Is 4GB Of RAM Enough for MacBook Pro?

The new MacBook Pros from Apple come standard with  4GB installed as default.  Some of the older MacBooks can also accept a maximum of 4GB and until just recently – as in a month ago – 4GB was the maximum in most MacBook Pros on sale by Apple.

8GB MacBook Pro RAM under $100

To answer your question? It depends.

I know it sounds kind of vague so let me explain: I’ve got a text document open and so it takes some RAM to run Mac OS and  a wee bit more to launch and keep open the application  (and a few other application  I have open like Mail and Safari ).

And then my Mac waits. for me. Even if I could fill my MacBook Pro with 64GB of RAM my mac’s still going to be waiting for me to type another letter or character. I type about 40 words per minute and let me tell you the speed of the RAM is much faster than that.

But let’s say I then go out and record a full HD movie at the biggest full high definition resolution and download that video to my computer so I can share with my friends the great time I had at the beach or dinner or whatever..I made a movie and I want to share it.

But first I want to edit the movie and take out the part where I dropped the camera in the sand and then there was the part in the movie where I was just loading the car so I don’t want my friends to see all the junk I have in my trunk. I also want to make some cool little  titles  and fades and other stuff in iMovie so  at the end of the movie my friends say “wow that’s a great movie”.  To do all that is going to take a whole lot more ram than the stock ram configuration that comes with the MacBook Pro. And even if I could do all my movie editing with the current ram – more ram can’t hurt. Moving those pixels around whether it’s still or video takes a whole  lot more processing power and memory than the stock configuration of MacBook Pro.

Also there’s the saying, and I’m sure you’ve heard it: You can never have enough ram or hard drive space. I’ve never regretted buying RAM. Even if it’s been too much at the time of purchase. RAM is cheap. You can fill  up your MacBook Pro for about $200 and this  is much cheaper than some software like Photoshop or Lightroom even.

4GB for the MacBook Pros will do just fine for facebook, email and light computing such as word processing. When you get into the processor intensive stuff like photo editing or movie editing  – buy all the RAM you can afford.

Best RAM Brand

That’s a question I get asked a lot – probably second after ‘what is the best memory, or what is the cheapest memory. And ramseeker isn’t the easiest to navigate sometimes if you don’t know what type of memory you have I also get asked what ram do I need for my computer? (BTW,  if you need help with your memory upgrades feel free to email me. I’m here to help you with your ram upgrades)

Back to the best RAM brand. There’s two ways you can buy ram: one that will save you the most money or for a little more money you can buy brand name ram which comes with the knowledge that you paid a bit more for your ram but at least it’s a brand name you can trust.

Kingston RAM: Best Selling Memory Upgrades

This applies to anything, really and not just ram. Even computers are priced this way – you can buy an Apple Computer  (and pay for the privilege) or you can buy a lesser bran  name.  Once I needed a PC to run some windows program so I found the  cheapest laptop I could find. It worked great for the price but support was non-exisitent as when I needed help with my PC (it was a windows machine. it’s only a matter of time before you need help) the company was long out of business. It was a no-name laptop and I got no-name support to match.

With RAM though you’re better off because even generic memory gets tested to work from the memory vendors before it ships and if you buy ram regardless of brand from the stores I list you won’t have a problem with RAM not working. These stores are all reputable memory vendors and I have mentioned this before.

Some brands you might see are toshiba, samsung, micron (which is crucial), lexar for digital camera ram…just to name a few. It all comes down to your comfort level and what’s most  important to you – getting the cheapest RAM you can buy or spending a  littl more for brand name ram. Your budget and memory needs  all come into play when you need to buy memory – brand name or generic, the choice is ultimately up to you.

What is the Cheapest RAM Right Now?

So you want to know the cheapest ram right now?

Before I can answer that we need a bit of information before I can begin to help you. Do you have a mac or pc? Are you looking for ram for your digital camera? how about a memory stick?

What size of RAM can your mac/pc/digital camera take?

What type of memory can your mac/pc/digital camera use?

We’re not done yet.  Do you have a memory or ram budget? You’re in the market for the cheapest RAM and you’re definitely at the right place but I want you to understand that price – and this is for any thing, not just ram – is only part of the package deal when shopping for RAM and Memory Upgrades

Cheapest Digital Camera RAM

Do you care if the ram is name brand ram or are you happy with generic ram? How about used ram? That actually would be the cheapest ram, but it’s used and  any savings you might acquire buy shopping for used ram could be eaten up by support costs and other habits. You can sell your old ram too and that would make your new ram even cheaper or at very least – offset the costs of  ram when you are ready to buy new ram.

How about a gurantee? do you need one?  What if by chance, the ram goes bad. Do you want or need a 1-800 phone number to call? Are you OK with email support? Are you a whiz kid who knows all there ever needs to know about ram and memory and you’re just in the market for the lowest price ram and you don’t care about support for your ram purchase.

