MacBook RAM: Where To Buy and Get The Best Price

MacBook RAM used to be expensive. Almost as much as the computer the ram was intended for if you can believe it. But, boy oh boy times have changed and now you can fill your MacBook with the maximum RAM for about the same price as a nice dinner out and you should skip the dinner and get the RAM.

Best MacBook Pro Price

Best Price on MacBook Pro

Different MacBook Memory Types

There’s essentially two different types of RAM for MacBook that could fit in your computer. If you have a new and  current MacBook, congrats as you have a very nice and cheap apple MacBook and  it only makes sense to fill that sucker with RAM. As much memory as you can fit in, which at the time I write this is 4GB of RAM. To get an Apple computer or Apple Notebook that takes 8GB of memory you will need to get a MacBook Pro but today we’re all about the MacBooks which in my opinion offer the best bang for your shopping dollar.

Where was I? Right, the newest MacBooks and anything from about 2008 and up take DDR3 1066 SDRAM dimms which are cheap cheap cheap right now and you buy enough ram to fill your MacBook for under $100. Even a year ago this would have cost you much much more than that – closer to $500 for MacBook RAM.

If you’ve got one of the first intel based MacBooks you probably need DDR2 PC5300 SDRAM and it’s pretty cheap too, in fact cheaper as these older MacBooks which came in both black and white configurations only could accept 2GB maximum, which is fine for web browsing or email or even some light photoshop or iMovie stuff too. Technically and according to Apple you can get 2GB max into these MacBook models but some of the later models would recognize 3gB of RAM which would require you to install a 2GB RAM for MacBook and a 1GB RAM for MacBook in the two slots.  This isn’t recommended by Apple, so I’m not going to suggest it either. You might be better off  just buying a new MacBook with a faster processor  if you need to use more than 2gb of RAM, or maybe even pick up the 13 inch MacBook Pro which will allow you even more RAM at 8GB

Where to Buy MacBook RAM

That one’s easy. You’re here. I’ve got convenient price lists made where you can compare prices on MacBook memory from a selection of vendors where you’ll not only get the best price on MacBook RAM but you can rest assured that the ram will come with a warranty and the entire buying process will be easy as pie no matter what ram you buy.

Here’s the price list for  MacBook 1066 DDR3 SDRAM or MacBook 1066 DDR3 SDRAM memory upgrade kits and here’s the list for the older MacBook RAM too: MacBook PC25300 DDR SDRAM memory upgrades and MacBook PC25300 DDR2 SDRAM upgrade kits.

Feel free to contact me at jim@jim.am if you need any help getting the right ram for your computer or MacBook.

Highest Ram Prices

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I know when usually shopping for memory or RAM it’s natural to want to shop for the lowest price you can possibly find on memory upgrades but it’s fun (to me anyway) to look at how much people will pay for memory and RAM.

Take 64GB for the Apple Mac Pros for example. That’s a whole lot of ram for just one computer and you will pay for the the chance to fill your Mac Pro from Apple with RAM. You’ll pay dearly too. Almost $3000 for ram upgrades  and I think it’s the highest ram price I have ever listed here on ramseeker.

I’ve come close a few times and when those new iMacs were released a few years back the news sites  and the mac web in general were all a twitter about how much ram costs.  At the time to upgrade your iMac would cost you about $1000 which considering the iMac computer itself isn’t that much more money, it’s a lot to spend  on ram and  definitely the most money you could spend in the history of the Apple  iMac on Memory Upgrades.

But as I’ve seen over and over and over again – If you can wait  to upgrade your memory than maybe it’s not a bad idea. For some models, it’s probably best to just max out your ram now while you can. For MacBook Pro memory and almost any PC notebook too that takes the DDR3 1066 ram you can fill the computer chock full of memory for under $250 and I suggest you do.

But a  good rule of thumb to follow is that if your ram upgrade costs $1000 or more, figure out if the cost of the ram upgrade can actually pay for itself. It’s one thing to drop $100 on ram so that facebook loads  a bit faster in your browser, but another when you have to spend  $1000 or more for memory for the same task.

But, if you’re making money with your comptuter it might be the best money you ever spent on ram upgrades if you will become  more efficient in your work due to the increase of ram in your computer. Even a three thousand dollar ram upgrade works out to $250 a month, which considered to other expenses for your business might be the biggest bargain ever – even if your ram upgrade is one of the highest ram prices currently available.

Buying a MacBook Pro. Should I get the 8GB Upgrade?

I was asked this question today:

Jim, I am buying a MacBook Pro, should I get the 8GB ram upgrade and who should I buy the ram from? Should I Buy the RAM from the Apple Store?

Best MacBook Pro Price

Best Place To Buy a MacBook Pro

There’s a few questions to answer there so let’s break this down into parts shall we?

Congrats on the MacBook Pro.  It’s a powerful computer that will work for you for some time depending on your needs.

Yes, I suggest maxing out the MacBook Pro with as much RAM as you can and for the MBP’s that’s 8GB of RAM and you get there by either buying an 8GB RAM Kit for the MacBook Pro or you buy 2x4GB RAM Upgrades individually, but you will need two of them.

