RAM Shopping Help

Do you need help with **buying memory **for your new or old computer? I’m happy to offer ram shopping help and you can always email me at jim at jim.am. I don’t sell memory but I do and can recommend the right and correct memory upgrades for your computer regardless of what make it is or notebook or desktop computer.

Most memory stores do offer a memory configurator which is usually a pull down menu or some times it’s a list of links to popular or new memory upgrades that are popular for  most of the newer and modern computers as these are the most computers that can benefit from a ram upgrade.

The memory configurators are a good way to find out what RAM or Memory your computer needs but it gets confusing  as to what Memory you need. If you’re just an average computer user you don’t care about MHz or GHz or bus speeds or all the other technical  mumbo jumbo. All you want to do is to speed up your computer by using more ram and it will

Adding more ram is like moving into a bigger house. Instead of there being no room for your computer to work with, when you add ram it’s like now your computer has enough space to get things done and keep all the data organized and labeled and ready to use at a moment’s notice which is what ram does. stores stuff that the computer is going to need soon. It’s the technical equivalent of  “here hold this for a second”.

Cheapest RAM Prices

Cheapest RAM

And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t upgrade your computer memory these days as ram is cheap and spending $100 on RAM is much better bang for buck for your computing dollar than say, spending it on a software update just because there’s a new version out, when the old software you have works just fine. (Windows Vista, anyone?)

But with RAM, unless you’re buying very large and very new technology – is pretty cheap. $100 for most notebooks gets you 4GB of memory which is what I recommend at a bare minimum for computing in 2010.

Again, I don’t sell RAM. I just like to shop for RAM and help you get the best price from a fair and reputable memory store on your memory upgrades, that’s it.

If you do need help when shopping for ram or memory don’t hestitate to contact me if you can’t figure out what type or size of RAM your computer needs. I’m here to help you.

Upgrade to 4gb RAM for Mac

Now that it’s 2012,  it’s pretty easy to say that the minimum memory for today’s Apple Macintosh computers when it comes to Mac Memory is 4GB of RAM. I could be wrong but I know the new MacBooks ship with 2gb of RAM standard and I’m pretty sure that the Mac Mini’s do too and the MacBook Pros start at 4gb of RAM and the Mac Pros can be filled with 64gb of ram if you’ve got deep enough pockets.

Cheap RAM for Macs 4GB

Cheap 4GB RAM for Mac

All this to say if you’re shopping for a memory upgrade for a new MacBook or MacBook Pro or, yes even Mac Mini – that you should have your sights on at very least 4GB of RAM for these Macs.

The iMac will accept up to 16gb of RAM

The Mac Mini will accept up to 8GB of RAM

The MacBooks will accept up to 4GB of RAM

The MacBook Pros will take up to 8GB *(and  my guess is 16gb for MacBook Pros at next refresh). *

The Mac Pros will take up to 64GB.

But with it being back to school season, buying a MacBook is going to be a popular activity over the next month or thereabouts so I want to talk about MacBook Memory as this is probably the  one computer form Apple that could really benefit from a 4gb Mac Memory Upgrade.

At 2gb stanard, Apple had to cut corners somewhere to get the MacBook to the Magical $999 price so they tossed 2x1Gb chips in it and said good enough..  (which I think is still a lot for what it is, but that’s a topic for another day). 4gb for MacBook  will turn your MB into a much more useable machine and 4gb is no money these days and the result of hte MacBook ram upgrade will be making it more capable and it doesn’t matter what you’re doing with it surfing, email and so on will run faster and smoother with more memory for your portable mac.

If you’re running a Mac with 2GB or less and it’s a newer modern machine you should stop what you’re doing right now and see if you can get 4gb of RAM into your Mac somehow.

If you can’t add 4GB of RAM you might be better off buying a new Mac that allows 4gb.

4GB of RAM for all Macs released in 2010 should be the minimum amount in my opinion.

Installing RAM: MacBook Pro RAM Installation Guide

Installing Memory in a MacBook Pro (or MacBook) is pretty easy and can be don by the average computer user without any special tools or know-how.

