Should I Add Memory from the Apple Store?

I wouldn’t.

Unless you are buying a new Apple Computer and value your time and effort over money which is the only reason I can see  on why you would want to add memory from the Apple Store, I would buy memory from a third party and install the Apple memory yourself.


Best Apple RAM Price

Best Selling Apple Memory

Why? Buying memory from pretty much any memory store will be cheaper than if  you bought RAM from Apple directly. To their credit, Apple does offer you the ability to buy the computer and then fill Mac with RAM at time of purchase online. This means you don’t have to replace RAM, as you would have to do if you were to buy your Apple Computer separately and then upgrade, as most of us do.

The downside of buying your  Apple computer, and then buying RAM from a much more affordable source is that you are left with the original RAM to deal with. You can sell your memory which will offset the cost of your RAM purchase, but there’s more effort and steps involved if you decide not to buy RAM from the Apple Store.

If you’re buying  a new Mac from Apple, and the extra cost is no big deal to you, than just order your new Mac with the RAM you want and be done and happy with your new Apple Computer.

If you are already in possession of your Apple Computer and want to upgrade the RAM, and want to save money on RAM then the smart thing to do is upgrade the memory yourself and deal with the factory memory that you pull from your mac. You can sell the ram on eBay, make a keychain, give it away  – the choice is yours, but if you’ve already got a Mac to upgrade, then no, do not buy RAM from the Apple Store.

RAM Memory for MacBook Pro

If there’s one popular computer when it comes to RAM Prices (or if you prefer, memory prices) it’s the MacBook Pro.  Desktop computers do have their applications and usually offer more value in speed, upgradeability and  in some cases as the Apple iMac – screen size – it’s the notebook computers from Apple that really offer the best value whether you choose the budget oriented MacBook or the faster MacBook Pro that offers more expandability options as well.

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One of the best expandability options on the MacBook Pro is the option to add more RAM memory (RAM and Memory should be considered interchangeable when it comes to this article).

The newest Apple MacBook models (which aren’t that new – there’s a a MacBook Pro refresh needed in 2011)  allow for a maximum of 8GB DDR3 SDRAM sodimms to be installed replacing what is usually installed from the factory: 2x2GB memory modules for  a total of 4GB MacBook Pro RAM that ships standard with your MacBook Pro.

But to get the maximum performance from your professional Apple notebook computer, I recommend you max out your MBP to the 8GB allowable. 8GB for the MacBook Pro costs just over $100 at time of writing – a far cry from the $1000 it cost just a few short years ago, making a 8GB RAM Upgrade for MacBook Pro one of the better upgrades you can achieve this year to increase your computing performance.

Where to Buy MacBook Pro Memory

I have been tracking RAM Prices on MacBook Pro memory starting with the DDR2 memory the older MacBook Pro’s  required and now with the newer and faster MacBook Pros that use the DDR3 RAM instead and I prefer to leave it to you to decide where to buy MacBook Pro RAM rather than push one particular store.  The lowest price on MacBook Pro Memory is just one factor when considering buying RAM for Apple but below is a table listing current and lowest ram prices for MacBook Pro:

How Much Does It Cost To Add More Memory To Your Apple Computer?


The short answer:  not much at all. RAM is cheap and you should, if you can afford to – max out the RAM on your Apple Computer.

[table id=15 /]MacBook Pro Memory is just one of the most popular Apple upgrades you can buy today.


Best RAM for Apple Notebooks

The longer answer to this question is: it depends on what computer you want to add more memory to, be it an Apple iMac, Apple MacBook, Apple MacBook Pro or Apple Mac Pro as they all require different memory upgrades depending on what specific Apple Computer you are looking to upgrade.

For this article, we’re going to talk about currently shipping Apple Computers on sale and we’ll cover the discontinued Apple computers in the future.