These are all things to consider when  you need to buy ram and you are in the need for cheapest ram. The cheapest ram for an older notebook for blogging means a whole other thing if you’re looking to upgrade hundreds of computers at the same time. Saving a few dollars in ram in this case might not be worth it.

How are you going  to pay for the ram . Visa, mastercard?  Paypal? wire the money to the vendor? Purchase Order? All of these different payment offer differernt fee structures and payment terms. For the hobbyist a credit card works best probably. For the commercial order you’re probably want to go with a store that will accept your PO. so  you can cross the ‘upgrade office computers’ task off your to do list.

Once you’ve decided  on all these options and probably a few I haven’t even thought of then I can help you buy the cheapest RAM for the right price with the right features you need for your application.

MacBook Pro Memory Upgrade

As desktop computers become more and more obsolete and notebook computers more and more powerful, especially in the case of Apple Computer and their notebooks that offer processing speed and performance unheard of only a few short years ago more and more Apple customers new and old are looking to upgrade their MacBook Pros with a

I mean ram upgrades for MacBook Pros, not hard drive upgrades for MacBook Pros although those are a good idea with larger hard drives for MacBook Pros being available and newer SSD technology maturing where you get even faster performance out of your MacBook Pro than you ever could with a traditional hard drive.

But for today I mean ram upgrades for your MacBook pro. Just a few short years ago, heck even one year ago MacBook Pro RAM or Memory – especially the 8GB MacBook Pro RAM would set you back a pretty penny, with costs for ram hovering about $1000 to max out your MBP.

MacBook Pro Memory Upgrade


Best MacBook Pro Prices

But over time the bigger ram chips or modules get cheaper and cheaper and now 8GB Memory Upgrade Kits aren’t priced too high. OK, they’re still pretty expensive when you compare them to 4GB RAM for MacBook Pros and I bet there’s more fun ways to spend your money like on a new iPhone or iPad but for just a few hundered dollars you can achieve maximum performance and speed from your professional MacBook from Apple.

And why not upgrade the ram on your MacBook Pro? You already forked over $2000 or more to buy the MacBook pro so what’s a few hundred more? In fact, some memory stores will offer you credit for your old MacBook Pro RAM which makes your MacBook Pro memory upgrade even cheaper.

Let’s assume you manage to get $50 for your old ram.  (This is just a guess). As I write this MacBook Pro 8GB Memory Upgrade Kits go for about $250 online. For $200, or less than 1/10th of what you paid for your MacBook Pro in the first place you could be rockin’ it with a MacBook Pro running at full speed. No more annoying  apple multi-colored wheel or progress bar while you wait for your Mac to catch up. This is especially important for processor intensive tasks such as iMovie or Photoshop users.

It always amuses me when I get people looking for the best deal on ram for MacBook or the cheapest MacBook pro ram. It’s my opinion that a MacBook Pro Memory Upgrade is worth it at any cost with today’s ram prices.

MacBook Pro 8GB DDR3

With the latest and greatest new MacBook Pro models released by Apple earlier this spring (2010) one of the best features in my opinion was that the new Apple MacBook Pros could now be fitted with 8GB of RAM, DDR3 1066 RAM specifically made for the Apple MacBook Pros.

I’ve been listing the DDR3 ram for MacBook and MacBook Pro for quite some time now,  but it’s only  been since oh, April 2010 that the 8GB RAM for Apple MacBook Pros really became to be in demand and popular. You probably found this page by searching for MacBook pro ram or ram for MacBook pro or ddr3 ram or 8gb ddr3 and I won’t disappoint you: you can find the best price on  MacBook Pro 8GB DDR3 RAM.

Cheap 8GB DDR3 for MacBook Pro

On the page where I list the 8GB MacBook Pro RAM you’ll be looking at MacBook Memory upgrades that are marketed as memory upgrade kits but you shouldn’t dismiss the fact that you might be able to get a better price on MacBook Pro ram by searching for 2x4GB memory upgrades and doing the math yourself.

The memory stores that are online  and carry MacBook Pro RAM are different for each and every one of them as some memory shops prefer to list the MacBook Pro memory  as individual module as it makes it easier for them to list the ram prices individually regardless of what you need – even if you need to install the ram in matched pairs.

Other stores are a bit more savvy with the marketing so they market memory as kits which could result in a higher sale per order. If they can sell you two memory modules instead of one they will. There’s nothing wrong with memory shops trying to increase their memory sales, just like there’s no problem with you wanting to get the best deal you can on MacBook Pro RAM.

And you can get the best deal on ram but you should check both the 4GB memory modules for MacBook Pro in addition to the MacBook Pro 8GB memory kits as there’s a chance one or the other might be the better memory deal for you. ram prices change over time sometimes a memory vendor selling MacBook pro memory upgrade kits will have the better deal and some times its memory modules end up being the better ram deal.