly fat.

Here’s an example:

With Ads

Without Ads

Pages load much faster when you’re just loading the content and not all the ads.

I didn’t have a raspberry pi, but I did have an old laptop that could act as an ad blasting computer and now every device on our network doesn’t see an ad ever.

Total cost to zap internet ads : Nothing.

Anker Bluetooth Headphones

This was an impulse buy.

I bought them when I was at Lowes buying the blinds for our new family room makeover and as they were half price marked down to $14.99 from $39.99 I figured what the heck, I can use them for listening to podcasts when I walk the dog.

Turns out, they’re much better than I expected. They connect right away, and the battery life seems to not be a problem for my use case and they stay in my ears. A neat feature is they have magnets on the back and when you connect them not only does it prevent tangles but it also turns the headphones off.

These are great. Buy Them

Mood Lighting

I found some LED strip lights on ebay for ten bucks and thought I might as well try them and put them behind the TV and see how they look. Turns out, they work pretty well and even came with a remote control for brightness and colors. They plug directly into the TV for power too so when the TV gets turned off so do the lights.


It seems I got a raise at work.

Have a great weekend. ?