Cheap Memory for Lenovo

Lenovo is of many PC notebook and netbooks that could benefit from a memory upgrade in 2011 as in most cases, when these IBM notebook computers ship they ship with too little memory as default. This is done sometimes to keep the costs of the notebook computer down as the notebook PC market can be competitive and another reason why lenovo notebook PC’s don’t ship with maxed out memory is that in some cases for casual PC users who might just surf the internet, check email and facebook the factory installed ram is enough.

Best Selling Lenovo Notebook

Best Selling Lenovo Notebook

But for the rest of us, and especially if  you use your notebook Lenovo computer to earn a living or for business you will want to upgrade the RAM on your notebook PC to get better performance than what the default factory ram installation can provide. Adding more memory allows for a faster Lenovo PC computer that can better accommodate the Windows operating system that runs on the Lenovo notebook PC’s and with fewer crashes and the ability to run more applications at the same time with the RAM maxed out on this PC notebook.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Memory for Lenovo?

Now that you’ve realized the benefits of a laptop memory upgrade it’s now time to do a little bit of shopping online for memory. You work hard for your dollar, and you don’t want to over spend on your memory upgrade but do have to decide where you want your money to go when it comes to ram upgrades. You can choose name brand memory or generic RAM. The name brand RAM pretty much explains itself. You’re buying quality RAM from an established brand with a big name in the RAM biz. Crucial Technology comes to mind.

But if you want to get cheap ram for Lenovo, don’t discount generic memory which can save you up to 40% off and still get a memory upgrade that’s guaranteed to work when you install the memory into your notebook. I’ve made a list of** **recommended memory stores** that will sell you **Lenovo RAM for less and yet still offer you the guarantee and support you expect when spending money on memory. Most, if not all the stores also offer the choice to buy both generic and name brand memory from the same source so you have a choice. Except in rare circumstances, I suggest saving  money on ram and buying generic memory for your Lenovo notebook.

Can I Put 8GB of RAM into a MBP 2010 model?

Yes, you sure can install 8GB of memory into a 2010 MacBook Pro when it comes to maxing out the ram on your computer. I recommend doing this completely and fully. It is the best dollar you can spend on your Apple MacBook, besting in most cases any other upgrade you could imagine for your MacBook Pro.

For the 2010 MacBook Pro models, you will need to **buy 4GB x2 memory upgrades **and replace the factory ram from Apple (usually 2GB x 2)  with the larger 4GB Apple MacBook Pro RAM.  Some memory stores will buy back your old RAM, or you can sell the smaller memory modules online at such places like eBay or craigslist to help offset the cost of upgrading your 2010 MacBook Pro for maximum performance with the most ram allowable and recognizeable by your professional Apple Computer.

Best MacBook Pro Price

Best MacBook Pro Prices

MacBook Pro memory upgrades come in two flavors: generic and name brand. Both options are just fine, and the best ram for MacBook Pro is the memory you feel most comofortbale with. Name brand ram might offer value to you if you would prefer not to install generic ram, but the generic memory I track prices for will work just fine and you get the added benefit of saving money on memory upgrades – up to 50% off the name brand vendor but you still can trust the generic memory store as all memory stores I track prices for are reputable memory stores that have been with me for at very least a decade and offer money back gaurantees and warranties for your MacBook Pro RAM upgrade in the slight chance that there’s something wrong with your MacBook RAM, but it’s unlikely. In 14 years of monitoring ram prices, I can count the complaints about the memory stores I track on one hand and yet over the years I have helped thousands save money on memory upgrades.

Here’s some current prices on MacBook Pro 2010 memory:

8GB Memory Upgrade Kits for MacBook Pro (2010)

4GB Memory Upgrade modules for MacBook Pro (2010)

Where To Find The Best Online Memory Prices

Yes, there will be online stores claiming to have the cheapest ram prices or the largest memory store but here at ramseeker you are presented with real time price updates from memory vendors you can trust when shopping for memory upgrades at the best price online.

