Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch 2.2 GHz RAM Upgrades

Introduced just a few months ago in Feb 2011, the17 inch 2.2 GHz Apple MacBook Pro **is the **biggest and fastest Apple MacBook Pro you can buy today in 2011 and offers 17 inches of screen real estate – the most MacBook screen you can buy for power users that need as much on their screen at once without having to switch windows or connect the MacBook Pro to an external display- this is a fantastic Apple notebook for graphics professionals on the go and a favorite amongst digital video photography users who need all the screen and power possible

Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch RAM Prices

[table id=1 /]

I have already written about the benefits of maxing out the RAM on your MacBook Pro to 8GB, or even 16GB if you can afford it for the cheaper MacBook Pro models” 13 inch 2.3GHz, 13 inch 2.7 Ghz, 15 inch 2.0 GHz and 15 inch 2.2 GHz and ho**w buying and adding more RAM for the MacBook Pro **is the best deal when considering any Apple upgrade – even before  software or more storage space, like SSD hard drives that offer even faster storage and data retrieval but the price to performance ratio still leans heavy towards price for solid state drives in 2011 and so far this year you are best to spend your money on RAM unless you have the ultimate need for speed or deep pockets.

Buying RAM from Apple direct is probably the easiest way to max out the RAM on the new MacBook Pro 17 inch 2.2 GHz, but do you see the price for MacBook Pro RAM from the Apple Store? It’s kindof pricey when you compare ram prices from other trusted memory manufacturers like Crucial who offers much more competitive prices and as I write this you can max out your MBP 17 RAM for under $100 which is a savings of over $300 on your RAM upgrade – enough for you to buy that faster SSD drive at the same time as your ram order, rather than pay what in my opinion is too much for MacBook Pro RAM from Apple directly.

**MacBook Pro 17 inch RAM Upgrades Are Easy. **

If you pay a bit of attention to what you’re doing and use some precaution when it comes to static electricity, your RAM upgrade can be done by yourself, and all you have to do is buy the memory, remove the old factory installed memory modules and replace them with the larger sized memory modules you bought to replace them with. Simple as pie, and your MacBook Pro 17 inch will run much faster when you double or even quadruple the memory upgrade in it.

The best part about uprading MacBook Book Pro RAM itself on the MacBook Pros is that Apple even provide instructions on how to do so. Step by step, you’re led through the memory upgrade process where you can upgrade the memory all by yourself without having to take the MacBook Pro into a service center or store such as Best Buy to have the RAM installed.

*8GB Apple MacBook Pro Memory Upgrade Kit is above. note the slot in the sodimm – you can’t screw up the memory install if you take your time. *

The RAM on the MacBook Pro is 1333MHz and in a 240 pin sodimm memory module with a little slot in the chip so you cannot install the memory backwards or upside down. On the MacBook Pro, there’s two memory upgrade slots to upgrade the RAM, but unlike Apple desktops like the iMac, there’s not a whole lot of room inside the MacBook Pro so you need to remove or replace the factory RAM (which you can sell) and replace it with the larger memory modules you have bought.

Why Apple doesn’t fill the 17 inch MacBook Pro with at least 8GB is beyond  me, especially considering this MacBook Pro is not a cheap netbook computer but priced over two thousand dollars you’d think that they could bump the RAM to 8GB, which as the year progresses is becoming the standard memory configuration when it comes to average ram needed for computing in 2011, and especially considering this MacBook Pro model is aimed a professional users who will be running applications like Photoshop and Final Cut Pro that will happily take all the memory you can throw at them.

So. If you’re either buying a MacBook Pro or already own one, do yourself a big favor and spend less than $100 on a MacBook Pro RAM Upgrade and enjoy the biggest and fastest Apple notebook in 2011 by doubling the memory upgrades on your 17 inch 2.2 GHz Apple MacBook Pro.

Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.2 GHz Memory Upgrades

The fastest Apple MacBook Pro, the 2011 15 inch 2.2 Ghz model that features a 2.2. Ghz Intel Core i7 processor can be made to go even faster for under $100  (see the chart above for current MacBook Pro RAM Prices)

RAM for the new MacBook Pros –  and this  includes the MacBook Pro 13 inch 2.3, 13 inch 2.7 and 15 inch 2.0 models I have already written about differ from the 2010 MacBook Pros when it comes to memory upgrades and to answer a question I get asked daily: no you cannot take the ram from your 2010 MacBook Pro or vice versa as each MacBook Pro uses a different memory upgrade speed and specifications for the two MacBook Pro model years are different. In the case of the 2010 Apple MacBook Pro, all 2010 MacBook Pros require 1066 SDRAM sodimms while the latest and newest MacBook Pros run 1333MHz DDR3 RAM that is completely different from the ram the older MacBook Pros take.

While it’s true there are bigger and faster MacBook Pros and even best selling notebooks such as the 13 inch MacBook Pro which seems to be a hit due to the perfect balance of notebook display size and price performance, this 15 inch 2.2GHz MBP offers the fastest MacBook Pro to date in 2011 (a referesh again later in the year? It’s anybody’s guess  maybe in the fall just in time to buy a MacBook Pro for Christmas) Without having to go to the next size up; the 17 inch Apple MacBook Pro that does offer even faster performance and comes at a bigger size , where portability and light weight are a concern and you still need as much screen real estate as you possibly can  the 15 inch MacBook Pro 2.2 Ghz might be considered the best MacBook Pro deal today for those wanting to buy a fast Apple notebook.

And sadly as  I made note above: You can’t take your old ram with you (you could sell it though) so to get the most out of a computer that’s not cheap by any means you really should buy more ram and max out the memory on your MacBook Pro 2.2Ghz RAM.


Apple Store RAM Prices for MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.2Ghz i7

The Apple Store offers a lot of things including best selling ipads, ipods and the like, and they’ve even been know to make some of the best notebook computers available but if there’s one thing that’s been pretty consistent it’s this: Apple RAM is expensive. Especially when you compare ram prices from Apple to other third party memory products I track and monitor where you could buy essentially the same memory upgrade for Apple for about 25% of the cost of  memory from the Apple Store.

Now,  if you tend to have either deep pockets, or perhaps buying cheaper RAM for 15 inch MBP’s is not your concern then go ahead and buy Apple RAM. It won’t be the cheapest RAM you can buy but you do get the advantage of your memory upgrades all shipping from the same company and if you buy the MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.2 GHz  at the same time as your RAM, Apple will ship your RAM already installed so when you take your brand new 2011 Apple MacBook out of the box you won’t have to worry about RAM upgrades at all.

20 11 15 inch 2.2 Ghz Memory Upgrade Instructions

Apple might not be the wisest choice when it comes to saving money on memory upgrades but they do offer fantastic instructions on how to upgrade MacBook Pro 2.2 GHz RAM. It might be common knowledge to some of you I’m sure but a lot of folks don’t know that a memory upgrade is the best computing dollar you can spend and that it’s easy to do and will not void  your warranty. In fact, Apple even shows you how to upgrade 15 inch MacBook RAM with easy to follow instructions.

Out of the box, the Apple MacBook Pro 2.2 Ghz 15 inch ships with just 4GB of RAM as  standard but when you carefully follow the instructions above, you can double your memory to 8GB MacBook Pro Memory for much less than just a few months ago, or if you go against the maximum RAM suggested by Apple some stores will sell you MacBook Pro 16GB RAM upgrades.  I’m always hesitant to suggest y0u upgrade to more than the maximum Apple suggests even though for most instances, the maximum memory specified by Apple is due to the fact that bigger ram chips were not available at the release date so the maximum memory allowed is simply due to that fact alone, but if I had a brand new Apple computer that cost over $2000 I can tell you I would be reluctant to install more RAM than what Apple states is the allowed maximum.

Detailed memory upgrade instructions are included in the link above, but the latest Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch models are pretty easy to upgrade the memory on: You remove the bottom, and the RAM upgrades are looking at you without any further computer dismantling, allowing you easy access to the 2 memory upgrade slots where you will have to remove the RAM installed by the factory (Apple) and replace it with your new larger 2x 4GB memory modules for the 8GB maximum MacBook Pro RAM as per Apple, or 16GB if you need the most RAM you can possibly fit  into your MacBook Pro.


