Which is Best? HP Desktop or Apple iMac?

I’m not really looking to start a Mac vs PC discussion with this post, but I was asked this today and of course I am completely biased, as I grew up with the Mac so I just learned to be a died in the wool Apple Mac user and fan. I’d pick the iMac, without a doubt.

But there’s lots of you out there that would disagree and one of the benefits over the Apple iMac when shopping for an all in one HP is that the HP computers sure are cheaper. The title of this article states HP desktop but to be fair I think a HP branded all in one computer needs to be compared to Apple’s all in one computer: the Apple iMac.

Best Price on Apple iMac

On the HP website, the cheapest HP branded (there’s a cheaper compaq computer but it’s not an HP) all in one PC is currently the HP Omni 100z series Standard features included Windows 7 premium 64 bit. AMD Athlon II processor running at 2.0GHz, 2GB of DDR3 1066 SDRAM, 500GB hard drive, 20 inch LCD display and a wireless card which should come as standard equipment on anything. Heck, my phone and many other cellular phones can use wi-fi. This HP computer sells for $449.00


On the Apple site, the cheapest Apple iMac you can buy is $1199.00 which even without digging deeper on the Apple iMac’s specifications you can tell that the iMac cost significantly more than the all in one offering from HP. You could buy close to three HP computers for the same price as the low end iMac.

The Apple iMac does ship with a bigger LCD display and comes with a faster processor running a 3.06 GHz using dual core i3 processors. The iMac also ships standard with twice as much RAM as the low priced HP computer and also includes wi-fi.

The Apple is also more compatible with most other Apple products, as it’s all in the family but the HP can connect to Apple iPods and the like too.

So the decision on what is the best might come down to budget. At just over $400, the HP computer sure is a bargain for an all in one computer. The iMac on the other hand has a bigger screen, faster processor and we won’t even get into comparing Apple vs Windows operating systems.

So. On a Budget? HP wins for a cheap all in one. If you want a Mac be prepared to spend considerably more but you get more speed in the form of ram and processor. The choice, ultimately is yours to make on whether you buy a HP desktop< or an Apple desktop computer.

Where is the Best Place to Buy RAM at the Best Price?

Most, when looking for memory upgrades for their computers tend to associate the best computer ram with the cheapest computer RAM and the two don’t mean the same thing in most cases. You can buy cheap RAM from a long list of memory sellers. Heck, in an afternoon I could set up a ram memory store and sell you memory, but retail is not one of my strong points so I’ll stick to helping you get the best deal on RAM and let the others specialize in selling RAM.

Best Selling Apple Computer RAM The best place to buy RAM, or computer memory, or random access memory, as it is known to be called or RAM for short is from an honest computer memory store that offers you a good fair price on memory upgrades and offers you the option to return or exchange your memory upgrad in the slight chance that you might have a problem with your laptop upgrade.

So, where to Buy RAM? I compare and monitor memory prices from a select few memory stores who meet my qualification as to what a good memory store should be, and that’s they should offer a fair price on RAM upgrades for either your Mac or PC computer. I tend to lean towards the Apple computer and am more familiar with Apple Memory such as iMac Memory or MacBook memory, but this is the year I change this and my goal is to help you get the best deal possible on RAM regardless of whether you are a Mac OS or Windows user.

Another resource for buying RAM and where to buy Memory is the list of memory stores I have created to help you determine where you want to buy RAM from. RAM prices change, (lately, they’ve been dropping) so you should take some time to get the best deal on ram upgrades because I have found in the years I have been tracking memory that different memory shops have different ideas on the what the definition of lowest price ram means.

Best Place to Buy Apple Memory

Over the past dozen or so years I have been tracking Apple memory prices, I have found I’m reluctant to recommend one specific memory store as I have no place to suggest the best value when it comes to ram upgrades as value is a subjective thing and for you, the best place to buy Apple Memory might be Best Buy or some other electronics retailer in the USA as it’s local and convenient.MacBook Pro RAM is one of the most popular Apple Memory you can buy today:

Best Selling Apple Memory

If you’re buying a a new Apple computer, then the best bet might be just to order your Apple Mac full of ram direct from the factory. This is in most cases, the most expensive memory you can buy but you gain in convenience and can use Apple’s one click ordering system to buy the Mac and RAM at the same time. You don’t need to worry about memory installation instructions or anti-static wrist bands and and the trouble of buying a Mac and then having to worry about where you are going to buy RAM from.

But for most, “best place” translates to “cheapest place” when it comes to RAM as there’s a good chance you are looking for a deal on RAM as opposed to paying full price. But you still need to consider the chance of bad ram, as it is super-rare but does happen and if it happens to you you know you want to buy Apple Memory or memory for any PC from a memory store that offers support if you do run into a problem with your apple RAM upgrade.

So I’ll leave it to you to decide where or whom exactly to buy ram from, but I can make a few suggestions:

Compare Apple RAM prices. If price is the dominant factor when it comes to memory upgrades, then I have done the legwork for you and list current apple memory prices for all Apple computers where you can easily find the price you want for RAM.</p>

If you’re just looking for ram stores to buy from, check out my list of best memory stores in the sidebar of this article. Every one of these memory sellers have been in business for over ten plus years and have helped thousands get the right ram for your Mac every time.

