Amazon Elements Baby Wipes

I’m not exactly sure how, but we have settled on the Amazon brand for a lot of the stuff we need for our little girl as it’s usually a pretty good price and you can buy it in your underpants.

Case in point are these baby wipes:

image alt text

You would think that having 720 wipes would mean that you get to wipe a butt 720 times but it ends up being more like about 300 because you end up always leaving the lid open because you have a screaming child full of poo and so that’s your major concern and not whether you remembered to put the lid back on the stupid wipe package.

Anyway. Buy These. The are awesome and cost 2 cents each.


image alt text

We went to the Niagara County Fair today where we saw some very large cows!

the toys


The toys have started to appear. For a long time it was all about the bottles and the boppies but now it seems she is getting old enough to play with some of the toys you see.

I want to be the guy that invented wubanub where you take a cheap pacifier and staple a cheap stuffed animal to it and then market it for 18 bucks.

Needless to say we have but one of these and we watch it like a hawk so it doesn’t get lost.