Is AppleCare Worth It for A MacBook Pro?

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MacBook Pro Applecare. 

Save on AppleCare for MacBook Pro.

This is a good question, and at $250 for another 2 years of limited warranty and almost 3 years of phone support some may argue that AppleCare is the best value no nonsense Apple warranty you can buy, while others might tend to think it’s the biggest waste of money possible and you would be much better off self insuring your new MacBook Pro yourself.

First off, let’s forget about the telephone support as I think for a professional notebook buyer this is waste of time. You’re buying a pro notebook  from Apple  so I’m going to assume you know how to use the thing, or at very least you know how to use the tools with your MacBook Pro whether  they are Adobe Photoshop  for graphics pros or Microsoft Office for business professionals, it’s highly unlikely you’ll use the phone support. At least I never have and with  every new Mac I have ever bought, I just unwrap or unbox the Mac and get to work.

The limited warranty is the kicker I think.  On  one  hand you could argue that the one year warranty that ships with every Mac is more than enough for finding out if you’ve got a dud of a Mac as that’s a year of bumps and bruises and reboots and restarts and there is going to be a problem with your new Apple notebook, it would have reared it’s ugly head by now.

On the other side of the argument, $250 for another 2 years of warranty is a pretty good deal and assuming this is a business computer the AppleCare might be considered a cost of doing business resulting in tax writeoff or refund and even if it isn’t in your case, ten dollars a month for Apple Warranty seems like a pretty good deal for the additional warranty and when you consider that AppleCare only adds another ten percent to your total MacBook Pro cost, give or take – the AppleCare for MacBook Pro seems like a no brainer.

I’ve never bothered with AppleCare for MacBook Pro, as even though a MacBook Pro should get you through three years  or so before you start lusting for a faster Mac, I tend to just trade my old MacBook Pro in for a newer  Mac notebook. My approach is this:

New MacBook Pro Price: $2500.

MacBook Pro traded in a year later for $1000.

This means I now have a $1000 credit for my brand new next generation MacBook Pro with another year  of AppleCare warranty included without having to buy AppleCare ever. Yes, it costs me $1500 for the year I have the current  MBP, but  I earn much more money with my MacBook Pro than $100 or  so a month, so I don’t care and I get a new MacBook Pro every year without having to buy additional AppleCare and  I would rather put the $125 a year to newer technology which allows me  to work even faster than before, another added benefit of this approach. Buying more insurance does not get my work done any faster.

Essentially, by opting out of buying AppleCare and just replacing my Mac every year when the warranty is up I have no need for AppleCare. The downside  of this approach is I’m losing $1500 per year (estimated) by doing this and keeping  my MacBook Pro for longer than a year would definitely be the more frugal choice, even with the added costs of Apple. Assuming I kept my MacBook Pro for three years – the same length of time as the AppleCare coverage and the MacBook Pro was entirely worthless at the end of those 36 month, my total yearly cost for my MacBook Pro, including the extended warranty of the AppleCare would be about $800 per year

If saving money on your computer purchases is your main concern, then AppleCare is the best deal as it allows you to extend the life of your MBP knowing you’ve got full limited warranty coverage from Apple. The downside to this is approach is that your Apple Notebook will be pretty slow when you compare it to newer models at the time.

If you prefer to use a new MacBook Pro year after year, then buying AppleCare for MacBook Pro is not worth it as it’s not needed. Every year when you buy a new MacBook Pro will come with AppleCare included. The downside to this method is you will be hit with high depreciation costs when it comes time to trade in your MacBook Pro at the end of the first year and your total computing costs will be significantly higher.

You have to decide what route suits your needs best when it comes to buying extended warranty coverage for your Mac.