  1. If number 2 isn’t enough choice I offer a much bigger list of memory stores to buy Apple RAM

Apple Memory is cheap, and you really can’t go wrong with any of the memory stores I have recommended above. If you need further help with your memory upgrades for Apple or any computer, feel free to contact me. I’m happy to help.

Best HP Memory Price

If you’ve been a visitor to ramseeker in the past, it should come as no surprise that I specialize in Apple memory moreso than the PC brands, in part due to the fact that a: I’m drinking the Apple Koolaid and am a true blue Apple fan but also the model numbers and names for most PC desktops and notebooks are quite many, compared to the Apple computers which essentially come in both portable and desktop solutions for consumer and business totaling up the entire Apple computer lineup in just 4 models.

But in 2011, the goal is to change this and widen my scope to include not only HP Memory Prices but Dell, Sony an other computer manufacturers so today I thought it would be a good idea to familiarize myself with the current HP linuep and for today, we’ll start with notebooks, as they tend to be the more popular computer type over desktop models.

The HP notebook lineup in 2011 is currently broken down to 5 different notebook computer types:

Best Priced HP Notebook

HP Mini Netbooks

HP Everyday Notebooks

HP Ultra Portable Notebooks

HP High Performance Notebooks

HP Envy Notebooks

Each and every one of these notebooks can benefit from a computer memory upgrade, and in later articles I want to explore each notebook model from HP seperately and help you find the best deal on a memory upgrade for your HP notebook, but for today what I can do is suggest a few ways to upgrade HP memory and where to get the best price on memory for HP too.

You have three options when it comes to memory upgrades for HP notebooks and desktops. You can buy ram from HP (and boy, will you pay) or you can buy ram from a name brand manufacturer such as Crucial. You’ll still pay more than the cheapest option when it comes to HP RAM upgrades, which is to buy generic RAM, but with the name brand ram you will get the perceived value of buying ram from a reputable name brand memory manufacturer.

My favorite way to save money on HP memory upgrades is to buy generic ram from a trusted third party you can trust. I’ve got a quick list of memory stores in the sidebar that will be happy to not only sell you ram for HP for up to half price, but also offer top notch support if the rare chance you have a problem with your HP RAM.

Generic Memory Upgrades for HP or any other PC manufacturer are my favorite way to save money due to the fact that this ram type is not only half the price you’d pay for name brand memory but the memory is still manufactured to the same exact standards required by HP but without the cost associated with the more expensive and popular name brand memory.

Lastly, if the list of memory stores I list on this page is not enough, you can always buy HP RAM from a much bigger list of only memory stores that will gladly help get you the best price on your next HP Memory Upgrade.

Lenovo Notebook RAM

Today, I want to do a bit of research in helping you find the best deal when it comes to Lenovo Notebooks and memory upgrades. I can rhyme of technical specs of Apple Memory without the blink of an eye but when it comes to windows PCs, I find the selection and configurations that the PC manufacturers offer to be almost overwhelming. Besides, I’m an Apple Fan from way back. But RAM is RAM and the same benefit you get from **upgrading your Apple computer **to the most memory possible also applies to PC notebooks too: If you add more memory to your laptop it will run smoother and faster and with more applications avialable than before.

Lenovo Professional Grade Laptops

Best Selling Lenovo Notebook

Best Lenovo NoteBook Prices

This is the higher end Lenovo laptops that are geared to professionals who make a living with their computers and need the strength and reliability that a higher end notebook from Lenovo offers.

The Lenovo T-series comes in three models: T410, T410s, and T510

The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge comes in different screen sizes with 14 inch and 15 inch options and processor choices of Intel or AMD processors

The Lenovo Thinkpad L serices is one of the more affordable notebook solutionn

The Lenovo Thinkpad W series offers a portable workstation solution for demanding professionals

The Lenovo Thinkpad X Tablet offers a tablet option for portable computing needs.

The Lenovo Thinkpad X series is the thinnest and lightest professional thinkpad with the longest battery life

The Lenovo Thinkpad SL series is the perfect balance between features and price when notebook shopping

**Lenovo Lifestyle Notebooks


Lenovo calls their notebook lineup aimed at personal use the Lifestyle lineup and offers a few notebook choices to consider:

The Lenovo S series is built for web browsing and is a small and light netbook that’s big on value and low on price.

The Lenovo U series is a stylish notebook that is the perfect choice for everyday use.

The Lenovo Y series notebook offers more power and performance and is the perfect choice for gamers

The Lenovo Z series offers a balance of price and preformance with more multimedia options than other laptops

The Lenovo V series is for the home business user with extra security and notebook storage options

As you can see Lenovo notebooks come in a wide array of choices and things get more interesting when you combine the different screen options, windows operating systems and processor choices.

But one thing is certain, and that is that each and every Lenovo notebook will benefit from adding more memory and in the future I will research and share with you how to get the best deal on Lenovo notebook RAM.