How To Buy the Best Cheap Desktop Ram

Despite the fact that notebook computers seem to be outpacing the sales of desktop computers, there’s lots of times when buying a cheap desktop computer is a better deal than buying a cheap netbook, or laptop computer.

A desktop computer does indeed usually lack a handle to make it truly portable, but for the most part the desktop rises head and shoulders above the desktop computer for one reason that stands out in my mind and that’s expadability. The desktop computer usually has lots of room for memory upgrades.

Apple Mac Mini. Best Selling Desktop Computer

Desktop RAM is priced usually pretty much the same as notebook memory but the benefit of buying ram for your desktop is you can buy more ram  which in turn means more performance out of your desktop computer. Now if  all you use is a word processing document you don’t need to worry about speed as much as the computer is going to  be waiting on you to type. There’s a good chance that if all you use to compute is to do light email and web surfing and some data entry you don’t have to worry too much about computer speed. The computer, either desktop  or notebook will be waiting for you to finish typing. In the meantime, it just waits.

But, if you are a graphic designer, or  use  photo imaging tools such as photoshop or lightroom you’re going to need all the ram you can get your hands on, or at very least – all the memory you can afford to buy. Hard drives too but that’s another post all in itself.

You have your desktop computer and it’s too slow. You need to buy more ram. How much RAM you can add to your desktop will depend usually on the motherboard and how many memory upgrade slots are available. Can you install the memory in pairs?  Can you keep the the memory you have in the computer already, or will you need  to upgrade all your memory and replace the RAM you have? All these are good questions to ask and consider before you go looking to buy cheap ram for your desktop.

The good news is every memory store offers what is called as a memory configurator. It’s a pretty fancy term but all it does is help you find the the best ram you need at the best price. You usually enter  your computer brand,  or sometimes your motherboard type if the PC you want to upgrade is hand built by you or a custom PC store. The next thing the configurator does is ask you about the model of your computer

To find the model of your computer can sometimes be a bit tricky but it’s usually written on the back of your desktop computer or sometimes on the bottom if you have a notebook or  laptop. Once you have brand and model name of your computer a customized page on the memory store’s website is returned to you exlaining all you need to know about memory upgrade choices for your computer. Size of ram you need to get to the ram upgrade you want and whether you need to upgrade the memory in pairs, or if you can get away with just buying one memory module at a time.

Somes stores even offer different choices in quality: You can chose to buy more expensive but with higher quality parts – name brand memory. Or if your budget is tight and you just want to buy the cheapest ram you can find then they offer that too.

Buying cheap ram whether in desktop form or a notebook is not hard and you’ll get the best price on ram if you compare prices on ram  from a selection of stores as all memory stores offer different prices for their desktop memory. Take your time, find your desktop computer brand and model name and find a memory store you can trust and use their memory configurator to get the beat deal on desktop ram..

What’s the most ram I can put in an Apple MacBook?

The answer to your question: what’s the most ram I can put into a MacBook? is 4GB of RAM  can go into an Apple MacBook, if it’s the most recent model of Apple MacBook, or even a pretty recent model you can install 4GB of  RAM into the two slots. To do this, you will need to buy MacBook ram in pairs, or single memory modules. There’s no real difference between the pairs and the  individual memory modules except for the fact that some stores sell MacBook memory in kits, as opposed to individual pieces of ram.

Cheapest Apple MacBook

With the MacBooks, there are 2 different ram types you should consider: PC2 5300 DDR so-dimms were the first ram modules made available for MacBook laptop computers, but as apple kept on releasing newer and newer MacBooks they changed the memory requirements to DDR3 ram which runs at 1066MHz and that is the memory type that all newer MacBooks require.

There’s a good chance your MacBook came from the factory shipped with  just 2GB of memory installed wit 1x2gb in each available memory upgrade slot, so to upgrade to 4gb you will need to buy 2 2gb ram modules to buy ram for your MacBook computer

If your MacBook is new and released in 2010: 4GB of RAM is the best it gets. 

If you have an older MacBook you want to upgrade, then chances are it’s maxed out already at 2GB  but be sure to check your model and then ask one of my recommended memory stores to ask and double check your MacBook memory requirements.

How to Get a Deal on a Mac Laptop and Digital Camera

Probably two of the hottest selling electronics right now have to be Mac Laptops otherwise known as MacBook and MacBook Pro and digital cameras. And the best part, is that without the one, you can’t use the other. A digital camera is pretty much useless if you cannot transfer your photos to your Mac Laptop and then share the with the world, or at very least your friends and family. And when you buy a mac laptop you are equipped with Apple’s software suite right out of the box and that includes iPhoto which offers a fast and easy way to organize, edit and share your photos.

MacBook Pro: Best Selling Apple Laptop

**Where to Buy a Mac Laptop and Digital Camera. **

If you buy your MacBook from the Apple Store, you can save money but only on the refurbished MacBooks.  And these are fine and and easy way  to save some money, but for this article I am going to assume you want to buy a new mac laptop. Maybe you are starting school soon and you need to buy a new mac laptop  to take with you when you go away to school. I have searched high and low and I found the easiest way to save money on a Mac Laptop and a digital camera is to buy the two together at Amazon.