First, you need to buy new MacBook pro RAM  to install (see current prices on MacBook Pro Memory above) and replace the standard MacBook Pro memory that came installed with your computer in the first place. **Add as much MacBook pro ram as you can afford. **You can never never go wrong when shopping for MacBook pro ram when you buy ram from my list of authorized MacBook pro stores. Brand can matter for some people when it comes to shopping for MacBook Pro RAM as there’s a small chance that the brand name stuff will work a bit better  in your MacBook Pro as usually it’s been tested and guaranteed to work. Generic MacBook Pro RAM works just fine too but you might be buying a wee bit more peace of mind when you buy the name brand ram. The cheapest RAM may or may not be the the best price on MacBook Pro RAM.

Best MacBook Pro Prices

Best Selling MacBook Pro

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Once you have the RAM in your hand, you might want to invest in an anti-static wrist band. Sometimes you can buy the anti-static wrist band at the same time as you buy the MacBook Pro RAM, but  sometimes you’ll have to go elsewhere to buy an antistatic wrist band for installing memory. Your local computer store can usually help you.

You don’t NEED an antistatic wrist band if you’re sure to discharge any static electricity you have on you by touching  the metal casing of  your MacBook pro first to discharge any static before you install the MacBook pro ram. Also, it’s probably not a good idea to wear wool sweaters on a dry winter day or rub balloons on your head just before you install the MacBook pro memory.  Be sure to discharge any static electricity before you go about installing RAM yourself. RAM is very particular and can be damaged by static electricity. When you bought it, you should have received it in an anti-static bag and sometimes there’s a big warning sticker on the bag that you have to break before you can access the ram and it says the same thing I’ve been saying: static electricity is bad for ram

Once you’re all set to go then all you do is  remove the battery of your MacBook pro, take  of the bottom part, or sometimes even then entire bottom. You might need a very small philips screwdriver or sometimes a specific torx screwdriver to do this. On my MacBook Pro, to add more ram once I had the cover off, I had to unplug and remove the MacBook Pro hard drive before I could access the RAM slots.

Once there, there’s two slots for MacBook Pro RAM and to remove the old MacBook Pro memory there’s two tabs that hold down the ram and when I did this the memory popped up to a 45 degree angle  which allowed me take hold of the memory (watch that static!) and with a slight pull I removed the memory. I did the same thing when removing the ram from the second memory slot and in no time I was ready to install my new MacBook Pro RAM.

For the actual installation of memory on my MacBook Pro all I did was the reverse. You slip the memory in at about a 45 degree angle into the slots and seat the memory into the slot. It’s a tight fit sometimes so don’t be afraid to use some gentle pressure. Push down on the RAM once it’s seated and the two little tabs click in to lock the memory down into the MacBook pro’s memory slots. Repeat for the second memory slot in the MacBook Pro and you can’t go wrong really. The RAM has a little notch in it so you can’t install the memory backwards or upside down. The RAM only fits into the slot one way.

When you have your MacBook Pro ram installed,  all you do is replace what you removed to get at the memory upgrades slots. replace the hard drive, screw the cover or bottom of the MacBook Pro back on and replace the MacBook Pro Battery.  Press the power button and your MacBook Pro should start up without any trouble and now the MacBook Pro will run faster too and allow you to get your work done quicker.

Apple has excellent instructions on how to install MacBook Pro RAM and you can find them by clicking here. They’ve got instructions for a whole range of MacBook Pros so I suggest you refer to their instructions before installing MacBook Pro memory on your own.

Where to Buy 8GB of RAM

Where to Buy 8GB of RAM

If you’re shopping online for 8GB of RAM there are loads of memory shops, stores,vendors whatever you wan to call them that will be more than happy to sell you 8GB of RAM.

But you should do your homework first. You might think it’s the best idea to shop for the lowest priced RAM but sometimes, not always – this is not the best way to buy ram as yes, price is king for RAM or anything else but memory is pretty advanced stuff. It’s not like  you’re buying a cup of coffee here. You’re buying what was once thought of impossible:8GB of memory for a very competitive price regardless of you who you end up buying RAM from and it wouldn’t hurt you to do some smart shopping and buy RAM from someobody who knows the business and what RAM you need for your computer.

