Your Order Has Shipped

Here’s one I haven’t done before. Apparently I ordered some stuff on Amazon while putting my phone back in my pocket.

As almost every human on the planet does these days - the first thing I do is check the phone. Usually, it’s the stupid alarm going off and maybe some eBay auctions ending I have been watching.

But this morning it was the little Amazon shopping cart icon in my notification tray. Funny, I thought - I didn’t order anything.

Well, it seems I had. Yesterday afternoon I was wondering how I was going to mount my stupidly large computer monitor to my new $25.00 desk so I was shopping for monitor stands and mounts.

I had the stuff in my shopping cart to see what the total would be. I decided against placing the order and put my phone back in my pocket.

Well, somehow the order got placed and my order is on my way. Great.

It was only $40.00 but that’s not the point. It was also **mortgage day **and as BW is in charge of the finances I’m always afraid the mortgage payment is going to bounce because I stopped at Starbucks.

Thankfully this month payday and mortgage day happened on the same day and pa day beat mortgage day to the bank so crisis averted.

I was able to cancel the order for half the stuff, but I have a 100×200 VESA Monitor mount coming tomorrow, because: prime.

I know that now I am an American I am supposed to support the economy and work all the time and buy all the things but shopping in your pocket is a new one for me.

I’m just happy I didn’t have an expensive Apple product in my cart that’s now on the way. BW would have killed me.

The $25.00 Desk

I had some time to kill on my phone this morning as I had an early doctor’s appt but I did not start working until 9. So I went for coffee and surfed craigslist. And I found a desk. For $25.00!

It came from a law firm that was closing and I thought for sure it was scam or the price was wrong but it turns out it was indeed just twenty five bucks so I said I will take it.

It’s a cubicle desk, so it comes with those fabric walls, that we so love. I got the last one, so it’s bit of a beater but it works and I managed to get it assembled without a trip to the emerg which is kind of amazing.

As I was putting it together I realized that instead of making it normal height I could make it a standing desk and gave that a try. If I don’t like it, I can always lower the top.

To quote my wife: “This is ridiculous. Put it at a normal height and sit down” .


It’s hard to see in the photos but I have tucked my old desk under this one so if I want to I can just pull the desk out a bit and pull up a chair.

I change my office around on the hour it seems trying to find the correct feng shui but it’s a pretty cheap desk and night’s entertainment getting it all plugged in and running.

Not So Tidy Husband

It’s Tuesday, and that means I only work a few hours in the evening so there’s usually some time on tuesdays for me to clean the house.

BW left for work in a flurry and hurry as is the usual, but on the way out the door she joked that we have to change the blog name to “not so tidy husband” as we both agreed that the house was about a 6 on the richter scale when it comes to crap that needed put away and dog hair that needed swept up.

As I was cleaning up and taking wonder woman upstairs to BW’s office where she rightfully belongs I wondered what happened - how did the house get so bad?. Oh wait, I know - I wasn’t home, I was busy. That explains it.

This doesn’t mean we don’t pick up as we go, and the bed gets made and the dog gets walked but the mail on the kitchen table was piling up so things just needed an hour or so to get sorted out. You know, so I could fix stuff like this:

We like to keep the house about a 7 or 8 out of 10 on the clean side where a 10 is an impossible goal as it looks like an ikea catalog where nobody has dog hair or lamp cords

We will never be a 10. Earlier today we were a six. I fixed that.

The blog name can stay the same for now and it doesn’t look like an earthquake hit and left a trail of old mail and toast crumbs.

For now. Tomorrow’s a whole new day of dog hair.

The Good Pie

We have a pie in the freezer. Big surprise.

BW and I have different opinions one when we should eat said pie. For BW, any time she thinks to put it in the oven is a good time for pie.

But for me as much as I like pie I was saving this pie. For what, I’m not sure. It was in the freezer so I am sure pies do expire even frozen but I was kind of saving it for rainy day. It’s become my ‘just in case’ pie.

I thought we would have it for some special occasion, or when it’s really stormy out and the schools are closed and we all are home in our PJ’s.

But tonight, BW decided that tonight is pie night. Tonight is good enough. No saving of the pie she tells me.

But then I got to thinking that I do this with a lot of things other than pie. I tend to save stuff for later - just in case.

Take now for example - I’m using the laptop with the crappy keyboard that has a few scratches and scuffs. I have a better one that is so nice I’m also afraid to use it. I’m saving it. For what - I am not so sure.

Clothes are the same too. I bought a sweater on sale at Target for eight bucks. I haven’t worn it yet because I’m saving it. Again, for what I am not sure.

It’s an eight dollar shirt. My lunch today cost more. If I was to spill on this shirt it would not be a loss at all.

BW, on the other hand is completely different. She’s has a more c’est la vie attitude when it comes to stuff. “Stuff gets used” she says.

I’m always waiting for some event with unicorns and angels singing before I will wear my new shirt or eat my saved pie.

I sure hope I don’t spill pie on my shirt. I don’t think I could handle it.

The Red Couch

For more than an year know, BW has been asking me to move my red couch from my bachelor days that’s been sitting in the basement since I got here - to her office at work.

I’ve been blowing this task off for some time for a few reasons: the first is I like that couch. That couch and I have a history. But then I realized it’s just a crappy couch from IKEA so whatever. I need to get over it.

The excuse I have been using for YEARS is that it’s too big and for a long time, BW bought my excuse. But when the topic came up this time, I actually went out to the Honda and measured. It should fit.

and spoiler alert: it does. There goes my excuse.

BW and I managed to wrangle it out of the basement into the car and then out of the car and into her office.

We could not have done this without Amanda’s hand cart. Who is Amanda you ask? Read on dear reader…

Years back, my Dad (Hi Dad!) was following a truck and this hand cart fell out of it. So Dad stopped on the side of the road and picked up Amanda’s Cart and now it’s the family cart. I guess I was the last to move with this cart and so now it’s here in the good ol US of A.

We know it’s Amanda’s Cart because on the back of it is written:

**Amanda’s - Do not move or I will cut your… **

Amanda doesn’t sound very nice.

But the good news is that I have dodged this fate for another day because BW has a red leather couch in her office and I have a happy wife.

Amanda? She’s still looking for her cart.