When Will RAM Prices Come Down?

RAM prices drop over time. They just do. Especially for the latest and greatest memory for your apple, dell, sony or toshiba as these days all computer brands use the same memory types and sizes but over time ram prices drop:

Here’s an example for iMac Memory:

imac ram prices get cheaper

Wild eh? (there’s my canadian showing). The iMac RAM (this particular graph is from 2008 data) dropped from $90 to $40 over the period of the year. That’s a resonable savings over the price of the year.

Can you afford to wait for ram prices to drop? Let’s pretend you make your living with your iMac, or any computer it doesn’t matter but you make money online with your computer. Maybe you’re a photographer who uses photoshop or a writer or maybe you just blog and hope to make a few bucks here and there.. it doesn’t really matter what computer you use or what you do to make money with your computer: my question to you is : what’s it worth to you to wait until ram prices drop?

About a year ago you would have to pay about 1000 dollars to upgrade your iMac to the maximum at the time. The Mac web went crazy! ‘what – they cried – that’s almost the sam price as the iMac!’ What they didn’t realize that for some, even at $1000 for memory upgrades was still the bargain of the year.  If you’re making money with your computer either offline or  online it doesn’t matter the $1000 is the biggest bargain for memory if it means more work getting done easier and smoother.

A lot of people think that the lowest price on ram is so important, but if you make more than that with your skills, your computer and your maxed out memory  the price of the upgrade is really not an issue, especially when you amortize the ram costs over the time you own your computer. I’ve worked it out in other posts, but the ram for my MacBook Pro works out to about $4 a month. Pretty cheap ram if you ask me.

Granted, you could wait for ram prices to drop and as you see in the image above they do – and usually the ram prices drop pretty fast for newer models as more and more memory gets manufactured and  there’s more places to buy ram and memory for your new computer it only makes sense that demand will grow and prices will drop.

The question really is: Can you afford to wait for ram prices to drop, and not when will ram prices come down?

MacBook Pro 8GB RAM Memory

Wow. 8GB RAM for Apple MacBook Pros sure have dropped over the past year or so. I think it was the fall of 2008 when the Unibody 17 inch MacBook Pro was released from Apple as it was the very first Apple MacBook Pro to accept and acknowledge 8GB of RAM Memory Upgrades.

[table id=1 /]

Best MacBook Pro Memory

Cheap 8GB MacBook Pro RAM

With 8GB of RAM installed inside a MacBook Pro you could essentially use the MacBook Pro as a desktop replacement – especially the 17 inch version of the Apple MacBook Pros with it’s super big and bright LCD display you really didn’t need an external monitor or any other third party display (of course you could hook up the Apple MacBook Pros to an Apple Cinema Display and really benefit from the maxed out ram and you would have two displays to see all your work at a glance.)

But the downside of buying 8GB of RAM for MacBook Pros back then was the price. To buy 8GB of RAM for the Apple MacBook’s you’d have to fork over almost one thousand of your hard earned dollars to upgrade the ram in your MacBook pro to the maximum ram avialable. Heck you could pretty much buy a MacBook for the same price as some memory stores were charging for MacBook Pro RAM at the time.

But good things come to those who wait – especially in  the  technical or computer  industry where the rule is that the stuff gets faster and bigger while the price usually gets cheaper.  And for those looking to buy RAM or Memory that’s a good thing because now your MacBook Pro 8GB RAM Memory upgrade isn’t all that pricey – especially when you compare it to years past where you would have to pay a pretty hefty premium to be able to use and afford 8GB of Memory in a MacBook Pro.

As I check the latest ram prices on ramseeker I find that at the time of writing,  I can grab 8GB of RAM from many memory stores that are trusted and recommended, such as other world computing, Memory X, 18004Memory, Data Memory Systems and Crucial Technology  – they all offer 8GB of RAM KITs for a pretty good deal – especially when you combine the 8GB RAM and install it in a new MacBook Pro (Spring 2010).  As I write this, the best price for 8GB of RAM for MacBook Pros go for about $250.00 which is a far cry from the $1000 or so you would pay just a year or so ago.

MacBook Pro 8GB RAM Prices sure have dropped over time.

MacBook Pro 16GB RAM Upgrades

June 2012 – You can now, at long last install 16GB of RAM into a MacBook Pro into the Newest 2012 13 inch and 15 inch Apple MacBook Pro models, but if you want to buy the MacBook Pro with Retina Display you’re hosed when it comes to installing ram after purchase. Like the MacBook Air the ram on the soon to be best selling MacBook Pro is soldered to the motherboard and thus, unremovable and not able to accept an upgrade.

September 2011. Crucial Technology now carries 8GB DDR3 SODIMMS at reasonable prices making the 16GB MacBook Pro RAM Upgrades affordable for professionals needing the most RAM possible for the Apple MacBook  Pro.

Update:16GB RAM for MacBook Pro is now available from OWC and more memory vendors as time goes by. At the time I write this, 16GB MacBook Pro RAM is far from cheap and might cost more than the MacBook Pro you intend to install it in. Check here For current MacBook Pro RAM 16GB prices

8GB DDR3 for Apple MacBook Pro

Two words: not yet.

For 16GB MacBook Pro RAM at the time being anyway. 8GB is the most memory you can  install in the MacBook Pros currently.  This will change I guarantee it. The question is: when? When will I be able to install and use MacBook Pro RAM that’s 16GB?

When did Apple release the last batch of MacBook Pros? Spring 2010, right? And just a week or so ago, Apple announced the new iMacs and they can easily use 16GB of RAM and are the first to do so ( Well,…OK, the Mac Pro’s too, soon enough).

