Where to Buy Apple RAM Memory for Cheap

You’re here at this page because you want to do one thing: Buy Apple RAM Memory for Cheap.

But this does not mean that you dear reader, are cheap. No no no, this just means that you want to buy memory at the best price you can from a reputable store that offers free shipping, hassle free warranty and knows Apple Memory and RAM inside and out. With new Apple Models comign out from Apple all the time you know that after spending all that money on a new Mac computer, it only makes sense to buy memory from memory stores that support you and also the mac community.

Apple Memory Under $100

Sure, you could buy ram from some generic computer store but these guys are just moving boxes for the most part. They have no idea about the individual apple computer or what memory your mac takes, and there’s a real good chance they don’t even care. This is why you want to buy apple ram from apple authorized memory stores that support the  Apple community, because believe it or not, we’re all in this together. yes, that means you with the apple logo shaved into the back of your head.

And this is why I only  list the best memory for Apple from the best stores for Apple Memory: The ones that specialize in Apple Memory and not much else. Vendors like Crucial,  OWC, MemoryX, 1-800-4-Memory , RAMJET  just to name a few. We’re  talking years and years of  experience of making memory (yes, that’s right, they actually make the ram to precise apple specifications) just for your new or old Mac so that it will run the fastest it possibly can but without any startup issues or crashes due to buying bad ram.

If you’re looking for Cheap RAM, stop.  Pay a few dollars more (we’re talking less than a coffee at starbucks here for most memory stores)  and  buy ram that’s not cheap, but is good. In fact, it’s great.

I know my time is important to me, so that’s why when I upgrade my apple computer,  I **buy the best ram at the best price **I can find  from a memory store I can trust and then, I’m done.

Fastest RAM for MacBook Pro 2010, 2011 and 2012

When shopping for ram or memory upgrades for the Apple MacBooks that released earlier this year in 2010 you don’t need to really worry about what the fastest ram is. Speed, really isn’t the issue here. Yes, it has to be DDR3 1066 SDRAM but there’s no fast ram or slow ram for the new Apple MacBooks.

Best MacBook Pro Prices

In fact, there’s no Apple RAM, as long as the memory is certified to be compatible with Apple, you’re good.

I’d be much more concerned about two things when shopping for Apple MacBook Pro RAM:


Customer  Service.

Some days, you’ll luck out and get the best  of both worlds, and  if you do buy from any of the Apple Memory Stores I list you’ll do just fine in both regards. Every memory store I list has been with me for way longer than the MacBook Pro has been around, so you’re sure to get good customer service and a fair price from any vendor.

That said, don’t be surprised that like all things in life, you get what you pay for and the lowest price might not be the best deal sometimes. (Not always but it happens)

The memory stores that always offer the lowest prices on RAM do so because  they’re hoping for volume. If they sell 100 orders a day and make a dollar each, they’ve profited $100. But  they have to deal with 100 different  customers. Customers that are more concerned about price than service a lot of times and don’t care that the memory takes longer to ship, or that the store’s lifetime warranty might not be up to snuff. He’s a busy man – he’s got 100 cheap customers to ship ram to today.

In contrast let’s take the memory vendor that offers ram for a few dollars more. Because he’s making ten dollars on each sale, he (or she) makes only ten sales to reach  that hundred dollars. This store is happy to to make less, but not have to deal with the more price concious consumers. Because vendor B only has ten orders to ship, they’re more than willing to help you troubleshoot, answer pre-order questions or hold your hand along the way and offers support if you need it.

I list both at ramseeker and always have – and have never promoted the lowest price. I allow you to chose  which is more important to you: low price or better service

Again you lucked out, and I don’t list any stores that don’t specialize in memory upgrades and have watched more than one low price leader go the way of the dodo bird over the years.

So when I get questions on what is the fastest ram or what is the best ram, I always say: Pick the price and store that you like and order ram from any of the memory stores I list and you will be happy with your memory purchase.

What does upgrading iMac Memory Cost?

The prices, or costs for the different Apple iMac Models and memory upgrades over the years have changed as new technology has been introduced, which results in new Apple Mac Memory being needed depending on what model of iMac you plan to upgrade with more memory.

Cheapest Apple iMacs

The latest iMacs released in 2008 and 2009 require the use of DDR3 1066 SDRAM so-dimms, and depending on the particular iMac you have you can upgrade to either 4gb or 8gb of ram for the newer, modern iMacs.  About a year ago when the newest iMac models at the time were released – 8gb of ram for the iMacs would cost as much as the computer itself. 8GB memory kits, especially when you bought them from the Apple Store directly were prohibitively expensive at prices hovering around the $1000 mark for an 8GB iMac ram upgrade kit.

iMac Prices Have Dropped

Thanks to more demand of the 8GB memory kits  the prices have dropped considerably when you want to buy two 4 gig memory modules and install them in your new Apple iMac. Now (spring 2010), the cost to max out your iMac and fill it with ram is a much more reasonable cost of about $350-400.

The 4GB memory upgrades from Apple have even dropped recently, so though it still costs more to upgrade your iMac when you buy ram directly from Apple, it’s a possibility now as the prices, while still more than if you bought the ram from a third party memory shop, is priced more reasonably than before. But you’ll still pay about a $100-200 price for the Apple RAM over the same ram when bought elsewhere.