A ram upgrade is the best computer upgrade you can do for any computer and it’s the very first thing I do when I pull a new Mac out of the box. ( not that this is an every day thing, I’m writing this on a 2008 MacBook Pro).  Software, or even hard drives, like a new SSD hard drive which would come in as a close second upgrade I would perform on this MacBook Pro but memory is most important and now in 2011, cheap. RAM for MacBook Pros regardless of size has never been cheaper than it is today.  The best value for a ram upgrade is a 8GB MacBook  Pro memory upgrade kit, as the 16GB ram uprades are still too pricey for all but those needing to be on the bleeding edge of technology. The 8GB option still doubles your MacBook Pro RAM yet is affordable unlike the  16GB.  Wait  a bit for the 16GB to drop in price (it’s dropped $100 in price in the past week) to a more realistic and affordable memory upgrade choice for the MacBook Pro 2.2 inch









New 2011 Apple iMac Models Announced

Today, Apple has introduced the second lineup of new Apple computers with the introduction of the Apple iMac Personal Desktop computers for 2011:.

**Buying a 2011 Apple iMac


The new iMac models from Apple ship with Intel quad core processors across the board with today’s announcement and this means that as of today, the 2011 Apple iMac announced today, and that includes the new Apple iMac 21.5 inch 3.06GHz, Apple iMac 21.5 inch 3.2GHz, Apple iMac 27 inch 3.2Ghz, and Apple iMac 27 inch 2.8GHz quad core released in the summer of 2010 are discontinued as current iMac models, and if you don’t need to buy the latest iMac, now is the perfect time to buy an Apple iMac from 2010 that yesterday was a current iMac model, but are now on sale at a discount today and you can save at least ten percent off 2010 Apple iMac computers if you hurry with savings up to $300 off.

**Faster Processors in the 2011 iMacs

But when  it comes to the new Apple iMacs for 2011, regardess of which screen size iMac you choose to buy the newest Apple iMac models all ship with faster processors and unlike the now discontinued 2010 iMacs, all are Intel Quad Core processors, which according to Apple can process up to 2x faster than the older Apple iMac models thanks to the Intel Core quad core i5 and i7 processors, (no more Intel i3 for the iMacs) the Apple iMac is available to buy in four different configurations – **two iMacs with 21 inch displays and two iMacs with 27 inch displays:

Apple iMac 21.5 inch 2.5GHz $1199 (sale price $1169.99)

Apple iMac 21.5 inch 2.7GHz $1499 (sale price $1459.99)

Apple iMac 27 inch 2.7 GHz $1699 (sale price $1649.99)

Apple iMac 27 inch 3.1GHz $1999** (sale price $1939.99)**

The Apple iMac prices you see above are the suggested retail price, but you can do much better on Apple iMac deals when you buy an iMac from an online retailer like Amazon or MacMall, where the new Apple iMac models can be bought for much than paying full price for an Apple iMac from the Apple Store.

**Bigger iMac Hard Drive Options


All Apple iMac models ship from Apple with at least a 500GB hard drive in the cheapest iMac, the 21.5 inch 2.5 GHz and all other iMac models in the 2011 Apple iMac lineup feature 1TB hard drives standard, with options to upgrade to a SSD solid state hard drive at checkout

**Video Card Memory and Speed

** All the 2011 Apple iMacs now come with faster video cards by AMD and depending on what model of iMac ship with either AMD RADEON HD graphics cards running at least 512MB G5DDR Video memory for faster graphics performance in every new Apple iMac, and the 3.1 GHz ship standard with 1GB of video memory, while all others come out of the box with 512mb AMD video RAM.

**Video and Camera Support

** The newest Apple iMacs this year also come standard with high definition video cameras built into each and every iMac and feature FaceTime, where you can now chat in full HD with each other (assuming you both have HD face time cameras) . Also, if the built in display isn’t big enough for you with the new iMacs, there’s also video out support for external monitors up to 30 inches in size for even added screen real estate.