Best SSD Hard Drives for 2011


** Seagate Momentus XT 500GB**

This hard drive from Seagate, designed for all notebook PC’s but compatible with Apple MacBook  Pros and MacBooks as well offers a unique hybrid technology allowing you to benefit from the speed of solid state hard drive technology  but offers a much more affordable price when compared to the much higher priced SSD hard drives and is one of the best SSD disk hard drives available today. If your budget for an SSD hard drive is under $100 then this hard drive from Seagate might be the solution for those that can’t justify the high prices SSD hard drives still demand

OCZ Technology Vertex 2 60GB

The OCZ Technology Vertex 2 60GB SSD drive offers an affordable way to  enter the still pricey SSD hard drive category. Priced at just a touch over $100, this 60GB SSD hard drive features a SATA interface and a slim 2.5 inch design that with a life expectancy of over 2 million hours you’re sure to get compatible with all operating systems from Windows XP and up  and MacOS systems as well, it’s no wonder this SSD hard drive is one of the better selling SSD drives today

Crucial Technology REAL SSD C300 128GB

The Crucial REAL SSD C300 128GB solid state hard drive one more solid state hard drive that offer ‘scorching fast’ read and write transfer rates up to 355MBs this solid state hard drive is favorite and recommended SSD hard drive for those that work daily with audio and video.

OCZ Technology Vertex 2 128GB

If you’re an early adapter to SSD hard drive technology then the vertex 2 128GB ssd drive will be attractive in part to the balance of price and performance this solid state drive offers. The vertex 2 technology excels in simultaneous read and write transfer rates and is sure to make even the slowest PC faster thanks to the speed that the SSD technology offers.

OCZ Technology Vertex 3 120GB

Vertex 3 technology offers even more performance from a SSD hard drive from OCZ, but still priced well below MSRP, the vertex 3 is designed with a faster read/write rate of up to 550MB/s, much faster than the vertex2 technology that caps out at maximum 285MB/s, the Vertex 3 120gb solid state drives performs close to twice as fast as the slower Vertex 2 solid state hard drives

Above are the top five SSD hard drives on sale in 2011 and offer much more affordable or cheaper SSD hard drive prices than what was available in 2011 as SSD prices continue to drop this year thanks in part to more demand and also as the SSD hard drive technology matures.

Where To Buy Cheap 8GB RAM Upgrades for Dell Computers?

I can happily answer this question on where to get a good price on dell computer memory , but seeing as you didn’t specify whether you were looking for an upgrade on either your  Dell desktop computer or your Dell notebook, I’m going to hazard a guess and answer this as you were looking for cheap 8GB for Dell notebooks as these notebook computers tend  to be the best selling computers you can buy from Dell in 2011.

Which Dell Notebook?Cheap Dell Notebook RAM

Best Price on Dell Inspiron Computers

Now it’s time for me to ask questions. You didn’t tell me what computer model from Dell you specifically wanted  to upgrade when it comes to Dell memory upgrades so let’s assume you want to upgrade one of the most popular Dell notebooks on sale that will accept 8GB of RAM. This  would be the Dell Inspiron Notebook, and though it ships standard from Dell with just 4GB of memory installed in this Dell Notebook, the RAM can be  upgraded to 8GB effectively  doubling the RAM on this particular Dell notebook.

**Where to Buy Cheap Dell Memory Upgrades **

**I have created a great list of all the memory stores you could buy memory upgrades for Dell computers from and these are all great places to **buy RAM for Dell computers (and many other computer brands too – not just Dell) . One of the best things about buying RAM from one of the vendors I list here is that you can be sure that all the RAM upgrades you buy for your Dell – 8GB or otherwise – will be that the total cost for Dell memory will be much cheaper thanks to the fact that Dell charges more for RAM in most instances than if you were to do a bit of shopping online and buy memory upgrades from a trusted memory source. The other reason is that with most memory stores specializing in Dell RAM you can save more money on RAM for Dells as you have the option to buy both the cheaper generic RAM for Dell, or if you prefer you can buy brand name  Dell memory upgrades but be aware that this  will cost you more than thew Generic RAM.  A few name brand memory manufacturers for Dell memory include Crucial, Kingston and Corsair.

What Does It Cost To Install Memory?