For the Apple iMac it will cost you as little as $52 for a 4GB memory upgrade module. Assuming the Apple iMac can accept 16GB , you will need to buy four 4gb memory modules for iMac which would bring your total up to just over $200 at today’s memory prices for Apple iMac

With the professional desktop from Apple – the Apple Mac Pro, this is where it gets really interesting as depending on which current Apple Mac Pro you have you might require DDR3 1066Mhz or DDR3 1333MHz sodimm memory upgrades. And as there’s  lots of room for memory upgrades inside a Mac Pro you could drop almost $2000 to fill your Mac Pro with memory up to the Maximum 64GB of RAM the latest Mac Pro models can recognize

The tiny desktop Mac, the Mac Mini use DDR3 1066Mhz sodimms and can accept up to 8GB of DDR3 SDRAM so to max out your new Apple Mac Mini you would need to buy 4GB x 2 to get the full performance from Apple’s tiniest desktop computer made to date costing you a bit over $100 with two 4GB Mac Mini RAM upgrades

On the notebook side, Both the Apple MacBook and Apple MacBook Pro accept the same type of RAM: The DDR3 SDRAM 1066Mhz sodimms, the difference between the two models being the maximum amounts of memory the two different MacBook models can accept. On the MacBook, 4GB of RAM is the maximum so the cost would be as little as $50 and for the MacBook Pro’s which can accept up to 8GB of RAM, the cost doubles to just a tad over $100 to fill your MacBook Pro with the most memory possible.

Black MacBook Maximum RAM


Best RAM for Black MacBook


]( Black MacBooks are now a long discontinued Apple notebook computer being replaced by  a much less fingerprint prone white MacBook but I always thought the Black  MacBooks looked much cooler than the white MacBooks or even the silver MacBook Pros currently on sale.

It’s been a few years since the Black MacBook models were available so it should come as no surprise that these MacBook models take and accept  less RAM than the more modern unibody MacBook models available today.

As far as Maximum RAM for the Black MacBooks, the answer to this question will depend on the source. According to Apple the Black MacBooks can accept and use up to 4Gb on the later 2008 models, but some memory vendors claim to be able to run 6GB of black MacBook memory without trouble, but it’s always been my policy to tow the company line and  stick to the maximum memory upgrades as quoted by Apple. Your mileage may vary…

For older MacBook models in black, the maximum memory was a paltry 2GB (when compared to today’s 4GB maximum) of PC2 5300 DD2 SDRAM sodimms that the black MacBook requires to run.  Again, some memory stores claimed 3GB would  work in the black MacBooks thanks to 2GB installed in one of the two memory upgrade slots available for upgrade but again, Apple says it will take 2GB maximum, so this is the maximum amount I suggest. To do so, you will have to replace the smaller sized factory memory (usually 2x512mb)  and install 1GB x 2 for a maximum of 2GB on the black MacBook models.

Black MacBook Lowest RAM Prices



8GB Kit for MacBook Pro

When shopping for MacBook Pro Memory it can be a good idea to shop for memory upgrade kits for MacBook Pro as some memory stores offer memory upgrade kits that include two MacBook Pro memory upgrade modules.

Usually, these memory upgrade kits make sense to buy as you usually save money on MacBook Pro ram as you will need to buy two memory modules anyway if you want to maximize the ram on your MacBook Pro and 8GB kits for MacBook Pro is the most memory you can install in MacBook Pros in 2010 (and 2011 so far, but my guess is this  will change with new MacBook models being announced soon enough).


[table id=1 /]

[table id=15 /]

Name Brand 8GB Mac Memory

The good news is 8GB RAM upgrades for MacBook Pro in kit form (4GB x 2) have dropped in price considerably when compared to just over a year ago where you would pay almost as much as the cost of the Apple computer itself just to Max out the RAM.

At time of writing this you can buy 8GB RAM for MacBook Pro for as little as $110, $40.00 which when you amortize the cost over a year – a reasonable time to use the same notebook computer, the cost add the most RAM to your MacBook Pro works out to less than $1.00 per day. For that money spent with your 8GB DDR3 RAM purchase you get a faster, smoother running Apple professional notebook that can mean you get your work done faster than if you had not upgraded your memory.

The prices for 8GB for MacBook Pros change constantly. Below is a table of the cheapest RAM prices for  MacBook Pro that gets updated continually, and includes other memory upgrades as well as just 8GB kits for MacBook Pro