**New iMac Connection and expansion options

** For the new 2011 Apple iMacs, there’s new ways to connect and interface with other components externally to your iMac, and the iMac is the newest int the Apple lineup to feature thunderbolt technology which offers one thunderbolt port on the smaller iMacs, two on the 27 inch Apple iMacs, a Mini Display Port output, One 7 watt firewire 800 port, four USB 2.0 ports, a sdxc memory card slot (more on that later) and slot loading 8x superdrive, audio in and out and 10/100/1000 Base ethernet in a a RJ45 connector rounding out the connection options.

**Wireless KeyBoard and Mouse

** One of the nicest things about the new Apple iMacs is the fact that with the release of the 2011 Apple iMacs in the spring of 2011 (May is still spring, wish as we may otherwise) is that there’s absolutely no wires to connect the keyboard and mouse and Apple magic trackpad as all the devices connect wirelessly to all models of iMac computer announced today without the need for unsightly wires and cords resulting in a cleaner desktop space. Built in support for wi-fi wireless 80211.n and bluetooth 2.1 are included in the Apple iMacs of course, this seems almost silly to mention in 2011 as the iMac is the most modern Apple desktop computer you can buy today.

**2011 Apple iMac Size and Weight

** The smaller Apple iMacs, the 21.5 inch Apple iMacs come in these dimensions:

Height: 17.75 inches (45.1 cm)

Width: 20.8 inches (52.8 cm)

Depth: 7.42 inches (18.85 cm)

Weight: 20.5 pounds (9.3 kg)3

And the bigger Apple iMacs are of course, bigger and heavier with the 27 inch iMac topping 30lbs, although I suppose you could carry the iMac with you, 30lbs gets heavy quite fast and you may need a portable Mac notebook instead.

Height: 20.4 inches (51.7 cm)

Width: 25.6 inches (65.0 cm)

Depth: 8.15 inches (20.7 cm)

Weight: 30.5 pounds (13.8 kg)3

**Apple iMac AppleCare Warranty and Service


Out of the box, all Apple iMacs ship out of the box with 90 days of telephone support and one year limited warranty from Apple in the rare case you do have Apple iMac problems. I have found that the included warranty is enough as for most of us, we will buy an Apple iMac put it on a desk -and because it’s a Mac – just start using it. Unlike a notebook Apple computer, unless you drown the keyboard with coke (which wouldn’t be covered anyway I don’t see the need or value for buying an extended warranty and just use the standard warranty. I’ve written about the pros and cons of the Apple warranty before if you’d like to do more reading, but rest assured the warranty on the 2011 iMac will do just fine for all but a few iMac users.

**What’s in the 2011 Apple iMac Box

** Every 2011 Apple iMac ships with the same accessories and the only difference being the iMac itself but besides the Apple iMac, you also get:

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Apple Magic Mouse

Power cord

Install/restore DVDs

Printed and electronic documentation

**Apple iMac Configuration Options


Software included with 2011 Apple iMac

For a lot of you, this is the very reason, aside from great looks and features the iMac offers is why you buy the iMac and that’s the great software that each iMac comes with. Otherwise, we’d all end up buying cheaper PC’s. :) But Apple’s desktop computer aimed at the home, school and home office user (and in some cases, business) ships standard with Mac OS X Snow Leopard that offers iTunes, Time Machine, Quick Look, Spaces, Spotlight, Dashboard, Mail, iChat, Safari, Address Book, QuickTime, iCal, DVD Player, Photo Booth, Front Row, Xcode Developer Tools to name a few common and popular Apple applications. But the iLife applications suite is also included too: iPhoto, iMovie, Garage Band and iMovie are also standard across the 2011 Apple iMac lineup.

**Configurable Apple iMac Options

** One of the few reasons to buy direct from the Apple Store (I prefer Amazon) is that you can upgrade direct right from the factory when you buy the 2011 Apple iMac, but one thing that’s interesting is that depending on what iMac you’re interested in, the result will be different when it comes to options other than the iMac itself.

