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When shopping for RAM you essentially have two choices when you are wanting to upgrade your computer with ram and memory. It doesn’t matter whether you have a notebook computer or a desktop computer you really only have two decisions to make when you’re ready to buy RAM.

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Best RAM Brand Kingston Crucial

Kingston Value RAM Best RAM Brands

Do want to save money on RAM?

**Do you want to buy the best ram brand you can buy? **

That’s it and under most conditions you can’t  have both. But what you can do is buy generic ram which is the cheaper RAM of the two and is also the ram price I list and track as every visitor to ramseeker is looking to buy the best ram at the best price, so generic it is. This way,  I am comparing prices on ram for the cheapest ram you can buy for your Apple Computer.

If you want to buy the best ram brand, buy the RAM from Apple.  But you’ll pay. Oh boy will you pay… but you do get peace of mind in that the best ram brand will be from the computer manufacturer. In Apple’s case it’s rare that they actually make the RAM so you’re probably buying Apple branded memory as opposed to memory that apple actually makes. My last MacBook came with Samsung memory installed if I recall correctly.

Most memory stores today carry both a cheaper generic ram, which runs fine for most applications and is much  much cheaper memory than the name brand stuff. But for those to drive a mercedes over a chevy, they’re willing to pay for the extra money and buy the name brand memory and the stores I list ram prices for also carry the name brand stuff too.

To summarize, when shopping for RAM you have options. You can save money on ram and buy the cheap ram or you can spend a little more and buy name brand ram  too.

Ultimately the choice is yours to make.

iMac Memory

Cheapest Apple iMac

I’ve just realized that I have been tracking ram prices on iMac Memory for over 13 years now starting with the very first iMac, that teal green model with the round mouse that’s so old now you have to wonder if it’s even worthwhile ugrading thew ram on the original Apple iMac.

I tend to focus on the later iMacs models as I’ve found that’s where the demand is and it only makes sense, I think. Chances are, if you’re going to buy an iMac you’ll want to buy a new iMac as technology marches on and the iMacs just keep getting cheaper and yet better too so it’s my suggestion is when you buy an iMac and maybe it’s for back to school or you’re buying an iMac for Christmas (it’ll be here sooner than you think) and the time to upgrade iMac RAM is right when you buy the iMac.

You can ugrade iMac Memory in one of two ways: The first being to favor simple over cheap and just order your iMac from Apple and max out the iMac RAM from Apple at the same time. If time is money then this is definitely the easiest way to go, as you’re buying an apple product and filling it with apple branded ram at the same time.  The only problem  with this technique is hoo boy, will you pay. Apple RAM has consistently been higher priced than if you bought iMac RAM elsewhere. The savings can be in the hundereds of dollars, especially when you factor in the fact that 16gb of RAM is a lot of RAM for the iMac and it’s a newer technology and we all know the newer bigger ram is the most expensive  RAM you can buy.

The better solution is to buy Apple authorized generic  (or name brand to, but you’ll save less) from memory stores that have been in business for more than a decade and have been selling and suppprting iMac RAM since the beginning of the Apple iMac’s existence.

Heck, even the folks at the Apple Store suggest ramseeker as your destination for RAM because Apple only stocks new and in production products – if you’re looking to uprgrade an older Apple iMac you’re out of luck .

But the good new is new or old Apple iMac, I’ve got a selection of Memory stores that yes, will be happy for your business but actually support and sell memory specific to Apple’s  own memory specifications and the kicker is the iMac RAM from these guys is gauranateed to work!

We all know a gaurantee might not mean much depending on the source but this is just one more reason ramseeker should be your first stop when shoppping for iMac RAM. I don’t list every memory store possible. I only list memory stores that back their product with a gaurantee and have been in business for over a decade (some, two decades) and know RAM for iMacs like the backs of their hands.

That’s how you get the best deal on iMac RAM.  Comparing ram prices from reputable memory stores and buying iMac RAM from a memory store you can trust.

Install RAM in MacBook Pro 2010

MacBook Memory UpgradesYou do know that it’s pretty easy to install the ram you buy from third part memory stores yourself, yes? In fact it’s not too hard at all to install RAM in MacBook Pro 2010 models at all.

You do need a few things to start, like a clean static free work surface and a small philips screwdriver but other than some time to take your time and go slowly you can install MacBook Pro ram yourself and save yourself any unneccesary installation fee.

In fact, it’s so easy that Apple has instructions on MacBook Pro RAM installations and upgrades so it’s not just due to the fact that I’m familiar with ram upgrades, the good folks at Apple think you’re up to the task too.

The very first thing you need to do is to shut off your computer. Don’t put it to sleep but really shut off your computer. You don’t need anything to be powered up when you’re installing or replacing ram upgrades.

Then you’ll need to close the MacBook Pro and flip the MacBook Pro over and remove the bottom cover with the ten screws that are holding it in place.

Once you’ve got the screws out and put aside safely, you want to be sure to discharge any static electricity build up that might happen by touching something metal on the MacBook Pro.