Best Selling Memory UpgradesThe best online memory prices are right here.


Specializing in Apple computers, I help you get the best deal on ram upgrades from a selection of online memory stores that offer low prices and most important – support – both pre-sale and post-sale for your memory or hard drive buy, as  both of these are the two best upgrades you can do for your computer, regardless of make. (notebook batteries might also be considered a worthy upgrade as witthout power even the best computer with the most RAM and biggest hard drive is useless).

Back to the RAM Prices. What I do isn’t rocket science. I make note of the memory prices online from various stores and report the prices to you with a link where you can buy the best ram you need at the best price just by clicking on the price

Lowest prices for popular Apple computer models are in a quick and easy to read table right on the front page of ramseeker and if you need more, just select the computer memory you need. I list computer memory by speed, so you will have to do your homework to find out what type of memory you need to buy before you use my chart. The  memory stores online I track ram prices all offer memory configurators too so when you need more ram all you have to do is find your exact computer model to find the computer memory you need at the best price online

Where is the Cheapest RAM?

This is easy. The cheapest RAM is right here.

Now that we have that out of the way, I need to clarify a bit. First, for the most part I specialize in Apple Computer Memory Upgrades for the most part, so if you’re in the market for the cheapest Dell memory, or  HP memory or where to buy cheap memory in Canada let’s say I may or may not be the resource you want. Some of the memory stores I track and monitor memory prices for also specialize in PC Memory, but for the most part I stick to what I know – and that’s Apple computer memory.


Best Apple RAM Price

Cheapest Apple 8GB RAM Kit

If you’re in the market for the cheapest ram to buy I think it’s my duty to advise you that the cheapest ram might not be the deal you think it is. In fact, it’s probably in your best interest to buy RAM from an established memory store or even  better if you’re a Mac user is a store that specializes in Mac Memory. You may not buy the cheapest RAM this way but you will get hassle free RAM with lifetime support from memory sellers that actually know what RAM you need to buy – regardless of Mac or PC.

RAM  is so cheap these days,  as long as you buy it from an established computer memory manufacturer, it seems almost silly to worry about whether you saved a few percent over some other store as the price difference from most trusted stores usually only differs about the same as the cost of a cup of coffee.

Buy RAM from a fair  and trusted memory store and you will have no problems with your memory upgrade which is worth more than any savings on RAM you might find from lesser memory resellers. Worry about support and quality –  not the cheapest price.

What Kind of DDR3 RAM Do MacBook Pros Use?

MacBook Pro DDR3 8GB Memory Kits

The memory type the Apple MacBook Pro’s use depends on how new (or old)  your Apple MacBook Pro is. If you have a brand new Apple MacBook Pro the answer is easy, as  these new MacBook Pro models for 2010 use DDR3 1066Mhz SDRAM so-dimms that are on sale from a wide selection of trusted memory shops.

[table id=1 /]

It’s purely speculation on my part, but as we hit the 2011 calendar year, I think we will see a new MacBook Pro release soon that will use the faster DDR3 1333MHz memory specification, as both the Apple iMac and Mac Pro already run at this speed so it’s just a matter of  time until the new MacBook Pro’s use faster ram as well.

But I’m not an Apple Rumor website, and for now the current MacBook Pros can run DDR3 1066Mhz SDRAM sodimm and can accept up to 8GB of RAM. 16GB of RAM is not yet supported in any MacBook Pro currently shipping but that too will change soon enough I’m guessing.

MacBook Pro DDR3 1066MHz Memory Prices

Now that we have determined what kind of DDR3 RAM the MacBook Pro uses, the next step is to determine where to buy MacBook Pro RAM and I can help you with that as I have been tracking and monitoring RAM prices for not just the current MacBook Pro models  but older models too:

[table id=1 /]

MacBook Pro memory is so cheap that when you compare the cost of maxing out your MacBook Pro with RAM compared to what you paid for the computer in the first place, it just seems like a no brainer to me to upgrade the RAM  as much as you can on Apple’s professional notebook computer model.