What is the Price Range for Updating RAM on MacBook Pro?

Good question and first we need to understand one thing about memory and MacBook Pro Memory before we go there research the best price you can get on ram for MacBook Pros. The fact is, that if you chart it over time MacBook Pro RAM gets cheaper and cheaper. It wasn’t too long ago that the only MacBook Pro was the new unibody 17 inch MacBook Pro and yes you could finally install  8GB of memory into a MacBook Pro but you would need a lot of money to do so, to the  tune of over a thousand dollars.

Now, unless you’re NASA or some goverment  agency  or some business that rakes in hundreds of thousands of dollars each day,  you do not need a whole lot of RAM. And one thousand dollars for RAM upgrades is just well, silly. But that’s just one guys opinion, it’s bad enough I spent over $2000 on a MacBook Pro – the last thing my budget needs is another thousand dollars to spend on RAM.

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Thankfully, like a lot of things in life – the longer you wait the cheaper it gets. Especially with technology. Just like there’s now $100 iPhones, and $300 netbook computers you will soon be able to buy cheaper RAM for MacBooks too. Look at the Apple iPod. It had a crappy black and white screen, was as big as a house and only held 1000 songs. There was no way to upgrade the memory on the Apple iPods so you had to wait. Wait until Apple released cheaper iPods that would offer more storage and brighters screens, and now you can find cheap MP3 players for about the same amount of change you’d find in your seat cushions.

All this to say: Apple RAM or any memory upgrade gets cheaper over time. The big question becomes:  can you wait that long? Can you wait until the ram prices drop so you can get the best deal possible on MacBook Pro RAM? That’s really the biggest question. What’s your time worth? If you spend more and more time waiting than you do working then a ram upgrade is worth the price whatever it costs. But if all you are using your  Apple MacBook Pro for is for surfing the internet and email your MacBook Pro probably came with enough RAM right out of  the box.

But you want to upgrade your memory on your Mac, and you just want to know what the price range of MacBook RAM is, for crying  out loud. OK, OK I have rambled on long enough. As I write this the best price you get on  MacBook Pro 2GB RAM memory modules are about $50 each and to upgrade to the larger 4GB RAM for MacBooks, you will have to shell out about &$150 each.  Prices on RAM change so if you’re reading this in the future these ram prices might not be applicable.

RAM Prices for MacBook Pros sure have dropped. You can max out the RAM on your MacBook Pro for about $300 now.  A year ago it would have cost you double that for the very same ram.  In another post I’ll show you how to get the cheapest RAM prices for MacBook Pros and  it’s pretty easy to do if you’ve done some frugal ram shopping.

What is the Best RAM for MacBook Pro?

The best Apple  MacBook Pro 2011 RAM, or memory as it’s also know is the RAM that meets your specific MacBook Pro’s requirements. Frankly, if you buy pretty much any  ram that’s specified for your MacBook Pro and the thing boots up  – you’re good.Best MacBook Pro Price

There was one time many many years ago when all memory wasn’t the same and a lot of stores will try to get you to believe their ram is the best ram in the entire world but when it comes down to buttons and  brass tacks, all ram is pretty much the same as long as it’s tested and built to you specific Apple MacBook Pro memory requirements.

**But what’s the difference in MacBook Pro RAM? **

Customer service in my opinion. Is it easy to order online? Is your credit card secure when you place your order for MacBook Pro memory?

How about knowledge of the products they sell? Some memory stores are more interested in the lowest memory prices, and make up for any losses in sheer volume. Other memory sellers would much prefer a higher end customer that places an order for hundreds of quality ram parts all at once and so they market to those customers and go after the big corporate and school memory sales. Schools, especially can’t afford to upgrade their Macs every year- especially in this sour economy and budget cuts so what they do is upgrade the ram for every computer in the school. That’s a pretty big memory order and can make or break a memory store’s bottom line.