It costs nothing to install memory if you install the  RAM yourself. For all but a few PC models  there’s no reason that with some common sense, a bit of research online for memory install instructions for your particular computer brand and model  and you can install ram yourself without the added expense of bringing your computer in to a computer store or computer service center.

Best Selling RAM Upgrade

Best Selling Memory Upgrade


[table id=7 /]

When in comes time to install memory on a desktop computer or notebooks, most ram upgrade installations can be done in ten minutes or less with the biggest problem you may encounter when installing memory being static electricity as memory for both notebook and desktops tend to be fragile and very sensitive when it comes to static electricity.

All you need to do to prevent the memory or your computer against static electricity is to ground yourself properly either by touching a metal part on your computer chassis to discharge any electricity you may have built up in (or  is it on?) you.  A better defense against static is to buy an anti-static wrist strap to ground yourself against any damage to your new RAM. This sounds like a big deal but in the 15 years I have been dealing with RAM I have never fried a stick of RAM using the precautions  I have mentioned.


Best Selling RAM Upgrade

Best Selling Memory Upgrade

Installing your memory upgrades depends on your particular model.  For an example,  installing memory on a Dell 1525 Inspiron notebook consists of nothing more than removing eight screws on the bottom of the Dell notebook to get at the memory upgrade slots, removing the factory RAM installed by Dell  and replacing them with the  larger memory modules that you have bought, and then simply fasten the door on the bottom of the notebook again.

Installing RAM on Apple Notebooks pretty much works the same: In the case of installing MacBook Pro memory you do pretty much the same , except in the case of the Apple laptop you remove the entire bottom of  the laptop  instead of a small door on the back like you do with the Dell.

Desktop RAM installs are just as easy, if not more thanks to the fact that there’s more room to work with. Simply  unplug your desktop and all cables, remove the cover on your PC and lay the  PC chassis on it’s side where you will have easy access to the motherboard on your PC to access all the memory upgrade memory slots for your personal computer.

Tools required for memory installs usually just require a small philips screwdriver, or in rare cases a torx screwdriver and the anti static strap  mentioned earlier.

Save your money on memory upgrades and memory installations and do the easy RAM installation yourself.

Is the iMac and MacBook Pro Memory Interchangeable?

Short Answer: You’re better off just buying cheap MacBook Pro RAM than interchanging RAM upgrades.

The answer to the question on whether you can swap out the RAM from an Apple iMac to an Apple MacBook Pro depends on what specific Apple iMac and what specific Apple MacBook Pro you want to change or switch the memory from as all MacBook Pro ram upgrades are not the same as all iMac memory upgrades, so you need to be very specific what exact Apple model you wish to perform this task with, as the  answer to this could depend:Yes or No.

Buy RAM for MacBook Pro I  guess my first question is considering the cheap price of Apple Memory these days and that for both the Apple iMac and the MacBook Pro RAM is so cheap, why don’t you just buy more MacBook Pro memory and be done with it. As I see it, you want to remove RAM from Apple iMac and Install RAM on MacBook Pro but my question is why?

This will leave you with an Apple iMac with too little RAM, or at very least not enough ram or less RAM than you had  before in the iMac and  more RAM in the MacBo0k Pro. I don’t recommend this and really except for  a few rare instances (16GB for MBP)  and bigger ram upgrades for Mac Pro – all Apple memory upgrades should for the most part ship for under $100 for 8GB of RAM which not the maximum RAM on either machines, sounds to me like a better idea than what you’ve got planned.

But yes (again, I don’t recommend this.  Do so at your own risk..etc) if you want to or need to swap RAM from an iMac to MacBook Pro you can, but you have to pay attention to the speed of memory in both machines. In the case of the latest iMacs which were announced summer 2010 and the MacBook Pros just announced last month, these two do accept DDR3 SDRAM sodimms that could (have I mentioned I don’t recommend this?) be swapped from an iMac to a MacBook Pro.

You’re much better off buying new RAM for the MacBook Pro and leaving the  RAM inside the Apple iMac