Cheap Mac Mini RAM

To get the maximum performance out of the Mac Mini, you can and should install more RAM in the Mac Mini (here’s the instructions from Apple on how to install Mac Mini RAM) you want page 34. You can install 8GB of DDR3 1066 SDRAM in the latest Apple Mac Mini and I recommend that you do as Mac Mini RAM is cheap, in fact memory upgrades for any Apple Computer is a great deal right now and the cheapest it’s been is some time. Now is the time to buy ram. regardless of whether it’s for The Mac Mini, any other Mac or even a PC such as a HP notebook computer.

Cheapest Mac MiniThe Apple Mac Mini is the cheapest Apple computer you can buy in 2011. (and, it’s on sale too). But one thing that will make this little wonder even better would be to max out the memory on the Apple Mac Mini.


Installing the RAM on the newest Mac Mini couldn’t be easier – all you do is flip the Mac Mini over, twist the cover like you would on a jar of peanut butter and the RAM and memory slots are right there. Apple does suggest that you have an Apple certified technician install the memory upgrade on a Mac Mini but I don’t think that’s needed at all if you’re careful with static electricity you should be fine. But be aware that if something does go wrong installin memory by yourself, your warranty on your new Mac Mini could be voided.

To remove the original RAM on a Mac Mini, there’s two little clips that hold the memory module down – seperate these and the memory module pops up at a 45 degree angle (or thereabouts) and you gently remove the memory from the memory upgrade slot. You repeat this for the second memory upgrade module that’s directly below and then you have to empty memory upgrade slots that are now free to use 4GB DDR3 SDRAM x 2 to get you to the maximum of 8GB of memory allowed on the latest Mac Mini models. (older mac mini’s were not as easy to install memory in, so if you’re in the market for RAM for a discontinued Mac Mini you might be best to find either an apple certified technician to install the memory for you, or if the warranty on the Mac Mini is long gone you might want to chance installing the RAM yourself.

Where to Buy Mac Mini RAM Cheap

As I mentioned above, Mac mini ram is the cheapest it’s ever been and you can buy much cheaper RAM from a selection of memory stores that I can recommend as being quality places to buy memory from. Below is a chart of the current best and cheapest ram for Apple Mac Mini.

Cheap iMac RAM

The iMac, in my opinion is probably the best value in an Apple Personal Computer, regardless of year. From the very first Apple iMac to the current Apple iMacs with Intel i3 and i5 processors, with the Apple iMac you get a well designed desktop computer that in it’s latest incarnation with the summer 2010 refresh also offers you a choice of processor speeds, screen sizes and price points but they all offer the same sleek design that hardly takes any room on your desktop.

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Best Price Apple iMac

Cheapest Apple iMac

One thing that the latest iMacs need (and with RAM so cheap these days, I don’t understand why Apple doesn’t ship the Apple iMac’s full of RAM) is more RAM. For a select few, the memory installed at the factory will be more than ample if you’re just surfing facebook or email or the like, but for the rest of us that want to get the most performance we can out of Apple’s best selling desktop computer, adding more memory is the cheapest way to do that and usually offers more bang per buck than adding hard drives or installing software could.

The best part about iMac memory upgrades, is that if you do it right you only do it once and the memory upgrade is good for the life of the computer. Fill your iMac with RAM, and forget about it. You can buy ram from Apple for the iMac, but even though more moderately priced than earlier years buying RAM direct from Apple is still a pricey proposition.

A better, and cheaper option is to buy iMac Memory from a memory store you can trust to offer the same technical specs required for the 2010 Apple iMacs but at a cheaper price. Most memory stores offer a lifetime guarantee free shipping and support in the rare case you do have trouble with your iMac RAM you know you will get the help you need. This is rarely needed as the memory shops test the RAM upgrades prior to shipping.

**Where to Buy iMac RAM and for the Cheapest Price.


I don’t recommend any one specific memory store as I figure it’s your money you’re spending and you have different requirements about how much you will pay for ram, but also the perceived value attached with brand name memory and other factors to consider when buying RAM. But, most of you just want the cheapest iMac RAM and I have created a chart that lists the lowest memory prices from memory vendors you can trust.

Upgrade Your RAM Online and Save Money

The title of this article could be misunderstood or misread and that’s not what we want. To clarify: RAM or memory is a physical product. RAM is not a software upgrade or downloadable online. But, you can save a lot of money buying RAM online from a selection of online memory stores and it’s been my goal over the past ten years or so to help you get the best deal you can on memory upgrades, regardless of whether you need to buy RAM for your Apple, HP or Dell computer, just to name a few computer manufacturers and their products that will run much much faster when you add more memory.

