Giving Windows a Shot

I guess I don’t mind


As the title says, I’m giving Windows 10 a shot as my daily driver for a bit to see if I’m been missing anything.

Back when Windows was a disaster I was a die-hard Apple user, but as the Web progressed over the years I realized that for the most part any old computer would do for what I wanted to use it for

So, I started with ChromeOS and it works just great and really does all I need. In fact, I think it works too well. It doesn’t allow me to tinker with computers liek I could in the past and I miss a good tinker.

Then I found linux. Linux is awesome. It’s fast and once you get your mind wrapped around the command line it’s even better. But like ChromeOS, I have tried all the different distros and apps and again , I’m bored with technology.

I’m hoping Windows will entertain me rather than frustrate me, and I have an older notebook computer to try it on so I am in the midst of installing it and once I have the OS installed I will see how I make out in this brave new world of Windows.

I have never used it for any length of time because Vista was horrible and the earlier versions were even worse, so this will be a first. To be honest, all I need is a browser and text editor and I’m off to the races but thsi will be fun to see if I enjoy the Windows OS experience over some other OS.

Health Care


This is a rant.

As great as the United States is, the health care system here is a disaster. Of course, I’m not the only one that thinks so.

We’ve had some health issues in the family so of course, a few months later the bills come. I’m so sick of having to call the insurance company or provider and doing their job for them. More than once I have had to call both and explain that no, our insurance should cover that and you just have to send the right code or to the right department and you will get paid.

But that’s not how health care works in this country. Here you get billed by the provider in a heartbeat and the onus is on you to either pay or find out what’s going on and spend your life on the phone trying to figure it all out so that you don’t have to.

I wish that someday my daughter will enjoy universal health care or some other system that works much better so she won’t have to deal with this disaster.

ad free


I’m so sick of ads and trackers, I have decided that this site shall have neither.

The fact that the modern web uses so many trackers and ads and all I need to to is visit this “one little trick” ad on the bottom of a site I enjoy and my problems will be solved.

I know that publishers have to eat and ads are a great way of monetizing a site but it seems to me that things have gone more and more overboard there has be a better way than having an ad blocker be almost a a requiremt to being able to enjoy the web.

Perhaps I’m the only one that cares that the content should come first and the ads are secondary but it seems it’s been the other way around for a while now and it only seems to get worse.

I would love for there to be a way for websites to get paid well without having to resort to all the spammy ads on the bottom as it seems to devalue the site so much. It’s like putting bumper stickers on a sports car - it just seems wrong.

Anyway no ads, no trackers here.

On Sports Cars

sports car

I don’t get it when it comes to Sports Cars and owning one.

Maybe it’s because I live in Buffalo and well, there’s snow so they only see about 5 or six months

Maybe it’s because I’m old and that’s a loooong way down to get into it, and even longer to get out of it.

Maybe because they cost too much and last I checked the speed limit was the same

Maybe because they tend to be status symbols.

Maybe because they cost too much

Maybe because they usually don’t hold a lot of stuff (or people)

OMG Robocalls!


It started out like a normal day. I was off and in [front of a printer trying to get it to work ](https://jim.am/printer-hell/ when my phone rang:

SPAM - said Google’s call display - so I ignored it.

And then they. just.kept coming. I must have had about 30 robocalls today. I don’t know what I’ve done to piss somebody off but somewhere, somehow my phone number is robocall heaven for the robocallers.

I must have had 30+ robocalls today. I tweaked the settings on my carrier to have them block more of them and then I found and tried a few robocall blocker apps and this one seems pretty good.

It’s only been a few hours since I installed this app but it seems to be working so far. I have it set up to only allow my contacts to call me and to ignore everybody else which is what I do manually anyway.

I would usually get one robocall a day at most but this is now out of control and needs to be fixed somehow.

One would think that if Google can order you a pizza and build a self driving car then it should be a weekend project to get some robocall blocking app made that actually works.

In the meantime, I will just wince every time my phone rings.