I put her in this tonight to go to bed as we have the air conditioning on and it can get a bit cool. She can’t use blankets in the crib yet but she can wear little sleepers and these cotton gown sleepers are just the right weight for sleeping at room temperatue and they are not too hot compared to some fleece speepers we have.

The long sleeves are nice on nights like this as it keeps her little arms warm and then the elastic bottom keeps feet tucked in and wrapped up as they should be.

These go for about five dollars each so you can’t really go wrong with the price.

Shop Sleepers for Babies on Amazon

On writing with Google Docs

I know, I know…I have written before about writing in Google Docs, but I haven’t in a while and for some posts it sure does make it easy to write - especially when you have images.

The downside is that I’m using a Google Docs Add-ON that may or may not keep working so I don’t want to get to reliant on it for my workflow.

So, for now - as much fun as writing with Google Docs, nothing beats going all in with a text editor and just start writing

Bigger Bottles

We don’t travel much right now because of the fact that we have an infant and one of the more tricky parts of all this was how do we feed her when we are away from a fridge full of baby bottles and the bottle warmer?

The trick is ready to eat formula that does not require refrigeration or any special care. Now we can leave the house for more than twenty minutes at a time. This makes a huge difference in our lives!

baby formula

We knew about the smaller 2oz bottles but did not know that they also had bigger 8 oz bottles too.

And you know what? They are not priced all that bad - about two bucks a bottle. I would not want to feed my child with just these because that gets pricey real fast, but for road trips or day trips then the fact that you don’t have to worry about warming a bottle, well…warms my heart. :)

It’s a sad day

It’s a sad day. She’s getting too big for her boppy:

image alt text

She’s not quite there yet but her days are numbered when it comes to using these and boy, I have to tell you that they have been very handy Yes, we have a chair that she can sit in:

image alt text

But it’s just not going to be the same as you have to be sure arms and legs are where they need to be and then you have to buckle them in so they are safe. With the boppy, you just plop down the boppy and plop the kiddo in it. They are awesome.