Best Selling Computer RAM

I’m going to assume you are in the market to save money on memory and RAM and want a fair price from a memory store you can trust to sell and ship you RAM upgrades fast and without any fuss or trouble. With RAM, there can be huge markups, especially when buying ram from the manufacturer directly, such as Dell or HP or even Apple. It’s convenient to buy memory from the computer manufacturer, but accessories are expensive and unless time is more important to you than money (which could be the case) it’s ill advised.

Your best bet when it comes to low priced ram upgrades is to buy RAM online from a trusted third party memory store. You will see to the right of this article that I have a list of the best memory stores and if that’s not a big enough list of options I have even more memory sellers you can choose from when you’re looking for the best price on your memory upgrades.

In most cases, the cheapest ram will be generic memory as opposed to name brand RAM upgrades. The difference between the two in most cases, besides ram prices – is the name brand RAM might be considered the better RAM due to the name, but that’s debatable and the generic memory upgrades are still made and tested to the computer manufacturers exact specifications, so in most cases you will be just fine by ordering generic RAM and saving money the next time you need to upgrade your notebook or desktop computer.

MacBook Pro 13.3 inch 8GB Memory Upgrades

What do you get when you combine the best selling Apple MacBook with the most RAM or memory you can install in a current shipping MacBook Pro? A small, powerful – and thanks in part to the 8GB of RAM that maxes out the 13.3 inch MacBook Pro – notebook computer from Apple that has the most ram possible installed and in most cases, for less than $100 for MacBook Pro 8GB

Best MacBook Pro Price

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Best Priced MacBook Pro

You can even offset the the cost of 8GB MacBook Pro RAM by selling your old, or original memory that came installed in the MacBook Pro 13 inch back to some memory manufacturers who will take your older memory in as a trade where you offset the cost and get 8GB RAM for MacBook Pro even cheaper than you could if you bought the RAM

To max out the 13 inch MBP, you need to remove (in most cases) the 2 x 2GB memory modules in the two memory upgrade slots and replace them with 2x 4GB RAM for MacBook Pro. There’s quite a selection of best memory stores (see sidebar) to buy MacBook RAM from but to get the best price you should compare prices on both 4GB memory modules for MacBook Pro and also 8GB memory upgrade kits too as some stores only market their memory upgrades as ram modules, while others prefer to sell you a 8GB MacBook RAM Upgrade KIT which consists of two 4GB DDR3 1066 SDRAM memory modules for MacBook Pro

Stores I recommend for memory upgrades are Crucial, OWC, Data Memory Systems, 18004Memory, MemoryX and OEMPCWORLD

There’s other memory stores but over the 14 yeas of tracking memory upgrades I find that these few stores support and sell quality Apple Memory Upgrades for less than what you would pay if you were to buy the RAM from Apple, which while convenient sometimes – is not the best way to save money on ram upgrades.

** Best RAM prices for MacBook Memory Upgrades:


How Much Does It Cost for More Mac Memory?

In 2011, it does not cost a lot of money for apple memory upgrades, and in fact now is the perfect time to buy mac memory as RAM has never been cheaper than right now for Apple Computers.

Best Apple RAM Price

Best Selling Mac Memory

Let’s take a look at today’s RAM prices: As I write this you can buy memory for MacBook Pros for as little as $49 for 4GB of MacBook Pro memory, one of the best selling Apple notebooks available today. To maximize current memory on any modern MacBook Pro will need to replace the 4GB that ships as standard equipment when the MacBook Pro comes from Apple and replace it with 4GB memory modules x 2 for a total of 8GB of MacBook Pro RAM. To offset the cost of your MacBook Pro RAM there are many memory stores that will buy back your old ram and and credit you against the newer and larger memory upgrades – regardless of which Apple computer you need RAM for and making the memory for your Apple Computer even that much cheaper. It’s possible you could upgrade the RAM on your Mac for under $50 for most current shipping Apple computers – and even less if you’re looking to upgrade older Macs with cheaper and smaller ram modules.

When it comes to upgrading the memory on older Macintosh computers, you do need to be aware of the price and performance ratio, as some older Macs might not be worth it to add more memory to. Your computing dollar might be better spent on buying a new Mac, rather than upgrading the memory on an old computer where your performance dollar might be better spent.

Below are the best prices on Apple RAM for all current Apple computers such as Apple iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro

**What it costs for more Mac memory