With the cover off, you’ll see the RAM modules from the factory right there. You don’t have to remove any hard drives or anything. What you do have to do is push the levers that hold the factory ram out so that the memory modules pop out at a 45 degree angle and then slowly remove the ram by pulling lightly the ram out of the memory socket.  Do the same for the bottom ram module too.

Now that you have empty RAM slots you’re ready to install your memory. There’s notches on the ram modules that line up with the memory upgrade sockets, so there’s really no way you can screw this up. With the notches lined up, insert the ram into the memory upgrade slot at about a 45 degree angle. You may have to push a bit as those memory sockets are designed to be a tight fit. Then all you do is push downwards on the ram so that it’s sitting flat an parallel to your desktop and the two little springs should click into place to hold the memory upgrade in.

Then just do the same again for for the second or top memory upgrade socket for the MacBook Pro – line up the notch, install the ram at 45 degrees until the ram is seated in the slot and push down until the two little tabs lock the memory module in place.

Replace the bottom with the ten screws  and you’re done. Turn the MacBook Pro over, press the power button and the operating system will automatically recognize your new maximum ram for MacBook Pro.

If you’re going to go through all the trouble of installing ram yourself, I suggest buying 8GB MacBook Pro RAM and maxing out the MacBook Pro 2010.

Cheapest RAM Prices

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If there’s one thing that ramseeker has become known for over the past dozen years or so, it’s that if you want the cheapest ram prices then ramseeker is a great resource  when shopping for memory upgades for your Apple Computer mostly, but I also monitor prices on PC Memory too.

Cheap RAM has to be one of the biggest ways people find ramseeker. They type ‘cheap ram, or cheapest ram, or where can I buy cheap ram and  search engines supply you with an answer: and here you are :)

I know, you’re thinking that there’s lots of stores that advertise the cheapest RAM and at times they do offer the best price on ram (this is assuming you mean best price being equal to lowest price) but I’ve found that for the most part the low price leaders for memory either do one of two things after a while:

The cheapest ram dealers go out of business. I’ve seen it at least a few times. These new vendors come on the market and state total domination but then they realize that they’ve pretty much priced themselves out of the market.

They give up trying to be the lowest price on ram upgrades because sometimes with that also comes the joys of the internet and sometimes the cost of a sale frankly,isn’t worth the effort as margins are cut so low it’s hard to make any money on RAM if you have to answer a million pre-sale and post sale support questions. Sometimes these low price memory stores realize that after a while, it’s best to be priced higher up. Less sales,  perhaps but also less grief and support costs too.

Lastly there’s one more reason why you should make ramseeker your number 1 destination when shopping for memory upgrades. I get special discounts for you that you only can get by shopping through the ramseeker system.  These memory stores can offer a better deal to ramseeker readers because they know they will be rewarded with better sales which makes up for any profit margins they might lose had they not offered the ramseeker memory discount.

With ramseeker you get the best deal on ram upgrades from Memory stores you can trust year after year after year  to help you find the cheapest ram upgrades for your PC or Mac and the support that you want and expect too.

Can the Black MacBook take 8GB of RAM?

Can the Black MacBook take 8GB of RAM?  The short answer is no, you cannot install 8gb of MacBook RAM into a black MacBook, regardless of age. If it’s black, there’s no way  you can install 8GB of RAM into the black notebook from Apple Computer.

Now,  if Apple releases a new black MacBook then I’ll have to update this article at a later date and revise my comment above, but for the time being the maximum ram a black MacBook can take is up to 4GB of RAM for the later MacBook models.

8GB RAM for MacBook

8GB MacBook RAM

When the black MacBooks were first released in 2006 and subsequently 2007, the maximum ram supported by Apple for these MacBooks – both white and black – was a maximum of 2GB of RAM officially supported. But then some third party stores did some testing and found that even though the official maximum RAM for the MacBooks was 2GB this was before 2GB memory for MacBooks was even available so what they found was that even though the official maximum RAM was 2GB you could install 4gb of RAM with 2x2gb memory modules in these early MacBook models. The problem  was the OS and  motherboard was only designed to accept up to 3GB tops so even though you could get 4gb of RAM in the MacBooks only 3gb would show up. So if you have an older black MacBook, you may be able to get up to 3gb to show up when you buy 2x2gB memory modules for MacBook.

Then with later MacBook models (again, black or white) that were released in 2007 with the faster design and increased standard memory you could now see up to 6GB of RAM in a black notebook from Apple even though again the official stance from Apple was that a maximum 4GB of ram was supported. This in part is again due to the fact that 4gb ram chips for MacBooks came on the scene after the release of the MacBook models in 2007 so at the time 4gb was indeed the maximum ram for your black MacBook.  But later tests found that if you installed 4gb in one of the two ram upgrade slots and another 2gb memory module in the second ram slot the MacBook could use and recognize all 6gb of installed RAM. Technically, it’s not supported  by Apple but it works.

So although you can’t install 8GB of RAM into a Black MacBook, you may be able to max out your black MacBook RAM with either 2GB or 3GB or 6gb of RAM depending on what specific MacBook model you have.

The folks at OWC have a great resource that explains exactly how much ram the black MacBooks can accept and use. I recommend you refer to it if you have any further questions on upgrading black MacBook memory to the maximum allowed.