Where Can I Sell Old RAM?

If you buy any new computer, regardless of make or brand  – be it a Dell, Apple, HP or other computer manufacturer when it comes time to upgrade your notebook or desktop computer you usually have to replace the factory installed memory upgrade with larger sized memory upgrade modules to add more memory to your computer

Unless you buy your computer direct from the factory and with the maximum memory installed you will want to, or need to replace your memory that is already in your computer for a larger memory upgrade chip. One way to offset the cost of  a memory upgrade for your computer is to sell the factory ram to a memory reseller or manufacturer where they can still use the parts and individual chips on the memory board for the manufacture of larger memory upgrades in the future.

This leaves you asking:** “where can I sell old RAM”? **and it’s a good question as some, not all memory manufacturers will buy back your memory but I do know of a few placesa that will be happy to buy your RAM that was previously installed in your computer:

Sell the RAM yourself. This could effectively gain you the highest price possible if you were to decide to sell old ram in this manner. Ebay and Craigslist are two such websites where you could get paid cash for your old memory or ram upgrades

**Sell the RAM back to the computer memory manufacturer **at the same time as you buy new ram. Essentially working the same way as trade-in on a car purchase works, you trade in your old ram and use the funds from the old ram against your new memory buy.

 **Sell the RAM back to a memory store or manufacturer that is different **from where you buy your new memory upgrades

MacBook Pro DDR3 Memory Upgrade Review

The Apple MacBook Pro is a fantastic computer, no doubt about it. I have, and use one and have stuck with Apple notebook computers since the PowerBook 165c (which I paid something silly like $5000 for back in the day).

But the Apple MacBook needs one thing to run at the maximum speed this computer is capable of and that’s the fact that adding more memory to your MacBook Pro will increase the performance and offer the best bang for buck than any other upgrade possible you could get for your Apple Notebook. Adding and installing more memory in your Apple MacBook Pro is better than buying USB flash drives, installing software, adding a bigger hard drive in your MacBook Pro (this might be the 2nd best upgrade you could do) or anything else you might think makes your MacBook Pro run faster and well, better.

See Best Price on MacBook Pro

Best Price on MacBook Pro

One question I get asked is a lot is:** Is all MacBook Memory is the same**?.

The answer is No. What you’re looking for when buying memory for your MacBook Pro is




Chances are you’re here because you want the best price on MacBook Pro RAM you can find, and you’re not alone – I compare MacBook Pro RAM Prices for both individual modules and MacBook Pro memory upgrade kits, so it only makes sense that you want to spend less and get more when you’re ready to buy MacBook Pro RAM.

But price is only one part of the equation. I’d put quality at the top of the list instead.  Who wants to buy crappy ram? I don’t, and I don’t track memory store prices from memory vendors that do. Quality to me means that RAM for your MacBook Pro is built with high quality parts to the exact specifications that Apple requires for Apple MacBook memory. And that’s what you should be looking for when ram shopping. Not the best ram  price, quality ram priced right.

Lastly, (and I’m a huge fan of this)  is support. Without this, you’re dead in the water. You want to buy memory from  a memory store you can trust that in the rare case you do have MacBook Pro RAM problems you can return the memory knowing that the store you bought the MacBook Pro memory will stand behind the product and help you resolve your issue if the case needs it.

**Where and What MacBook Pro Memory **to Buy is really up to you to decide, but I can recommend memory stores that are established and can be trusted to help you when you’re ready to buy MacBook Pro Memory Upgrades

4GB RAM for Apple iMac

The  Apple iMac is a very popular desktop computer from Apple and one way to better the performance of Apple’s best selling desktop computer is to add more memory and now with the latest iMac models being able to recognize 16GB of RAM the 4GB memory upgrade for Apple iMacs is a very popular memory upgrade here on ramseeker. One of the most popular memory upgrades we sell in fact, only bested by the more popular Apple notebook computers such as the MacBook and MacBook Pros

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Cheapest Apple iMac

4GB RAM for iMac can be bought for many different Apple iMac models and depending on the specific iMac model you are looking to upgrade the price and also the memory type that your particular Apple iMac requires could be different.

