iMac Memory Upgrade Review

You know, these days almost – and the key word here is almost, any RAM you buy today for the iMac that meets the specifications f0r your Apple iMac will work and do the trick so you don’t really need a review on memory, as it either works or it doesn’t. There’s not a whole lot of gray when it comes to RAM (lots of gray market memory though, and you do want to stay away from memory stores that offer questionable RAM) as it either works just fine, or it doesn’t

Kingston 8GB Memory Upgrade. The Best iMac RAM Today

Best Selling iMac RAM today

How To Determine the Right iMac RAM To Buy

Apple iMac RAM comes in many sizes from 1GB (actually 32mb and up, but any iMac worth upgrading today probably requires at least 1GB of RAM to run today’s Apple OS and Apple Applications smoothly) all the way up to 16GB on the 2010 iMacs, and look for even greater ram capacities on newer 2011 Apple iMacs that although they have not been released yet, will be sure to be here this summer or spring and my guess is they will take more than the 16GB maximum RAM that the iMacs currently run.

One of the easiest methods to determine the correct memory for your iMac is to use the Apple Menu to tell you both the processor speed of your current Apple iMac and also the speed the memory runs at, which for current 2010 (still current in 2011) Apple iMac is DDR3 SDRAM sodimms running at 1333Mhz.

Apple iMac Memory Choices

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iMac memory –  regardless of brand name, or even where you buy it from, which I will get to in a minute comes in essentially two flavors. One, is the name brand ram and at time of writing this up Kingston RAM for iMac seems to be the best selling iMac memory you can buy today and 8GB will cost you under $100. But, there’s other choices too such as Crucial Memory, another well respected  iMac memory brand.

Or, if you want to save even more money  on RAM  you can buy Generic RAM from a **selection of memory stores **that offer better prices on iMac RAM, s  these stores for the most part sell only Generic RAM. This RAM brand, or lack of brand really is still a tested high quality memory upgrade, but it’s made in house by  some memory stores,  or bought in bulk where the savings on ram upgrades can be passed on to you – the consumer. This type of RAM is cheaper as there is no logo or sticker on the memory  upgrade and in my experience ships in a small plain envelope which costs less than the fancy packaging the name brand RAM is supplied in.


All RAM for iMac will work just fine, but at the  time I write this the best selling and most popular iMac memory upgrade is the 8GB Kingston Brand DDR3 for Apple iMac memory upgrade kit priced under $100.

Do I Have To Buy Memory RAM From Apple?

Goodness Gracious, No.

Unless you have money to burn, I suggest you buy memory for any Apple computer from **anywhere but Apple. **

There was a time when yes, you did have to buy Apple specific ram, but that was, oh, in the late ’90’s and for the last decade or so you don’t need to buy Apple branded memory and as long as the ram for your Apple computer meets Apple’s specific requirements – you’re good to go with a few caveats.

Low Price Apple RAM

Depending on where or whom you end up buying Apple RAM from, you could either get the best deal on memory or the biggest headache going, and it all comes down to pretty much one thing and that’s customer service. If you’re not buying RAM from Apple and want to save money on RAM you’re probably looking at buying generic memory upgrades which tend to be the lowest priced memory you can buy today, and as long as the technical specs are OK with the technical specifications for memory as outlined in your Apple’s manual, you’re good to go and can buy the cheap ram.

Where you might get into trouble when buying ram from third party memory stores is when it comes down to what store or memory reseller you buy memory  from, so to help you with a choice on where to buy ram  from vendors you can trust, I created a list of the best memory stores that I would deal with happily (and have).

As long as you stick to the stores on the list, (ram prices are here), you’ll be just fine and  you can get the best price on RAM upgrades for Apple, and pay far less than what Apple would charge you for the same ram upgrades.

A bit more expensive, but still cheaper than Apple when it comes to memory upgrades.

If the thought of buying RAM from the stores I  list give you the heebie jeebies, but you still want to save money but don’t mind paying for a better quality product than generic memory can offer, you would be worse  off than to buy either Kingston RAM or Crucial Memory –  two name brand manufacturers that not  only make the ram , but sell and support the Apple memory upgrades you buy too.