The 4GB RAM and memory modules (1066 DDR3)  are still pricier than their smaller sized memory chips. If you can get away with it, you might be able to save some money on iMac ram by not maxing out your current Apple iMac and just upgrading to 4GB with 2×2 memory modules as the 2GB ram is still priced much lower than the 4gb module. It would make sense that if a 2gb module costs $1, than a 4GB memory upgrade would be priced at $2, but not so. At time of writing this, 2GB RAM for iMacs costs about $44.00, while the 4GB RAM for Apple iMacs cost 4x as much with street prices being in the $175-200 range from most stores.

It really is up to you to decide what the best ram upgrade option is for your iMac. If you can afford to, and justify the cost an 8GB iMac upgrade makes the most sense as you will get the fastest speed from your iMac. But if money is a factor, you should work  with the 4GB upgrade kit. 4gb of RAM is more than enough memory for the tasks suited to the iMac, such as web browsing, email  and using the iLife software that came with your Apple iMac.

If you need any help with RAM upgrades for your iMac, I’m more than happy to help.

iMac RAM

iMac RAM, or iMac Memory if you prefer, comes in many different memory configurations and specifications over the years as Apple has elected to keep the iMac monitor regardless of processor or even design changes, as soon as the last model is replaced with a new model, the new model is called iMac and is the older iMac model. As far as apple is concerned, an iMac is whatever th e most current version of the iMac Family.

Cheap Apple iMac Prices

**iMac Names **

Sometimes to avoid confusion, Apple will add a description to their iMacs such as iMac Intel i5 processor, or iMac G5 , or even iMac 27 inch. Some way to differentiate between the many iMac models. But for the most part, and especially when marketing Apple’s consumer based all in one desktop computer. Then it’s just iMac. But when you’re shopping for an iMac from even the apple store or amazon or looking up info in the apple knowledgebase the iMac model is usually specified by some name other than just iMac.

iMac Memory

> > > > [ as far as apple is concerned,](http://jim.am) an iMac is whatever th e most current version of the iMac Family. > > > >

When it comes down to iMac Memory, and when there was only the first iMac available, things were pretty easy  –  I created a page specifically for iMac RAM, and didnt’ do much planning for future iMacs to be honest. And then Apple went and released the slot loading iMac and now I had to differentiate between the two iMac models as they now take different memory. But, as there was only two different iMac models at the time I still, just made another page and called it iMac 350 to 500, or something along those lines.

Apple went  and really put the kinks into my plans when they released the iMac Flat Panel models as then I had to not only track the lowest price, but there was two different types of RAM – one slot was user accessible yet the other slot you had to take your iMac into an apple certified repair center to get the other ram slot upgraded (what a stupid system, eh?). But still, there’s only 3 iMacs so I just made a new page to track the new ram that these new iMacs came with (pc133 sodimms) and i created a page called PC133. The Flat Panel iMacs release is when I had to rethink for future iMacs as I realized that this was the future, and apple would once release new computers that were new iMacs and completely different than their predecessors, yet would be named just iMac.

With the release of the new Flat Panel iMacs that took PC2100 DDR sdram sodimms, I would just name the model and then (usually in brackets) I would put the memory type to differentiate the different iMac models.

I continue with this naming strategy, up to and including the iMacs with Intel i5 processors as these models take DDR3 1066 SDRAM  so the pages are named in the format of: Model Name (Memory Type) for the current and all iMac models.

The only downside for this system is that you have to know what memory type you need to take full advantage. I have tried to make things easier for you by separating the pull down menu so that I list current apple models first, and then list the older discontinued models.

If you need any help with iMac RAM you can feel free to contact me and I will be glad to help you get the right memory for your iMac at the best price.

Apple Memory Upgrades for Older Macs. Part I

I have specialized in Apple Memory for over 13 years and have tracked memory prices for each and every mac made since about 1997, starting with the Beige PowerMac G3 desktops and working all the way through iBooks, iMacs and PowerBook and MacBook Pro RAM.

So today I thought I’d start with a little primer on the what apple ram you need for your mac computer. Now I realize that there’s very little demand for older mac memory as its’ been my personal experience to upgrade my computer when I buy it to the fullest capacity over the years and then just forget about it. But if you’ve got an older Mac Computer you want to upgrades – maybe it’s a hand me down, or a hobby project, or maybe you just need a cheap computer for some word processing tasks, then older macs are still a very viable solution. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a new MacBook Pro if all you’re doing is some email and web work. A used MacBook would do you quite nicely. But regardless of the model of older mac computer you end up buying you can still get a good deal more use out of it if you buy some more memory. Especially on the older Macs – adding more ram or adding a bigger hard drive can mean a world of difference in performance.

Beige Desktop G3 RAM

The memory on the beige G3’s can run 256mb memory modules and you can still buy 256mb ram for beige G3’s for just $15. The memory you need for this computer is PC100 SDRAM

Blue and white PowerMac G3

It seems just like yesterday that these were released with their cool  iMac inspired color schemes and cool handles to carry them and the nifty way the entire side of the computer swings out for easy ram upgrades. These will accept 256mb memory upgrades that cost as little as $15 these days.

PowerMac G4 PC100

These  PowerMac  G4’s used pretty much the same case as the Blue and White PowerMac G3’s but that’s where the difference ended for these computers. PC100 SDRAM is used in these models, regardless whether you had the ‘yikes’ version or the AGP video card version. These accepted 512mb  which is now priced at $23 and up.

These 3 desktop  computers from Apple are just a few of the older mac computers I still track and monitor memory prices for. Even though these discontinued Macs are deemed obsolete by today’s standards, if you fill them with RAM and upgrade the hard drives they can still be considered great little computers for email or word processing.