Pie Day

It’s Pie Day!

Is this country great, or what?

I stopped at our favorite grocery store to pickup some things on the way home from work and there was a big sign that said happy pi day (because it’s March 14) but I thought they meant it’s PIE DAY so of course being a brand new American citizen I had to celebrate accordingly.

Because what’s more American than eating Apple Pie on Pie Day? I’m just doing my part. (or, slice).

Look what the Dog Found

This is why we can’t leave the wild animal alone because she find trouble to get into. Today was some candy wrappers that BW saves because she is now the recycling queen.

BW had them stuck in a empty peanut butter jar and in a bag on the floor. I can only imagine the dog watches us leave and as soon as she sees taillights down the road she goes straight for it.

Today, the dog found a prize.

The prize we get? BW has the FLU

Half a Pie

When BW came back this weekend from her conference, she also came back with half a peach pie.

If I had to guess I got the leftovers from a party and that’s okay by me.

Today’s Lesson: Half a free pie is better than no free pie.

The Man Cave

Two things happened this weekend:

BW went away for the weekend.

It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

I’m writing this from my new home office I decorated or ‘made over’ this weekend while BW was away.

Over time I’ve slowly been moving BW’s stuff out of her ‘library’ - a little corner in the basement where we kept her books and filing cabinets and all the other crap that never seemed to make it to the ‘real basement’.

When I moved in my desk a week or so ago we both knew it was just a matter of time. We bought some cheap carpet to cover the ugly floor and keep my toes warm but the carpet was still a little hard on the feet now that I am using my desk as a standing desk.

Earlier this week I bought a standing desk floor mat and then this weekend while the boss was away I bought some interlocking foam flooring which added some padding as well.

And then I got to thinking that I should do the entire office in the flooring. But first, BW’s bookcases would need to go.

Books - say hello to the basement.

It really is a library:

I kept things just as they were when the books were upstairs as I made note of what shelf they were on when I emptied the shelves and then put the books back on. The only thing I changed was that no books are on the bottom in case our sump pump decides to die and we don’t notice.

Once those pesky books were out of the way i then had enough room for a recliner which I swiped from the living room and a bit more flooring after a trip back to home depot.

Something was still missing… I know - pictures on the wall. I forgot I had these but they picture frames for albums so now I have some album covers on the wall.

And I have a nice cosy little man cave.

I also spruced up the basement a bit while I was down there and I tossed a bunch of stuff and set up a much brighter light and repurposed our old kitchen table that cannow be be BW’s craft table/my photo table.

I texted BW Saturday night that this is what happens when she leaves me unsupervised. We have found that it’s best if I do stuff like this when she’s not here. Besides, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness…

The Carpet Snake

As I am apt to do, I have given the dog a new name: the carpet snake

Because now that it’s been a few weeks, I am sure that in her little dog brain she is thinking “where has this carpet been all my life?”.

If you’re looking for the dog - check the carpet first. Chances are she will be there.

She slithers from one end of the carpet to the other following the sunshine coming in through the window

Heck, even when we are waiting for the carpet to dry and have it upside down that didn’t stop her. Carpet is carpet after all.

Of course there’s the odd time that the snake gets confused and lies on the bare hard floor but that’s rare. It does happen from time to time though.

Last weekend we took the snake on the road trip to BW’s office and while she cleaned up thd snake still found some carpet to slither on.

You will notice that the snake did not barf on this carpet - because it’s only worth $20.00 tops.

I guess I have come to realize that we did not buy our new carpet for us we bought it for the snake.

Maybe that’s why they call it Carpet