Apple iMac 21.5 inch, 2.5GHz at $1199 (cheaper at Amazon) allows you upgrade the RAM to 8GB and buy a Magic Trackpad. On the Apple iMac Apple iMac 21.5 inch 2.7GHz at $1499, (see best price) you get the option of adding the RAM and Magic TrackPad, but also the memory upgrade options jump to 16GB of iMac RAM, the hard drive on the 2011 Apple iMac can be upgraded to 2TB, and a 256GB solid state hard drive and 2.8Ghz processor upgrade is possible as well.

The 27 inch Apple iMacs offer the most configuration options with the cheaper 27 inch Apple iMac coming with the ability to upgrade the memory to 16GB, add a Magic Trackpad, a 2TB hard drive or even a 256 GB solid state hard drive for faster performance. The fastest iMac 27 inch model also allows the same upgrade choices as the other models but also includes the option to bump the processor to 3.4 GHz as well as upgrade the video card to a AMD Radeon HD 6970M with 2GB of GDDR5 memory.

**iMac RAM is the best upgrade you can do for iMac **


** It should probably come as no surprise that I’m recommending the memory upgrades but it’s my opinion this is the one thing you should do right away, but not buy from the mother ship, as it’s just too expensive right now when you can buy the same memory upgrades for Apple iMacs for much much less than Apple’s prices when it comes to ram prices for the 2011 Apple iMacs:

[table id=2 /]

At the time I write this, you can max out the iMac with 4x 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz sdram sodimms for under $200 (assuming you need to buy 16GB of 2011 Apple iMac RAM)

One of the nicer things about the 2011 iMacs is the memory upgrade specifications didn’t change at all with this refresh of the Apple iMac lineup and you can still use DDR3 1333MHz 10600 notebook sodimms as the RAM for 2010 and 2011 iMacs are the same so if you do have a 2010 iMac this is one of the few models you can still use the same memory for the different model years. This is not the case with the Apple MacBook Pros that require you to use all new memory as the RAM in the 2010 and 2011 MacBook Pro is a completely different memory type.


It’s been close to a year since we last saw an  Apple iMac refresh of any kind, and the faster processors, graphics cards, and even the thunderbolt technology  isn’t really that much of a surprise to me as it was introduced on the MacBook Pro in Feb, it was only a matter of months before the ThuderBolt started to show up on other newer Apple computers too.

One thing I am happy about is that the ram for the iMacs is the same as the older summer 2010 iMacs which means that when you want to upgrade your iMac to this year’s model, you can take your memory upgrade with you.

I had hoped that the 16GB RAM limit might be increased, but I guess for most iMac consumers, 16GB of RAM is more than enough for every day computing which is  what the iMac was designed for, and with 8GB iMac RAM being the sweet spot for iMac RAM prices right now, there’s few reasons right now to bump the upgrades to 16GB for iMac just yet.  I wouldn’t be surprised if OWC and other memory stores start to advertise higher capacity memory upgrades for the iMac at a later date, and  when they do, I’ll be sure to keep you posted on any changes with adding more ram to your iMac.

Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.0GHz Memory and RAM Upgrade Choices


I have already covered the the ram upgrades for the smaller and cheaper Apple MacBook Pro models for 2011, so now it’s time to check out what’s a good deal when it comes to ram prices for  the most versatile of the  2011 MacBook Pro lineup – Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.0GHz featuring the Intel Quad Core i7 processor.

The bigger screen real estate paired with the faster processor on the lower end or cheaper MacBook Pro means that the 15 inch MacBook Pro 2.0 Ghz could very well be the sweet spot when it comes time to decide what MacBook Pro to buy (or  upgrade to if you’re switching from the Windows OS)

**You Can Buy RAM from Apple **

Out of the box, the Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.0 GHz comes shipped standard with just 4GB of RAM, which in my opinion is too little RAM for a modern and professional MacBook Pro, regardless of what size you choose to buy: 13 inch, 15 inch and  17 inch MacBook Pros all suffer this same fate of too little RAM installed, considering how cheap memory is today and how valuable more MacBook RAM is.

The easiest way to buy RAM  is to just buy the memory upgrade direct from Apple as that would seem to make the most sense. You bought the computer from Apple (or a reseller such as Amazon) so it would only makes sense to buy the RAM from the same store that you bought your 15 inch MacBook Pro from. And you can do this, just visit the apple store and buy 8GB of  RAM for MacBook Pro. The problem is that at the time of writing this  8GB for MacBook Pro from Apple will cost you $400.

