Fenced In

BW came back from walking the dog:

“We have bad news and more bad news” she said.

“OK, Hit me”. I replied.

“Our fence blew over”

That’s not good. So I went out to investigate and lo and behold she was right. The door was ripped right out from the hinges and lying on the ground.

Thankfully today wasn’t sub-zero in temperature so I got out my wrenches, some screws and some tape and got to work.

The good news is the fence is up.  I’m not sure for how long and it’s quite possible a slight breeze would blow it over but time will tell.

The bad news is we now need a new fence come spring time.

I spent a good part of the day on the couch, but did manage to get a project started: replacing the light in the kitchen.


For today, I managed to get the popcorn ceiling scraped and  one coat of plaster in hopes of smoothing things out a bit.  We had to stop because - fence, but also because the circuit  the kitchen light is on is also the modem for the Internet so we had some priorities from which to choose.

Lastly - and this saddens me to say this is for the time being I have disabled our pi-hole as it was blocking out some content and I think my server was getting hacked. But it was fun while it lasted.

BW is happy and as we all know, a happy wife..


Will make you Cinnamon Buns. ?

Lost and Found


I guess it had to happen eventually this winter. I lost a pair of gloves. If I had to guess they’re in a shopping cart somewhere at Wegmans. It’s the last place I can think of where I had them.

This isn’t that big of a deal I guess, as they were just cheap winter gloves and not some high-tech ski glove so this is a problem that a bit of money can fix.

Thankfully, today was quite pleasant - Well, at least in Buffalo terms.  We actually saw 32 degrees and sunshine and  I even think I saw some snow try to melt.  It was so **hot **out that on the way home I washed th  car.

So if there was a day to lose gloves then I could have picked a worse day.  Losing these gloves still bothers me though because I’m a grown man and by theory should be able to keep track of things that were **just on your hands. **

I have new gloves coming (Thanks to Amazon Prime) so crisis averted.

Maybe I should have ordered one of these too so I tdon’t lose these as well.

Corvette Season


One of the weird perks of my job is I have probably driven every late model car at this point at one time or another but I never had the pleasure of driving a corvette in the snow.  Until today.

I put the vette in gear, hit the gas and…nothing.  The tires just spun. the only way to get the car to go anywhere was to just let the car idle and crawl along in the snow.  I WAS SO glad I managed to photograph and park this thing so it could be somebody else’s nightmare.

I hate corvettes. I didn’t always hate them and as  a kid I remember being in the back seat of the ford wagon with the wood paneling and shouting “Dad! Look  -  a vette!” as we saw a ‘77 go down the road.


Now I avoid getting near these. They are just too low to the ground. It’s bad enough I have to get in and out of about 12 cars a day during my work day multiple times - I don’t really relish the job of struggling to get out of a car so close to the ground.

Heck, it’s starting to get so getting off the couch hurts. Corvettes are a young man’s game (Or you have a really good chiropractor)

It looks like I lasted 2 weeks into the year before I crawled into one. I guess somebody somewhere has dreams of springtime and summer, and with the weather we have had recently - can you blame them?

The Laundry Hamper


It’s Wednesday.

That’s the middle of the week and if your house is like ours, it’s clean - ish. Heavy on the ish. It’s not horrible by any stretch but I would be lying to you if I told you our home was showroom ready.

As an example, as I write this there is an empty laundry hamper smack dab in the middle of the living room. I’m not sure how it got there or even who put it there in the first place - but it’s been there long enough that the dog hair is starting to drift up against the edges.

I saw this hamper a day or so ago and my first thought was to just pick it up and put it somewhere more appropriate than in the middle of the living room . But then I wondered how long it would stay there before somebody, anybody would move it?

It turns out that a laundry hamper can make it to mid week - at least  - the week is still young.

This empty  laundry  hamper can also mean two things:

All our laundry is done and put away so we have no more laundry for it to hamp.

or…we haven’t done laundry in so long we even forget what this thing is in our living room and this is the first piece that started our new hoarding hobby.

I really, really hope it’s number 1.

Whole Home Intercom


We have at last count  3 google home mini’s, phones of both android and iOS persuasions and god knows how many apps like whatsapp and skype and whatever other apps all the cool kids are using these days. Also, there might very well be a tablet or computer within reach

Simply put, there’s a lot of ways to communicate for BW and I while home together.

Want to know what we use most? The floor.

A few studs, a piece of plywood and some laminate flooring are all that separate BW and I in the house as her office is directly above mine.

Her office is the bed.

My office is small corner in the basement.

So every night we both go our separate ways for a bit and she reads or browses on her phone and I  enjoy the quiet of the night under the glow of my 43 inch screen. Or at least, that’s the plan.

BW has realized that there’s just a bit of floor between us  and she is directly over my head. And you would be surprised how well you can hear each other. You would think we lived in a paper house it’s so clear.

Now that BW has this knowledge, she can use it to communicate( yell) with (at) me any time she wishes and I can’t claim not to hear her.