But all you came here for was the best deal on the best RAM for your MacBook Pro. You love how the keyboard feels on your MacBook Pro, and how that 13 inch or 15 inch MacBook Screen is bright and all the free iApps that Apple included pretty much get every user  up and running with word processing, web browsing and email right out of the box. But now you just want to increase the MacBook Pro’s performance and get the best deal on  RAM as money is money, and the economy sucks and heck,  you might not even know if you’ll have a job next week so saving money on anything you buy, MacBook Cases, RAM or hard drive. All you know is you need RAM. Maybe you read a Mac Blog or the guy at the Apple Store told you you should upgrade your ram to get the most out of your MacBook Pro it doesn’t matter how you ended up sitting in front of your computer and  searching for the best value MacBook RAM,  you’re here and you want to know one thing and one thing only :

**What’s the Best RAM for MacBook Pro? **

I think you’ll find the best RAM for MacBook Pro  from a number of memory stores, and yes even Apple Store is you’re so inlined.. You’ll pay a bit more for it, and it’s a big pain booking an appointment at the Genius bar but at least you’ll be feeling the Apple vibe while you wait in line to get your MacBook fixed because the RAM doesn’t work.  Or, you could buy RAM form a list of Apple Memory stores that have been in business for over a decade and specialize  in nothing but RAM for your new or old MacBook Pro, and other macs too – iMacs, Mac Minis, Mac Pros, even those PC’s  you mac fans love to hate: Dell Memory, Toshiba RAM, Sony Memory – it doesn’t matter  as they are all very very reputable online memory stores that do nothing  but specialize in Memory Upgrades for Apple.

8GB MacBook Pro RAM Prices

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Where to Buy 8GB of RAM? Well, that depends. If you want the lowest price you can find for Apple MacBook Memory you should scoot over  the the front page of ramseeker  and use my handy-dandy memory configurator  I’ve whipped up for you to useThe latest MacBook Models from Apple can now accept up to 8GB of ram which is quite a significant jump from the 4gb maximum of even a year or so ago. Why the increase of MacBook Pro memory 8GB. One factor that shouldn’t be overlooked is price. ram prices drop over time and  at one point not too long ago you would have to pay a lot more money to get 8gb of RAM into any Apple Mac, not just the MacBooks and MacBook Pros. For a long time, the only Apple Computers that would accept more than 8GB of RAM were Mac Pro Models and even they maxed out at 32gb.

Let me explain a bit on how I categorize the Apple Memory into Groups. Long, long ago when I started I only had to worry about listing a few ram prices for popular Macs. This was back in the day of the PowerMac G3’s and  even 32mb would set you back a pretty penny. 1GB of ram would cost over $1000 and so it was pretty simple as I only had a few pages to keep track of all the memory  that I do here on ramseeker.

But then, Apple couldn’t leave well enough alone. Nope,  they had to come out with  new models all the time. First, the iBooks came out and then a bit later the MacBooks and MacBook Pros (an aside:  I never cared for my black MacBook I used to have – it showed the fingerprints too easy). So I added more pages to ramseeker, and more and more memory stores and started a discontinued section for all the Apple Models that were, well – discontinued.

That’s all fine and dandy but then about  2003 or so, Apple changed the specifications on some of their Macs where you had to buy the memory in matched pairs –  0r memory upgrade kits – as I call them. And it seems as some memory stores started to list their memory upgrades for the Mac as memory upgrade kits and some other  – nope, they stuck to their guns and still listed all their memory upgrades as individual modules.

That’s fine, but how can I differentiate? I can’t list both memory kits for the MacBook Pro  and Memory Modules for the MacBook Pros on the same page as that wouldn’t be fair. When you go to sort by price when comparing ram prices the module prices would always show first, and then the memory upgrade KITs would come next, and that’s no good. So what I did was make two pages. One for MacBook Pro – single  module and another page for MacBook Pro KIT, including the 8GB Memory Kits that are such a good deal these days.

But it’s still a bit confusing when shopping for 8GB MacBook Kits as the older MacBook Pros accepted PC5300 DR2 SO -DIMMS but the newer MacBook Pro Models took the DDR3 1066 MHZ so there’s that to differntiate from too when MacBook Pro Memory Shopping.

But  here’ what you need. You need MacBook Pro DDR3 1066 ram prices, and check both the MacBook Pro Memory upgrade kits and the MacBook Pro memory modules to0,as you never know who has the best deal on ram, and you shouldn’t discount the guys who choose to sell their ram individually instead of a package deal

Do your homework and  you’ll get the best deal you can on 8GB MacBook Pro RAM Prices.

Some Things to Consider When Buying Memory

When you are in need of memory for computer – and this applies to all types of computers regardess of  computer maker or model – there are a few things to consider before you call your local computer shop, buy memory online or start to search eBay for your computer memory needs.