Compare this to the cheapest price you can buy ram for the Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch, that at the time I write this is under $100 with the cheapest MacBook Pro 8GB RAM upgrade kits being available for $93.00.

Trade in Apple Factory RAM

The best price on RAM for  the  2011 MacBook Pro models is well under $100, but you can save money on RAM upgrades even more when you remove the 4GB of factory memory, replace it with 2x 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz memory you buy online from  any one of the memory stores above, and if you buy RAM from OEMPCWORLD, OWC and RAMJET you can save even more money on the final costs of 8GB for MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.0 GHz by selling your old memory – or factory memory back to these stores that buy back RAM for MacBook Pros.

You can also sell the smaller 2x 2GB memory modules privately as well on craigslist or eBay and  you will make more money this way in most cases, but the price for doing so is  time. When you trade in your Mac memory, you might not get top dollar for it but it’s way easier and  you still save some money on 8GB memory kits for MacBook Pros.

**16GB RAM for 15 inch MacBook Pro **

This will change as all ram prices drop for the largest memory configuration for any computer, not jus the MacBook Pro but unless you really need to have a lot of memory for video editing, or some other professional use that warrants the costs of 16GB for MacBook Pro, I can’t really recommend you buy 16GB RAM for MacBook Pro as it’s just too expensive. I bet a year from now, the price will be less than half of what it is now, but for now your best deal on MacBook Pro RAM is the 8GB RAM upgrade kits that still double the RAM your 15 inch MBP 2.0 i7 came with and offers much more breathing room for running more applications and not just the free software that comes standard with every Apple Macintosh computer

15 inch MacBook Pro Memory Install Instructions

The good folks at Apple will gladly show you how to install memory upgrades for this particular 15 inch Apple MacBook Pro, as well as all 2011 MacBook Pro models released the end of February 2011.

Memory installs on the newest and cheapest Apple MacBook Pro with a 15 inch display could  not be easier and assuming you follow the MacBook Pro memory installation instructions you can do the memory install all by yourself, and without voiding the one year limited warranty the 15 inch MacBook Pro ships with as standard  (of course, you can buy AppleCare if you want to continue the warranty past the one  year but the cost for an Apple extended warranty will set you back about another $100 per year, on average).

This is all in the manual for MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.0Ghz, but the ram install is super easy on this model and is the exact same as the installation on the 13 inch MacBook Pros so I won’t repeat it again here.

I will caution you, when handling any memory product, that this stuff is sensitive to static electricity, so please do your best to remove any static charges on your body before you go handling any memory product, as RAM isn’t cheap as being free yet and one little zap could fry your RAM.

To summarize, don’t buy RAM from Apple unless you have extra money to spend unnecessarily when you can buy RAM from many honest RAM stores that will be happy to help you with 15 inch MacBook Pro RAM Upgrades for much less than what Apple charges currently.






Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch 2.7GHz RAM Upgrade Options and Prices

The Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch 2.7 GHz is the smallest, lightest, and fastest 13 inch MacBook Pro you can buy in 2011, but there’s one cheap (or, not so cheap if you choose to upgrade this MacBook Pro to 16GB upgrade I recommend that at the time of writing this, you can do for under $100 that will result in even a faster MacBook Pro than what Apple ships from the factory.

It truly boggles my mind why, if all the 2011 MacBook Pro models can accept 8GB of RAM that Apple doesn’t release All their notebook models and consumer desktops like the iMac and Mac Miniwith the maximum memory already installed, but for some reason they don’t and it’s probably to stay more competitive in price with windows PCs, there’s a reason the 13 inch 2.3 GHz MacBook Pro is the best selling notebook available today, and that’s due to the fact that it’s also the cheapest MacBook Pro you can buy today – filling the 13 inch MBP with memory would raise the cost because as you can see from the chart above – RAM isn’t free.