Cheapest MacBook Pro 8GB

8GB MacBook Pro RAM


There are thousands and thousands of different computer models out there and each and every one  of them could benefit from a memory upgrade but some won’t even accept the 8GB  memory so that’s the first thing you need to know: How much RAM can your computer handle?

Next, will your OS recognize  the RAM. If you’re running an older version of windows or even the latest windows 7 be sure to check and be sure you can use and benefit from an 8GB RAM upgrade as you’re just throwing your money away if your computer won’t acknowledge the memory upgrade in the first place.

Once you’ve got those two things solved, you need to decide on  what’s important to you when shopping for RAM. Are you on a budget and the only way  you can  upgrade your memory is if you buy the cheapest RAM, or do you have a few more dollars to spend on brand name ram vs generic ram. Brand name RAM might be no better than generic, but for some it’s important to know that their memory came from a specific supplier as opposed to some that are nothing more than ram resellers.

How about customer service?  If you’re a programmer or IT specialist or even just an advanced hobbyist than you probably know your way around a memory upgrade and you probably have a favorite place to buy ram already and don’t care about customer service.

But if you’re new to computers and wouldn’t mind a bit of help with the memory upgrades both in the pre-sale and after sale  support you might be better off buying your 8GB RAM from somebody who offers the support you need.

Now that we have all our options and preferences when it comes to buying ram online (or even in store) we can go shopping for 8GB RAM. I suggest you buy 8GB of RAM from the following memory vendors:

Crucial Technology


Memory X



Memory To Go

Other World Computing

These memory suppliers, or stores have been in business for over ten years, some closer to twenty and all will support you both in offering the best price on 8GB of RAM regardless of whether you are shopping for ram for Apple, Dell, HP or Sony Computers to name a few, the above listed memory sellers will help you get the right 8GB ram for the best price.

Good luck shopping for 8GB of RAM Memory

Upgrade MacBook To 8GB RAM

Unfortunately you cannot upgrade a MacBook to 8GB of RAM or Memory. Yet.

To get 8GB into an Apple notebook you’ll need to be working with a MacBook Pro as one of the advantages is that the MacBook Pro models can accept and recognize more  RAM than the lesser MacBooks and that’s just one of the few differnces when you compare the two MacBook lines from Apple

The good news (and we’re talking about 2010 MacBook and MacBook Pros here is that you can  upgrade your MacBook to 4GB – and for the market the MacBook is aimed at (ie: consumer and educational market) 4GB of RAM is more than enough RAM for your MacBook. If you need 8GB of RAM than consider the MacBook Pro 13 inch if you want to fill a MacBook with 8GB of RAM.

Cheapest MacBook Pro 8GB

Best Apple MacBook Pro 8GB RAM

But forget about 8GB for MacBook Pros for  a second as we’re going to assume you have a MacBook or are considering buying a MacBook and regardless: you need more RAM for your MacBook.

The good news is 4GB MacBook RAM is much cheaper than 8GB of MacBook Pro RAM anyway so do yourself a favor and upgrade your MacBook and sell the original RAM that came with your MacBook back  to the memory stores. I know that OEMPCWORLD and RAMJET are just two memory stores that will buy your memory back from you. This is one way to offset the cost of your MacBook RAM upgrade even more as now you can upgrade your MacBook for even less. Currently a 4GB memory upgrade kit for MacBook  is priced under $100 whereas 8GB for MacBook Pros run a little under $300 still. If you managed to sell your old MacBook Memory you’re well under $100 for a MacBook that’s maxed out with memory. Don’t go out one night, eat at home instead  (I like pizza) and you’ll have saved enough money to upgrade your MacBook to the maximum 4GB of RAM.

If you have an older MacBook you can still get at very least 2GB of ram into your older MacBook for example a black MacBook from circa 2006 or so is still a very useable and viable computer and and upgrade to 2gb costs about the same as a night at the movies so it’s my opinion it would be silly not to upgrade your MacBook, regardless of when you bought it or what year it is.

For MacBook RAM prices I list  4gb MacBook  upgrade kits for newer models of MacBooks and if you have an older version of the MacBook you’re best off to upgrade with 2GB MacBook PC5300 DDR memory upgrade kits.