And here’s why I think that you should max out the ram on the  MacBook Pro: It’s a professional computer and you’re going to drop at least $1500 to buy the professional laptop computer but you’re on the fence about memory upgrades, which cost a fraction of what you spent on the  Apple notebook itself but will offer probably the best value for your computing dollar. As I write this, 8GB for MacBook Pro will set you back about $250 for you to max out your ram and get some work done that will pay the bills. I guess it’s the economy but you’ve just spent a good chunk of change on a notebook but you won’t upgrade the RAM?

  1. Which brings us to the next question – where should you buy your MacBook Pro? The Apple Store is good but you’ll pay full load for it there. When pick up a MacBook Pro from Amazon you can save a few percentage points and use the savings to buy more RAM. If you do buy your MacBook Pro from Apple, you might be able to save some money as you can order the MBP filled with RAM as a custom configuration but I’m warning you: Apple RAM is not the cheapest RAM you can buy. But do the math as you might be better off getting the RAM and Computer from the same store to save you money.  Take the ten minutes or so to shop around and get the best price on a MacBook Pro with 8GB of RAM, regardless of where you buy.

Best MacBook Pro Memory

What is the Best MacBook Pro Memory?

This is just another question I get asked a whole lot and yet I’m reluctant to suggest any one particular store because then I would of course be showing a bias towards one computer memory reseller and  I don’t want to do that.

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But what I can tell those that are in the market for MacBook Pro Memory that any and all memory stores on ramseeker will gaurantee your memory upgrades so you can be sure that you’re not buying memory from a shady memory reseller and believe me, they’re out there.

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Best MacBook Pro Price

Best MacBook Pro Prices

So what to look for when shopping for best MacBook Pro memory? Customer service is on the top of my list and I also dont’ mind paying a bit more for name brand too. But that’s my opinion only but if I have a choice between generic ram and name brand, I will chose the name brand ram every time even though you can buy generic ram cheaper.

There’s nothing wrong with generic ram and it is cheaper -whether for MacBook Pro or any other computer, the generic stuff is still tested and guaranteed to work from each and every store I list that sells MacBook Pro Memory. You can’t buy generic RAM from these stores and go wrong and that’s the reason I list the memory store’s prices.

I have never allowed any sneaky or shady prices on ramseeker to be posted, which unlike some other sites the price comparisons do match what is on the memory store’s site and it’s the price on ram you can expect to pay. No bait and switch or other questionable tactics are allowed.

I will tell you that I do  list and track MacBook Pro ram prices that are the lowest price as that’s why you’re here  – to compare prices on memory upgrades from reputable memory stores, and I hope you’re happy with my efforts. But to do so this usually means that to be competitive I’m tracking MacBook Pro generic RAM to get the best ram prices for you.

Sometimes I can do better and get you discounts on ram upgrades that are exclusive to ramseeker and you can’t find a better deal on MacBook Pro RAM from any other website. I  work hard to get you the best MacBook Pro RAM Prices  and that’s just one of the many Apple RAM upgrades I track. The special deals are already listed for you too. You do not need any memory upgrade coupon code. I have tried to offer you that in the past and it wasn’t worth the effort. It’s much easier and better for all parties to have a special ‘ramseeker price’ for RAM and list that price as the best price on RAM at the time.

If you are looking for the best price on MacBook Pro RAM you’re at at the right place.

Let me know if you need any help with your ram upgrades.

RAM Shopping Help

Do you need help with **buying memory **for your new or old computer? I’m happy to offer ram shopping help and you can always email me at jim at jim.am. I don’t sell memory but I do and can recommend the right and correct memory upgrades for your computer regardless of what make it is or notebook or desktop computer.

Most memory stores do offer a memory configurator which is usually a pull down menu or some times it’s a list of links to popular or new memory upgrades that are popular for  most of the newer and modern computers as these are the most computers that can benefit from a ram upgrade.

The memory configurators are a good way to find out what RAM or Memory your computer needs but it gets confusing  as to what Memory you need. If you’re just an average computer user you don’t care about MHz or GHz or bus speeds or all the other technical  mumbo jumbo. All you want to do is to speed up your computer by using more ram and it will

Adding more ram is like moving into a bigger house. Instead of there being no room for your computer to work with, when you add ram it’s like now your computer has enough space to get things done and keep all the data organized and labeled and ready to use at a moment’s notice which is what ram does. stores stuff that the computer is going to need soon. It’s the technical equivalent of  “here hold this for a second”.

Cheapest RAM Prices

Cheapest RAM

And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t upgrade your computer memory these days as ram is cheap and spending $100 on RAM is much better bang for buck for your computing dollar than say, spending it on a software update just because there’s a new version out, when the old software you have works just fine. (Windows Vista, anyone?)

But with RAM, unless you’re buying very large and very new technology – is pretty cheap. $100 for most notebooks gets you 4GB of memory which is what I recommend at a bare minimum for computing in 2010.

Again, I don’t sell RAM. I just like to shop for RAM and help you get the best price from a fair and reputable memory store on your memory upgrades, that’s it.

If you do need help when shopping for ram or memory don’t hestitate to contact me if you can’t figure out what type or size of RAM your computer needs. I’m here to help you.