Ready for the storm

It seems we have about 6 inches of snow forecast for tonight.

We have the cars filled up with washer fluid and we are ready with the shovel to dig out when it ends

One of the tasks I ended up doing this weekend was swapping out the lights switch for the kitchen as our new light was much too bright

I’m writing this from my phone after a long day so this is a short one.

P is for Pie

Yesterday, I barely had enough juice to get a blog post up before my notebook computer died so today’s the day I try and get it written.

As the post yesterday it’s been the weekend of pie here.

First, my hunch was right and my mother-in-law did come through and make me a pie.

And it’s delicious as always.

The bad news is BW burned her hand on it. She had come in from walking the dog and did not realize that the pie had **just come out of the oven. **

I know know what the word “puta” means. It means “ I burned my finger.” I think.

Anyway, not good.

Lucky for her she has some magic cream for burns and a few hours later she was fine. What a week for BW - earlier she fell down the stairs and now this.

But as the sun goes down on our** weekend of pies **I’m very pleased to share that I have figured out a way where I get to block ads on my computers and this leaves BW’s computer alone.

She’s happy to have ads and I’m happy **not **to have ads show when browsing the web.

Oh, and we’re all full of pie. ? Kind of hard to beat a weekend like this.

Pie Counter: This is pie number 4 for 2018.

To Be Continued

Coming up next on tidy husband…

I had this big story I was going to tell you tonight but I have like 10 minutes of battery power so this will be the teaser post I guess.

BW says that this is cheating on my goal to write daily but I don’t think so. Nobody said anything about length! ?

See you tomorrow…

PS. The story might center around this:

Shut Your Pie Hole

My Just a quick one today, because: friday night and zzzzzz tired.

The good news is my pi-hole cup arrived:


The bad news is that BW made me take down the service as it was blocking her ads and she was getting **pissed off **without reliable internet so earlier this week I disabled it and now all is working and I should probably leave well enough alone because : happy wife = happy life.

But the nerd in me really wants to have this but BW won’t let me. She has put her foot down.

So I started to google and sure enough there’s a way to do so where my computers don’t see the ads and hers does. I told her about this and she asked where did I find out about this?

I turns out, I’m not the only guy with a pissed off wife and a pi-hole.

There might be hope for me yet. Or, maybe I will just shut my pi(e)-hole and keep married.

Sigh, choices.

Welcome to Macintosh

Today’s the day my mother in law comes to visit.

She’s here now and that’s a good thing because the chances of me getting a pie increase greatly when she visits.

Oh, also we enjoy her company.

But today is a bit of a story about computers and not pies.

Because it’s 2018 and the world turns with mobile phones more than any other computer for some - a computer is now the secondary computer for many and she falls into this category.

She’s a mobile-first mother in law.

Her current computer is a 2008 Aluminum MacBook and it’s served her well but it was time for an upgrade. But who wants to spend 1300 dollars and up on a new computer when the one she has is perfectly fine except for one problem: the screen started flickering.

So, I bought her a ‘new’ old MacBook I found on eBay.

Don’t get too excited as the ‘new’ one I gave her was of the same vintage but it’s a thing I’m good at - finding and refurbishing old computers to work better than when they arrived and this one is no different - it’s in great shape and should get her by for a bit longer to avoid a purchase of a new Mac

I swapped the hard drive from her old laptop to the new laptop and she’s good to go for a bit longer using ten year old technology.

As for me, I got to keep her ‘old’ computer with the wonky display to play with and see if I can fix it. In fact, I am using it right now to write this so this is really a win-win for all of us as at the end of the day we both have new “old” computers to work with.

I think we should celebrate with pie. ?