Mac RAM: What Should I Buy For My Model?

When shopping for Apple Memory, I’m the first to admit that it can be confusing to determine what memory you need to buy for your specific Apple Computer.

Best 8GB MacBook Pro RAM

Cheapest 8GB RAM

I list memory by model type and then by memory type, so for the current Apple iMac models I list memory like this : iMac (DDR3 1333). This means that the memory prices on this page are for iMac and are the newer DDR3 1333Mhz required for the 2010 iMacs. I could list memory prices by year, but this does not work in all cases: 2010 Mac Pros models can accept both DDR3 1066MHz memory as well as DDR3 1333Mhz SDRAM dimms so listing memory by year does not work or apply.

Most memory stores offer either an application that you can download and run for your computer which will tell you what RAM you need, but these tend to be geared towards th PC market over the Mac.  Memory configurators are another easy way to determine what Apple memory you need as all you do is select what Apple computer model (you will still need to know this, at minumum) you need to upgrade and then the memory configuration system returns a list of compatible memory upgrades for your Apple Mac.

Other World Computing is one of the more mac-specific memory resellers and their website is designed to easily help you find the memory you need. The other vendors tend to use the memory configuarators and  such, which are good but you still need to be able to determine what specific Apple computer you own or want to upgrade memory for.

Crucial Technology is another memory store which despite it’s more corporate feel does offer an Apple Memory Upgrade Tool to help you determine the memory upgrades you need for your Mac.

Both of these memory stores offer a mac specific page or pages dedicated to upgrading the memory and ram on your Apple Computer with ease and make it easy for you to determine what ram to buy for your mac model

Do you have to purchase additional memory from Apple?

No. You do not have to purchase or buy additional memory from Apple.

Best 8GB MacBook Pro RAM

Best MacBook Pro Memory

In fact, I have made an entire list of memory upgrade stores other than Apple that you can safely and easily buy memory upgrades for your Apple Computer that offers a much better value than if you were to buy memory upgrades direct from the manufacturer.

To be sure, buying Apple memory upgrades from Apple directly offers benefits that others on my list can’t compete with,  and that’s probably support issues. If you have Apple memory bought from Apple directly and installed (usually at time of your Apple computer purchase) all at the same time there is less of chance of trouble when and if the time comes that you do need support for your Apple computer. If you have Apple memory installed at the factory, Apple cannot use the excuse that your computer problems are due to bad ram from third party memory vendors. The problem with buying memory directly from Apple you will pay dearly for the pleasure when you compare ram prices from Apple against much cheaper memory upgrade options where you can save up to half price when you compare third party memory to the Apple Memory.

If you stick to a trusted memory store that’s been in business for over a decade and specializes in Apple ram upgrades you will still get the benefits a ram upgrade can bring but for much less money than had you bought the RAM from Apple directly. Most (actually, all) memory stores I track prices for and monitor offer lifetime warranty and have been in business for at very least, a decade and  in some cases like OWC, over twenty years selling you memory upgrades for your Apple Mac computer regardless of whether you’re in the market to upgrade an older Mac or maximize the RAM on a new Apple Computer.

Buy RAM from a trusted memory store and you’ll save money on your next Apple RAM Upgrade.

Apple RAM: DDR3 1066 MHz Memory Upgrades

It’s 2011 and most, but not all Apple computers currently shipping today accept the more modern DDR 1333Mhz memory upgrades, at least when it comes to currently shipping desktop computers such as the Apple iMac or Mac Pro. But at the time of writing this the MacBook,  MacBook Pro and Mac Mini Apple computers all still use and require DDR3 1066MHz memory upgrades:

Best 8GB MacBook Pro RAM

Apple 8GB DDR3 SDRAM On Sale

MacBook Pro DDR3 1066 memory upgrades are priced by memory stores either as MacBook Pro  memory upgrade kits or MacBook Pro memory upgrade modules which are priced individually, but you will need to upgrade your MacBook Pro to the maximum 8GB (for current models) in pairs. I track and monitor memory for both as some memory  stores like to sell memory by individual module, while others prefer to offer memory on sale for Apple computers  in memory upgrade kits and sometimes even offer you a bit of a deal when compared against just buying memory individually.

MacBook notebook computers from Apple require the exact same DDR3 1066MHz sodimms as the MacBook Pro’s but in the case of the MacBooks, you are limited to a maximum of 4GB of RAM when you need to upgrade MacBook memory to the maximum memory to get the most performance out of your Apple computer. And as the MacBook Pro models I mentioned above, you can buy MacBook RAM upgrades as either MacBook memory modules or MacBook memory upgrade kits.

Apple iMac Models also can accept DDR3 1066 memory as well, but this applies to older iMacs as the current iMac lineup from Apple requires the DDR3 1333MHz memory upgrades. But if you have an older iMac you can still benefit from a memory upgrade using DDR3 1066Mhz memory upgrades that are sold in either individual iMac memory or as iMac memory kits.

