Call Me Mr. Plow

I guess it had to happen eventually.

Because we have a pretty big driveway, we pay a “snow plow guy” to come plow our driveway out after the storms each winter.

Every fall we send him a check and every fall he comes and stick little sticks in the ground so he can see where the driveway is when it’s buried under a foot or so of snow.

He does a good job with these. This year, they were white plastic conduit that the ends painted bright orange so that nobody will back into them when they back their car out of the driveway.

And every year it doesn’t matter what color they are - somebody **always **backs up over one.

This year it was my turn.

After realizing that I had backed over the stupid thing I pulled forward and popped out to take a look and I could see that the stick/post was sticking out from under the car. “No problem” I thought - I will just pull and the stick will come out and I will be on my way.


It seems that by pulling the car forward, I managed to jam this stupid stick so far up the rear end of the car it was never coming out.

I managed to get most of the stick out, but the little orange end was still stuck way up there.

Not much I could do at this point so I just got in my car and drove to work.

When I got to work I crawled under and the little orange end had fallen out. There - problem solved - right?


Now I have a squeaky rear end ( the car, not me) but I am not sure if this sound was there before this incident or if this is a result of my adventure.

I’m tempted to just turn up the radio because it’s a 10 year old car and all older cars squeek but I will probably end taking it into the shop soon just to be sure.

When I texted BW this morning I backed into the post her reply was:


At least I didn’t take out the mailbox.

Respect the Wonder Woman

It’s kind of amazing that I keep on finding topics to blog about day in and day out, but then again - I am married to BW.

Take today for instance:

We had an Amazon order arrive at the door with just some random stuff we needed like carpet tape, dental floss, yerba mate, a book…all stuff we just needed in some fashion or other.

Oh! and - **A wonder woman doll. **

I asked BW - what the heck? And she says “ that I should never mind and it’s for a craft project and that I said she needed to get a hobby and she did so back off! “

Okay, then…

“Also - it was a warehouse deal!” she told me .

Got it.

“Respect the Wonder Woman!!!” BW said as she propped her up on the shelf and left the room.

Just when you think that this will be yet another normal day…

Maybe this is the new normal, I dunno. But I do know one woman I respect. ?

I wonder about her sometimes but that’s a whole other post. ?

PS> I still have no idea why we need this doll. Stay tuned, I am sure.

The Cardboard Box Part III

I didn’t really think I would be writing about BW’s cardboard box again, but here I am.

See that blank space under the sign where the box is supposed to go?

The box **was **there when BW left work.

And then when she came back today it was gone.

It turns out the cleaning staff took and then **recycled her $100 recycling box. ** Essentially it went into the black hole of recycling boxes.

This is not good. Because: $100. That’s a lot of pies.

BW went and found the sanitation people and it turns out that yes, the box got recycled and yes it’s now cut up into tiny pieces. And yes, she’s hosed.

BW did manage to find the part of the box with the pre-paid fedex return sticker on it and the plastic bag that was in the garbage and with some tape and markers managed to make a new box so she can continue her recycling hobby.

All this to save candy wrappers from the landfill. Next time you think about tossing that gum wrapper think about all the hard work BW is doing to try and save the little fellas.

I laughed and and laughed today when BW told me this story because I thought something like this might happen, and sure enough it did.

I’m hoping I don’t have to write about this box again, but with BW - you just never know. ?

Mr. American Pie

Today was a pretty big day for me.** I became a US citizen.**

A few things about the photo above:

I have no idea who the guy behind me was. (kidding! He was the judge)

This was the first time I have worn a tie in over a year

Also, I was given an naturalization certificate. I have proof. I didn’t just make this up.

BW could not make it to the event today due to work, so my MIL drove across the state of New York to watch yours truly take his oath because - well, I’m family now (and have been for a while) .

It was a very, very nice venue for such an event as it was held at the Theodore Roosevelt Inauguration Site which is not the norm so not only was it a special event but it was at a special venue too - just one day past President’s day (and family day back in the old country)

Today 31 people like myself became US citizens from 18 countries.

There was a play about the inauguration, as well as a barbershop quartet that sang the national anthem. This was not what was expected. The judge was very nice and even allowed us for a re-shoot so we could get a few more pictures after the ceremony.

The form said no mobile phones so we left them in the car, but lots and lots had phones and I think that I would have more photos rather than have to show how to use a camera. But we got a few good ones and they are all the same save for one of me at the stage to collect my certificate.

I have to tell you that I was getting a little nervous and thought I was forgotten about because it seemed like they called everybody but me but the worry was all for naught because I was called up and handed the certificate.

I have to share that it was kind of scary handing over my green card for the last time as it took me so much to move here and get it and then give it away. The USCIS representative joked about this when she was talking about what to do when you get the certificate, etc so it seems this is a common thing and I’m not the only neurotic one. ?

This was a team effort. I might have been the one with certificate in my hand but I would not be here without the Support of both BW’s and my families and friends that helped in so many different ways. Also, I would like to thank the Academy…..

Of course, this would not be a blog post without some mention of pie, but I hate to disappoint. Considering that the last time I got handed a certificate of any kind was over 25 years ago you would think that pie would be on the menu right?


We did go out for a nice dinner at Dick and Jenny’s and then we split some cheesecake.

So it’s **kind of ** like pie. Regardless it was still delicious.

Lastly, the best part is that I am **done **with the immigration system. No more forms to fill. No more fingerprinting.

I remember when BW and I were still dating and we talked about how it would take about five years or more to get here and it seemed soooo long and far away - if not impossible to actually get to the citizenship step, but here I am.

And I have to tell you I kind of like my new home. ?


TH and Co.

A Trip to Best Buy

I have gone to Best Buy many many times over the years and have always come home empty handed, because of the wife approval factor.

It took me six years of wedded bliss and an OK by BW but I was finally allowed to go and actually buy something! As the photo shows, I bought a Google PixelBook that I am writing this on now in Google Docs

And It’s great and all I need for my work. I have used - and still love - using Macs and other PC’s and I have tried to return them but then I realize that I do all my work in Google Chrome so it made sense to just get a Chromebook.

In a way, this laptop purchase is a celebration of sorts but I can’t share what just quite yet.

So as they say in the movies…. Stay tuned.