On Podcasts

When I first moved in  BW and I could not be any more different when it came to what we listened to. I moved in stereos and speakers galore and listened only to music, while BW listened to only NPR.

(Oh, and that Journey CD she has in the car at full volume)

Now I think we have rubbed off on each other. We share a family Google Play music plan and I’ve become a fan of NPR, so much so that I found the world of podcasts which make my drive to and from work so much more enjoyable.

Also, I clean the house listening with my little bluetooth headphones and BW has no problem with this at all.

If you’ve never tried a podcast, I suggest giving one a try. I tend to listen to some politics stuff, and of course computer podcasts but I also like the history podcasts too - As I write this I am learning about the 10th Ammendment. I guess marrying a historian is rubbing off.

I always thought podcasts were silly because why would you listen to people talking when you could listen to music but over the past year or so I have really been enjoying  them.

Maybe it’s because after a while you can only stomach so much of that Journey CD.

In the Spring


I  have a new strategy when it comes to dealing with BW.

BW says that we (ie: me) have to do something and I reply “In the Spring”

Take today for instance, BW comes downstairs and tells me that the trim in the bathroom needs fixed. Okay, I reply “ In the Spring”

I’ve done this a few times now and I think I have a few reasons:

My middle initial is P. As in Procrastination

BW seems to be okay with this answer

It buys me time. I don’t have to get off the couch.

Also, spring is vague time frame. Spring could be March 21 or June 30th. So depending on how you look at it I have anywhere from six weeks of not doing anything to over 3 months ?

Lastly, I figure I get a break. My last project came in under budget and ahead of time so I figure that I might as well go with this stall tactic  as far as I can as it seems to be working.

Now all I have to do is get her used to the idea that it’s best to do stuff in the summer.

At Least There's Pie


It’s pie night! We have 2 (now one) home made pies in the freezer for cold winter nights and even though it’s not the blizzard of ‘77 there’s snow on the ground and that’s close enough for us.

Speaking of snow…

Now is the time I think that you finally get sick of it. And you know what? We have only had a little bit of snow this year. There was a few days a week ago when I was able to wear light sneakers to work.

Not today - we got hit with about 4 inches or so. Not too bad, but the traffic today was just no fun whatsoever getting to work this morning so it’s times like these where you check the temperature of warmer climes.

It was 56 degrees in SF this morning at 6am EST. Still sweater weather, but much better than wearing all my sweaters which is what I did today.

So we wait. And Hope. Because surely spring must be around the corner.

In the meantime I will eat Pie.

If They Have to Tell You It's Premium


It probably isn’t.

I was in a 2012 Honda Civic tonight and right on the console above the radio was written in big letters:** Premium Stereo Sound**

Let’s just clarify:  I was in a Honda. A base Civic. Not a Lexus, Beemer even the Honda premium brand  - Acura.

If I was in one of those brands then one might expect since you’re riding around in  a car worth about the same as my house one would expect the radio to sound nice and a brand might be associated with the sound like Bose, Harmon Kardon, etc.

But I was in a Civic. How premium could one expect or even want? I think that my requirements in a car stereo would be that it works, has a volume knob (I hate push buttons) and because it’s 2018 - bluetooth.

The rest doesn’t matter

This must work though. I mean Honda (and others) have been at it for a while so surely somebody in marketing said “Be sure to get that premium sound screen printed on the dashboard” at some meeting.

I wonder if this works?

Do people read their dashboard and feel better knowing they shelled out the big bucks and the dash has some words to remind you how the stereo sounds? Shouldn’t the stereo  have to prove itself like the rest of the car?

You don’t see the tires printed with letters on them that state that they offer premium grip, or how about the steering wheel? - would the lettering on that be “ premium circular shape” for extra control.

Or what about the rest of the dashboard? The heater and a/c controls don’t get any respect either. There was not a word about them anywhere and if it were my choice, I would much rather have heat than a stereo.  If the stereos’ broken I can hum, but if the heat doesn’t work I freeze to death.

It all seems silly to me that we’re so influence by brands and also what the brands say. If my made in china shirt has a logo then it’s fashion. If the same shirt comes in a six pack I picked up from target then it’s of lesser quality?

Perhaps I’m not the market for an entry level Honda and that the people they market to want to be told the stereo is good - I don’t know.

What I do know that you can’t always believe what’s on the label.

How to Start Your Monday

I thought I would write up a guide on how to start your day on Mondays.

The very first thing you want to do is to not leave with too much time. (need more coffee). You want your Monday stress -filled right from the start so be sure to leave with just enough time to get to work as if the sun was shining and there was zero traffic. Also, Google says the traffic is okay and you’ll be fine.

Then go outside and realize that you still have to deal with with this:


Also, Google Maps just updated and hahahaha you’re screwed. There’s a 12 minute slowdown on your way to work, she tells you. Your commute keeps getting longer and longer with each update from the big G.

It doesn’t matter that you just checked five minutes ago and all seemed fine. Now, you’re hosed. You will never make it to work on time.

That’s how you start a Monday.

ps. You get extra points if you can de-ice the car in 3 minutes flat.