DDR3 1066Mhz memory upgrades are cheaper in part than have been in the past due to the fact in part that faster memory upgrades are being introduced to be compatible with the faster Apple computers, but if there ever was a time to buy Apple DDR3 1066MHz RAM this is it, as the early adopters have paid the premium for this type of Apple Memory Upgrade leaving you to save money on Apple DDR3 1066 RAM.

Where to Buy Computer Memory Upgrades

  • **[

Amazon ](http://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers/electronics/172500/?ie=UTF8&tag=ramseeker-20&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=390957)**Best Selling Computer Memory and Hard Drives

Crucial Technology – Dell, HP, Sony Memory Upgrades for all models

SMS Assembly  – The Right Memory Upgrades

Data Memory Systems – Certified Memory Upgrades

**OEMPCWORLD – The World’s Memory Value Leader**

MemoryX – The Earth’s Biggest Memory Store

Memory Upgrades are the best deal you can buy when it comes to upgrading your computer for less. Buying and adding computer memory allows your computer, be it a notebook or desktop computer to run faster, open more applications and offer a much more pleasant computing experience


4 All Memory 100 % Compatible Memory Guaranteed

Abe’s of Maine Family run business specializing in Digital Camera Memory

B+H Photo Video Specializing in Digital Cameras and Memory

Crucial UK Brand Name RAM and Memory for the UK market

Edge Tech Corp Selling Memory Since 1986

Geeks.com Leading electronic retail site specializing in computer-related excess inventory

HP Home and Office Buy Memory Upgrades Direct from HP

Lenovo Canada RAM and Memory for Lenovo Brand Notebooks

MacMall Apple Computer Superstore specializing in Apple Computers and Memory Upgrades

MacWarehouse Major Macintosh Reseller based in the UK

Memory Suppliers High Quality Memory Upgrade Solutions at Super Low Prices

New Egg Canada Full IT and Consumer Electronics reseller for Canadian customers

New Egg (US) IT and Consumer Electronics Specialist

PC Mall Specializing in Consumer Electronics and Computer Parts for PC systems

PC Rush Exclusive Deals and sales in on electronics and consumer electronics

Sony Buy Direct from the number 1 electronics brand

The Nerds.net The Best Deals on Electronics and Computer Memory

Buy.comElectronics and Computer Component Superstore

Computer Memory Outlet All Apple memory modules on sale

PC Memory Store Find PC Memory Upgrades in 3 simple steps

Premium Memory Buy PC Memory at 20 percent off

Memory To Go – Dell and Apple RAM Upgrades

Small Dog Electronics New and Refurbished Apple Computers and Parts

Canada RAM Canadian based memory store for both Mac and PC

Memory.com Memory Store for Computer RAM Memory Upgrades

Memory America PC and Mac Memory Store

Memory Express Canadian Computer Memory and Consumer Electronics superstore

House of Memory 100% Compatible Computer Memory

Memory Upgrade Pro Memory Upgrade Pros for Apple Memory, Dell Memory and more

Memory Stock Your source for all your Memory Upgrades

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Trans Intl Specializing in Memory and hard drives for Apple computers

Upgrade Memory Specializing in Memory Upgrades at the right price, right now.

Memory Up Memory Upgrades guaranteed to work

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Buy Best RAM Brands

When shopping for RAM you essentially have two choices when you are wanting to upgrade your computer with ram and memory. It doesn’t matter whether you have a notebook computer or a desktop computer you really only have two decisions to make when you’re ready to buy RAM.

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Best RAM Brand Kingston Crucial

Kingston Value RAM Best RAM Brands

Do want to save money on RAM?

**Do you want to buy the best ram brand you can buy? **

That’s it and under most conditions you can’t  have both. But what you can do is buy generic ram which is the cheaper RAM of the two and is also the ram price I list and track as every visitor to ramseeker is looking to buy the best ram at the best price, so generic it is. This way,  I am comparing prices on ram for the cheapest ram you can buy for your Apple Computer.

If you want to buy the best ram brand, buy the RAM from Apple.  But you’ll pay. Oh boy will you pay… but you do get peace of mind in that the best ram brand will be from the computer manufacturer. In Apple’s case it’s rare that they actually make the RAM so you’re probably buying Apple branded memory as opposed to memory that apple actually makes. My last MacBook came with Samsung memory installed if I recall correctly.

Most memory stores today carry both a cheaper generic ram, which runs fine for most applications and is much  much cheaper memory than the name brand stuff. But for those to drive a mercedes over a chevy, they’re willing to pay for the extra money and buy the name brand memory and the stores I list ram prices for also carry the name brand stuff too.

To summarize, when shopping for RAM you have options. You can save money on ram and buy the cheap ram or you can spend a little more and buy name brand ram  too.

Ultimately the choice is yours to make.