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Price. Is the computer memory you are interested in for you particular computer priced competitively? You’re going to get a much better deal on your computer memory if you buy it from a third party memory store that specializes in memory for Apple for an example than if you buy the memory from Apple directly (although in recent times Apple memory from the Apple Store is getting more competitive)

Compatibility. Will the memory you want work in your computer without issue? Have all the manufacturer’s memory specifications been met so that when you go to install the memory you will be sure that the computer memory you bought works with your computer. Memory is fragile and susceptible to  damage from static electricity.  Installing bad ram could mean your computer does not run smoothly or even not at all after you installed bad ram.

Customer service. If your main objective is number 1 above, price, you may have to be wiling to be sacrifice customer service for price. Are you willing to make that sacrifice. Personally  I am not and  would much rather buy my ram from a memory store I know and trust. Better yet if the store specializes in nothing but memory.  If you make your living with your computer, ask yourself how much your time is worth. Do you have th time and patience  and are willing to sacrifice the potential of lost income, just because your memory failed due to the fact that you bought cheap ram from a questionable price.

The good news is you can buy ram with confidence and get numbers 1,2 and 3 when you buy the memory from one of the vendors I recommend. all and any of the memory stores you see on ramseeker have been in the comptuter memory business for over a decade and do nothing all day but to sell you the best memory upgrades at the best price.

Whatever your memory ugpgrade needs might be, you owe it to yourself to get the best deal on the beset ram at the best price with the least amount of time and aggravation.

How To Buy the Best Cheap Desktop Ram

Despite the fact that notebook computers seem to be outpacing the sales of desktop computers, there’s lots of times when buying a cheap desktop computer is a better deal than buying a cheap netbook, or laptop computer.

A desktop computer does indeed usually lack a handle to make it truly portable, but for the most part the desktop rises head and shoulders above the desktop computer for one reason that stands out in my mind and that’s expadability. The desktop computer usually has lots of room for memory upgrades.

Apple Mac Mini. Best Selling Desktop Computer

Desktop RAM is priced usually pretty much the same as notebook memory but the benefit of buying ram for your desktop is you can buy more ram  which in turn means more performance out of your desktop computer. Now if  all you use is a word processing document you don’t need to worry about speed as much as the computer is going to  be waiting on you to type. There’s a good chance that if all you use to compute is to do light email and web surfing and some data entry you don’t have to worry too much about computer speed. The computer, either desktop  or notebook will be waiting for you to finish typing. In the meantime, it just waits.

But, if you are a graphic designer, or  use  photo imaging tools such as photoshop or lightroom you’re going to need all the ram you can get your hands on, or at very least – all the memory you can afford to buy. Hard drives too but that’s another post all in itself.

You have your desktop computer and it’s too slow. You need to buy more ram. How much RAM you can add to your desktop will depend usually on the motherboard and how many memory upgrade slots are available. Can you install the memory in pairs?  Can you keep the the memory you have in the computer already, or will you need  to upgrade all your memory and replace the RAM you have? All these are good questions to ask and consider before you go looking to buy cheap ram for your desktop.

The good news is every memory store offers what is called as a memory configurator. It’s a pretty fancy term but all it does is help you find the the best ram you need at the best price. You usually enter  your computer brand,  or sometimes your motherboard type if the PC you want to upgrade is hand built by you or a custom PC store. The next thing the configurator does is ask you about the model of your computer

To find the model of your computer can sometimes be a bit tricky but it’s usually written on the back of your desktop computer or sometimes on the bottom if you have a notebook or  laptop. Once you have brand and model name of your computer a customized page on the memory store’s website is returned to you exlaining all you need to know about memory upgrade choices for your computer. Size of ram you need to get to the ram upgrade you want and whether you need to upgrade the memory in pairs, or if you can get away with just buying one memory module at a time.

Somes stores even offer different choices in quality: You can chose to buy more expensive but with higher quality parts – name brand memory. Or if your budget is tight and you just want to buy the cheapest ram you can find then they offer that too.

Buying cheap ram whether in desktop form or a notebook is not hard and you’ll get the best price on ram if you compare prices on ram  from a selection of stores as all memory stores offer different prices for their desktop memory. Take your time, find your desktop computer brand and model name and find a memory store you can trust and use their memory configurator to get the beat deal on desktop ram..