But when will the MacBook Pros be able to use 16GB of Memory  (wow, I remember when 16MB was a lot of ram for an apple computer). I would guess we will see new MacBook Pros in late fall or MacWorld 2011 might be a good time to announce the new MacBook Pros too. (this assumes Apple releases computers only arranged around the Macworld shows which doesn’t seem to be the case lately. This used to be a big deal – the macworld trade shows, but with the internet growing and growing you don’t have to have a trade show much any more really. If Apple sneezes it’s online or tweeted or live blogged  in milliseconds anyway)

Back to my crystal ball gazing about when we’ll see new MacBook Pros that could take 16GB of memory and as I said earlier: late 2010 or early 2011. I have NO inside info, but this is just an educated guess.  It might be later if apple just does a simple speed bump to the MacBook Pros and uses the same 1066MHz memory.

The biggest problem with squeezing 16GB into a MBP is just that: room. Pretty much every Mac portable has offered 1 and lately two memory upgrade slots, for the simple reason that as small as they are: so-dimms are still pretty big and there’s also lots of other things in your apple notebook that needed to be squeezed into tight spaces too.

So that means that we could be waiting for a bit. Assuming only 2 memory upgrade slots, there would have to be not only the technology to recognize and accept 16GB on any new future MacBook Pros there would also need to be 8GB MacBook memory modules which I have yet to come across.

If you’re looking for 16GB MacBook Pro RAM you might be waiting for a while until the technology catches up. It will, it’s just a matter of when you can buy 16GB MacBook Pro RAM

Cheapest Mac Mini RAM

Want to know a little secret? RAM for all current Apple Computers are all pretty much the same. So when you ask me: Hey, Jim – what’s the cheapest mac mini ram? you could also be asking about the cheapest MacBook ram and MacBook pro ram too.


Cheapest Apple Mac Mini

Assuming of course, that your memory requirements are the same speed. ie: 1066MHz MacBooks and MacBook pro’s and  the newer mac mini’s all use the same ram. iMac too, until about a week or so ago when Apple released the new Apple iMacs – they use DDR3 1333 RAM Memory so you can’t swap it out with the other Mac models. Yet, anyway.  If Apple has released the new iMacs you can guess that the notebook computers will soon be using the 1333 MHz  speed too over time.

I guess over time I would get used to using this I guess as it seems to work well for me and

Anyway, you’re here because you want to know the cheapest Mac Mini RAM, and I’m happy to help but we need to know a few things first. Most important is what Mac Mini?  Some of earlier Mac Minis used DDR PC2700 SDRAM and then when the intel based Mac Minis came out for years they required the use of DDR2 PC5300 so-dimms and thing s pretty stayed the same for a year if not more and then finally apple released the Mac Mini’s that required the DDR3 1066MHz so-dimms and currently are the faster and most popular ram for Mac Mini computers.

How to find out how what ram you need for your specific Mac Mini is pretty easy:

Go to your Apple Menu in the top left corner of the screen and select ‘about this mac’. What comes up is a screen that shows you how much ram you have installed, and most importantly – what speed of RAM for your Apple Mac Mini you need to buy. Once you’ve got all this info you’re off to the races and you can see the cheapest mac mini ram at a glance here on ramseeker.

One last word of caution: I don’t think the Mac Mini RAM is supposed to be installed by a  “Apple Authorized Service Provider” At least the older Mac Minis had this requirement and I can’t see any reason why this would have changed.

8GB Memory MacBook Pro

8GB Memory MacBook Pro prices are much more reasonable in price currently than they have been in the past.  In the past to upgrade your Apple MacBook Pro with 8gb of ram would have cost the same as a new MacBook with memory prices for MacBook pro being almost 1000 dollars you have to have deep, deep pockets to upgrade your MacBook pro to 8GB total and unless you we doing high intensity work that required the most ram for whatever the cost such as photoshop or image editing or working with movies whether it be final cut or iMovie you might be inclined to stick with the stock ram in your mbp as upgrading  to 8GB MacBook Pro Memory sure was pricey.

That was then and this is now and for a few reasons, it makes a lot more sense to buy ram for your MacBook pro. Especially now, with the back to school season and soon after the holiday shopping for 2010 season upon us sooner than we’d like it might make sense to upgrade with 8GB ram now.

Cheap 8GB MacBook Pro RAM

It’s always been my thought – and this applies to all memory upgrades whether it’s for apple notebooks or desktops is to max out the ram.  Adding the maximum ram  to your MacBook Pro means you only pay once for memory upgrades and then you’re done. My current computer is a MacBook pro personally and I coughed up $100 (yes, I buy ram just like you) and maxed out my MacBook pro and it just works. It will be close to two years with the same computer so my memory upgrade cost me about  $4 a month over the two years. That’s the same price as a fancy cup of coffee.  I have forgotten about my memory upgrade since as I bought my ram from a reputable memory vendor that sells quality ram built to apple specifications but without the extra price you can  sometimes pay when shopping for ram from Apple directly.

8GB of RAM is the most ram you can currently install into a MacBook Pro and I suggest you do just that. As I write this 8GB will set you back about  $250 or so from many vendors for the 8GB MacBook Pro memory kits. Not the cheapest ram you can buy, no. $250 would buy a lot of cool apple toys like an ipod, or iphone or some other apple software or accessor but it won’t let you get your work done faster. We’re going to assume you’re a pro as you bought  the pro MacBook for the extra features so you could benefit from bigger display, more speed , etc and you paid a pretty penny to do so. It only makes sense to squeeze the most you can out of your MacBook Pro and  install the maximum ram you can too. I bet if you’re making a living or even freelancing part time you’ll make the money back that you spent to buy 8GB Memory MacBook Pro in no time.