The reason for this is that when you do this you will get a deal on both and in some cases you can add accessories to both and save even more money on the MacBook or MacBook pro. One Apple notebook bundle you might want to consider is one that includes a case, and an extra charger and maybe some special cleaner for the display, or how about an extra charger? You can get  a pretty great deal on Apple bundles.

Right now, when you buy a new MacBook you can get a free iPod too. This is only a back to school offer so if you’re interested in doing this I would buy your MacBook soooner than later

For the digital cameras, there are many choices and I have written enough  for now, but you apply the same logic when buying a digital camer too. Find the discount digital camera you want and start adding accessories such as extra lenses. There are many ways to expand your digital camera with cases and digital camera memory too, so it’s best to bundle.

When you wan to get a deal on a Mac Laptop and Digital Camera, do your homework when making your choices and when you are ready to buy a MacBook or buy a digital camera you will happy with the choices you have made.

Best Memory for MacBook Pro 2010 and 2011 and 2012

Update: I orginally wrote this is 2010, and now that 2011 MacBook Pros are readily available  I  thought it might be wise to update the MacBook Pro memory chart below to include 2011 Apple MacBook Pro Memory Prices as well.

The ram below is for the February 2011 Apple MacBook Pro models and can accept up to 8GB of RAM, according to Apple and 16Gb if you ask a few other memory stores. I don’t recommend you install more than 8GB of memory as this is the maximum MacBook Pro memory specification as indicated by Apple.

The Best Memory for MacBook Pro 2010 really just needs to be cheap, good and meet  apple’s standards for memory upgrades.

Best Selling Apple Laptop

Cheapest Apple MacBook Pro

That’s  it.

What  I can tell you is that the MacBook Pro’s for 2010 have two slots and with the spring 2010 refresh, all the MacBook Pros can now accept up to 8 GB of  RAM.

You’ll need to buy DDR3 1066 SDRAM so-dimms and I suggest visiting one of the memory stores I already track prices for as these guys both know their stuff and have MacBook memory in stock and ready to ship. If you want, you can pay a bit more and buy crucial memory and you’re paying for the brand name and all those full color glossy ads in the magazines. But they offer a a good product at  a pretty competetive price.

they are not the cheapest around for MacBook Pro RAM so if every penny and dollar counts, check for prices on MacBook Memory and find the beat deal on ram for the MacBook Pro’s that you can and go with it. The RAM for the MacBook Pros is  easy to install. I found the bottom of the MacBook case to be a bit fiddly to get off but once I had it’s just a matter of slipping out the old ram and installing two four gig MacBook ram chips if you’re looking to upgrade to the full 8GB on the MacBook Pros.

Can you get away with 4GB?  Sure and if you’re doing most emailing and web browsing you’ll be fine. But it is my opinion you should max out the MacBook pro memory. You have  paid apple for pro features anyway so you might as well dip into your pockets just a bit more and get the most ram you can possibly install with a MacBook Pro. Ram for the MacBook Pros is pretty cheap these days and you’ll never have enough ram.

But there really is no Best Memory for MacBook Pro’s. Buy from a company that specializes in Apple RAM and you’ll do fine.

What Does it Cost to Add Memory To MacBook?

** It does not cost a  lot  of money  to add ram to a MacBook.**

Best Selling Apple Laptop

MacBook Pro is the Best Selling MacBook

In fact, the cost is so low these days, that ram prices and comparing ram prices over time you will find that the price to add ram to MacBook is so very cheap that it doesn’t make sense not to add ram to your MacBook, or MacBook pro or any other portable apple computer you have or thinking of  buying.

When you buy a MacBook or MacBook Pro from Apple, or Amazon, or MacMall, or wherever else you want to buy an apple computer from you should always upgrade your MacBook or MacBook pro ram and memory to the maximum amout of memory  you possibly can, or in some cases, afford to.

If you can afford to upgrade your memory, why not do it in a way that makes sense? Don’t buy the first memory upgrade you see. Yes, you might be able to buy memory from your MacBook pro or MacBook right from  apple, but when you buy memory from apple, the ram is very expensive and you can buy cheaper ram from other  online memory stores for much less money than what you would spend if you bought the same memory from anywhere else, including the Apple Store.

If you need to buy ram for any apple computer, I suggest go check ram prices as they change daily sometimes. The good news is ram prices have dropped over time and you can still get some really good deals on ram for less than what you would pay if you bought your memory from the Apple Store, or Costco, or even Walmart. And do you really want to buy your memory  from Apple? Apple is interested in one thing and that’s profit. Don’t let the apple koolaid get to you –  they are in business to make as much money as possible and will continue to do so over the years.

But  if you buy ram from some memory stores that specialize in Apple Memory and yet still  allow you  to get the best price you can on memory upgrades that meet Apple’s high standards.

It doesn’t cost much to upgrade the MacBook or MacBook Pro’s with the most RAM possible. You will be glad you did upgrade your computer as your computer will run faster  and will crash, well never. It’s a Mac. Fill it with memory and forget about what the costs of ram upgrades are until you are ready to buy memory again.