**MacBook Pro RAM is Cheap


While you still have to pay for ram upgrades for the MacBook Pro and with the exceptions of 16GB RAM for the 2011 MacBook Pros – 8GB of MacBook Pro RAM is pretty cheap, especially if you consider the fact that for most of us MacBook Pro users – we’re earning living with this Apple laptop that’s the fastest, smallest portable from Apple you can buy today.

**Buy 8GB Memory Upgrades for MacBook Pro


8GB of RAM for MacBook Pro is where the sweet spot is when it comes to ram upgrades for not only this Apple MacBook Pro model, but 15 inch and 17 inch MacBook Pro’s too. Sure, you can buy 16GB but only from a select few memory stores that carry 16GB for MacBook Pro and currently priced at $1599, this is price out of realistic prices for most of us, save for a few who need the ultimate ram upgrade for MacBook Pro.

8GB of MacBook Pro RAM double the ram installed on the faster 13 inch MacBook Pro but still costs under $100 – a paltry sum when you compare the price against the original price you paid on the faster smaller MBP.

Now that we’ve decided that 8GB of RAM is where we need to be, the trick is to buy MacBook pro ram. Above are current street prices on MacBook Pro memory with regular price updates by yours truly, and these are all memory stores I trust when it comes to upgrading RAM for the MacBook Pro 13 incher. RAM is fragile electronics, and you want to buy a quality memory upgrade product and not some junk with an unknown origin or even more important – customer support, another factor to consider when buying MacBook Pro RAM.

**Buying RAM from Apple


You can, and you’ll get fantastic customer support and a quality memory upgrade as the MacBook Pro ships with Samsung or Micron memory, or at least – that’s been my experience when upgrading RAM on my personal MacBook Pro models. But the kicker with buying memory from Apple is the price – at the time I write this, an 8GB memory upgrade from Apple direct will cost you $400. The lowest price for MacBook Pro RAM above is $93.00 $59.99 which makes it worthwhile in my opinion to shop around for the best deal on RAM upgrades for the 13 inch 2.7GHz MacBook Pro from Apple, as an over $300 savings is enough to buy an iPod or something else than spending unnecessarily on Apple memory upgrades.

**How to Upgrade MacBook Pro 2.7 GHz Memory


Once you figured out what memory store to buy Apple MacBook RAM from, the next step is to install it yourself for even more savings on MacBook Pro RAM Upgrades as it’s easy to do and won’t void your limited warranty your new 2011 MacBook Pro comes with.

Trade in your MacBook Pro Memory

For even a greater deal on MacBook Pro RAM, you can trade in your RAM that came as standard memory on the 13 inch MacBook Pro and stores like RAMJET and OWC will even pay you for your old ram which, if you do your homework will increase the savings you can see on MacBook Pro memory.

**How To Install MacBook Pro Memory for the 13 inch 2.7GHz Apple MacBook Pro **

This particular MacBook Pro model, which applies to all 2011 Apple MacBook Pros all can accept up to 8GB of memory using DDR3 1333Mhz so-dimms in the two memory upgrade slots available for upgrade. This means that you’ll have to remove the factory Apple RAM (and sell it or trade it for maximum savings) and buy and install an 8GB memory upgrade kit which consists of two 4GB ddr3 1333Mhz memory upgrade modules.

Once you have the new and bigger ram for MacBook Pro ready to go, all you need now is to do the MacBook Pro RAM upgrade yourself and it’s super easy to do so with just a philips screwdriver and a bit of common sense.

On the 2011 Apple MacBook Pro’s you remove the entire MacBook Pro bottom that covers the memory upgrade slots and you’ll see the memory upgrades right there underneath the cover where you can easily access the MBP’s ram upgrade slots for easy access.

I have already supplied MacBook Pro RAM upgrade instructions for the cheaper 13 inch MacBook Pro so I won’t repeat myself again, but I will express that static electricity is the enemy when it comes to memory upgrades so please pay attention to the instructions on how to install MacBook Pro RAM supplied by Apple for the proper way to discharge static electricity from yourself before you go touching sensitive memory parts.

To summarize: buy 8GB of MacBook Pro RAM cheap and install it yourself at no cost other than time, (and possibly a screwdriver) and you’ll be rewarded with the fastest MacBook Pro money can buy in 2011.