The Switch to YouTube Music


Well, it seems the end of Google Play Music is near. In recent weeks there have been announcements that this would happen as the default music app is now YouTube Music .

In a way it’s too bad because I liked to use Google Play Music but after some tweaking and setup, I have made the switch. YouTube Music isn’t perfect by any means but to be honest it will do for me.

I’m a paid subscriber on the family plan for Google Play Music and for the most part financially nothing is really changed. In that price, I still get Google Play Music, YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. All these changes don’t seem to cost anything more (or less).

One of the advantages of GPM was the fact that I could upload all my music and play both my music and the streaming music available and although nice, I don’t really miss it as I don’t have the time to tweak and manage music playlists as once had.

I guess I should have seen this coming: GPM hadn’t been updated in a while and was looking a bit dated and YTM seems fine. I’m not heavily invested in playlists and the like as I usually just start a radio or listen to a full album so there’s really not much change for me there either.

YTM allows me to still download some music to my phone so I can listen to music at work and not have to ‘stream’ and jack up my data usage.

YTM isn’t perfect, but it’s fine. I might as well get used to it.

One complaint I do have is there doesn’t seem to be desktop player. This isn’t the end of the world either as my phone is always with me and I can stream or even plug in a set of headphones because my current phone has a headphone jack!

Sitting Pretty


She can sit! on her own! This is a pretty big event at our house so it’s worth a blog post I think. :)

She of course, is still a bit wobbly but it won’t be long now until she’s walking and talking and then I am doomed.

Rest in Peace

The dog died the other day.


She made it to 11 and a half years which is pretty good I guess in dog years. Heck, if I make it that far I would be okay with that (careful what I wish for)

I had never lived with a dog before and we first met I was very afraid of her thinking I would get bitten but after time I realized that there was no chance of that when we were playing and I had my entire hand in her mouth without any care.

Like all dogs, she was a loyal friend. Well behaved, and she didn’t get into too much trouble. She never went to the bathroom indoors and didn’t run away and would come when called.

She loved to play ball, guard our back yard and bark at the UPS guy. She will be missed.

The Best Bottle Brush

My little one uses formula so we need bottles, nippes, lids and so on and one thing we seem to go through at an alarming rate are bottle brushes as they seem to wear down over time and I rarely get a month out of one if that.

So far, we’ve been using the OXO brand brush but at about ten dollars it’s not the cheapest so I began to look around for alternatives that are cheaper.

bottle brush

I found the Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush, Blue for under $4.00 and seeing as we go though about one a month that could end up saving us close to $40.00 a year.

Considering that it apparently costs over $250,000.00 to raise a kid I will take every saving I can get when it comes to raising her.

Shop Bottle Brushes on Amazon

Jekyll vs Wordpress


I’m conflicted when it comes to what software to use for blogging. I have more than once switched from Jekyll to Wordpress and then back again.

The Pros of using Wordpress for writing are obvious: Over a third of the internet runs on it and all you have to do is fire up your web broser and start to write (assuming you prefer to write in the wordpress editor vs some other app).

With Jekyll the pro is speed. As it’s a static site there’s no database to configure and for the most part you don’ have to worry about plugins and other stuff that could go wrong. Also depending on where you choose to host your site it could be free to host it. I use firebase as it’s both free and run by Google so the page loads are fast.

I guess if there’s one big difference it’s speed. Static sites are just faster. It makes sense that they would be because without the overhead of Wordpress and databases it takes a lot less resources to serve some plain text and to call a few images.