Currently shipping iMacs are the most popular Apple computers to upgrade and they require the newer 1333MHz SDRAM memory upgrades. Available as either a 4GB 1333Mhz memory module or as a 4GB 1333Mhz memory upgrade kit which will be the cheaper of the two choices.

Just discontinued Apple iMacs this summer 2010 used the older DDR3 memory standard running at 1066Mhz which also require and can accept 4GB memory modules for iMac as well as 4GB memory upgrade kits for iMac.

Older iMacs that require either DDR2 PC6400 SDRAM or even PC5300 DDR2 SDRAM may  be able to accept 4GB for Apple iMac, but this will depend on your specific model of iMac, as some older Apple iMacs could only accept 2GB of RAM. Low End Mac and Every Mac are two resources that I always refer to when  checking  the memory upgrade specifications  of now discontinued Apple computers.

4GB RAM is the newest ram available for Apple iMac but is now an affordable upgrade option for those looking to either upgrade a new or even older Apple iMac computer today.

Is A Memory Upgrade for a MacBook Pro Worth It?

I think adding or even maximizing memory on any computer is worth it, regardless of whether it’s a MacBook Pro, MacBook, iMac or any other Apple computer on sale today. All Apple models (and most PC models too) can benefit from a memory upgrade, and especially the MacBook Pro.

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Best MacBook Pro Price

Best MacBook Pro Deals

With the MacBook, one could argue that for most MacBook users, the 2GB of RAM that these consumer notebooks ship with from the factory is enough ram for most general computing needs such as email, web, facebook and Apple’s applications that ship with the Apple MacBook at no extra charge and they would be right. You can do just fine with 2GB of RAM on an Apple MacBook.

But a MacBook Pro is a different story. This is a professional grade notebook computer from Apple that offers added expansion ports, faster processor, and more memory expansion opportunities than what’s possible with the lesser MacBook model. Why would you not want to run your very expensive apple notebook computer as fast as you possibly can?

Maxing out the Memory on a MacBook Pro is the most cost effective upgrade you can do for this Apple notebook. At time of writing this, Apple MacBook Pro 8GB RAM sells for as little as $110.00. Assuming you maximize your new and current MacBook Pro to the full 8GB and keep your professional notebook for one year, the MacBook ram upgrade works out to a little over $9.00 a month. What other way can you spend so little money to make you work faster? We’re talking 30 cents a day to upgrade your MacBook Pro so it will run faster, open more applications and just run smoother overall.

To summarize – yes, I think upgrading the MacBook Pro RAM is worth it. RAM Upgrades are the best bargain in computing available today.

Can I add RAM Memory Online?

Yes and No.

You can buy memory online from a wide selection of memory sellers or stores who will be more than happy to sell you memory for cheap prices and offer you a lifetime warranty on the memory upgrade and give you support if you need it, but RAM is a physical product that you insert into your desktop or notebook computer to enhance speed and performance of your computer, regardless of make.

Cheap Flash Memory

What you cannot do is add memory online as if RAM or memory were some kind of software or other free download. You can buy memory but it has to be shipped to you just as you would order a book from Amazon or Flowers for Delivery you buy the memory, wait for it to arrive and then follow instructions on how to install memory for your desktop or notebook computer.

Where To Buy Computer Memory

I have created a list of trusted and respected memory stores that I can recommend that will be happy to sell you a memory upgrade, and except for rare instances the memory upgrade you buy from these online memory stores will be much cheaper than if you were to buy memory from the manufacturer of your computer. It’s quite easy and possible to save up to half price on memory without much trouble at all by visiting the memory stores and and noting the lowest price from each memory reseller or manufacturer.

If this sounds like a heck of a lot of work to go to each memory store and check the price for you notebook (desktops seem to be less popular these days) it is, but I have taken the opportunity to do the work for you and offer ram prices compared from a list of respectable memory stores that offer the best ram prices as well as the customer support you would expect and deserve.

RAM Memory is cheap. Especially if you buy RAM or Memory online and have it shipped to you where you can install it yourself with nothing more than some household tools you already have. But you have to buy the memory first.