Name brand RAM is still cheaper than what Apple charges, and yet you will get a high quality memory product that’s priced far, far less than what Apple charges.

What is the Best Computer Brand to Buy?

Apple  Computer is the Best Computer Brand and one of the Best 2011 Laptops

Well, it’s no secret that I’m a fan of Apple computers and have been for some time, but in the last decade PC computers have dropped in price not just with notebooks and desktops,but with netbook computer too, which are the cheapest computers you can buy and easily be found for less than two hundred dollars from jus about every notebook PC manufacturer except Apple, which some will say charge too too much for their products when you can buy computers from other PC brands for less.



All other PC brands rely on the Windows OS to operate and for some, this could either be an advantage or a curse, depending on your perspective. For my case,  I prefer the Apple OS for one reason only, and that’s the fact that I grew up with the Mac OS  and  when using the windows OS, it confuses me to no end but the same could be same for the Mac OS. One good thing about the Windows OS is that for some of us, there’s a Mac software  version for popular Mac applications that will run on the Windows OS.. Safari and iTunes both come with versions that will run on Windows OS just fine.

If all you’re doing with your PC is web browsing and itunes, you can now do these things on about every smartphone built today so some might argue why bother with the Mac OS when a much cheaper brand of computer will do just fine. I know in my household, I’m a Mac obviously  but my significant other can’t fathom of paying a premium for an Apple computer when a perfectly fine notebook to her runs the windows OS  and saves her money in the process?

Regardless of what side of the Mac/PC fence you  sit on, the top ten computer brands to buy today are:








**Sony **


**Gateway **

The data above is based on the best selling notebook computers available on sale at Amazon

How Much Does RAM Cost? Adding RAM To iMac Prices

One other place where you’ll be paying more for memory is if you want to upgrade a Mac Pro, this ram is not the cheapest RAM for Apple computers and at the time of writing, 64GB for Apple Mac Pro is still a pretty pricey proposition.

That’s how much it costs to add ram to a Mac computer, or Apple Macintosh Computer as they are formally known, and as I have said above adding memory to almost any Mac computer is a pretty good deal. A few exceptions right now will be 16 GB for MacBook Pros, which are still pretty pricey and can cost as much as buying a new MacBook Pro costs in the first place. I’ve yet to have the opportunity to test a MacBook Pro with 16GB and I’m doing just fine on 4GB in a MacBook Pro, and have for a few years now so this just goes to show you that if you’ve got 4 to 8GB of memory installed, you have more than enough RAM installed already. In fact, there’s one website that’s dedicated to helping you get more out of your older Mac, negating the need to buy ram or a new Mac at all.Cheap, Cheap, Cheap.

But for most other Macs, especially consumer macs for everyday use – or ‘lifestyle’ computers as they are sometimes known –  RAM upgrades are a really good deal right now and 8GB notebook ram, not just for Apple Notebooks too, is priced under $100.

This cheap $100 ram upgrade for both notebooks and desktops that Apple makes maxes out you RAM for both the MacBook Pro and Apple iMac two of the best selling computers Apple makes today, and at time I write this you can use the same memory in both iMacs and MacBook Pros.

**Where to get the best deal on Mac RAM today? **

I maintain.  a list of the best apple ram prices where you can see the best prices on Apple RAM **from  an variety  of computer memory stores that offer the best prices on computer memory today for your Apple Mac computer, regardless of whether  you want to upgrade a MacBook, Mac Pro or  iMac – just a few of the **best selling Apple computers available on sale today.



Cost of 4GB RAM Price for Memory for MacBook Pro

The cost of 4GB RAM memory upgrades my friends is the sweet spot of ram upgrades currently in 2011 when it comes to buying RAM for your MacBook Pro.

The 16GB MacBook Pro RAM is still too pricey to really pay attention to unless you have deep deep pockets or really really need the extra performance. I have yet to test 16GB for MacBook Pro, but it only makes sense that MacBook Pros will run faster with double the RAM that Apple states as the maximum, which is 8GB of RAM.

This is why 4GB of RAM for MacBook Pros are the most popular memory modules for MacBook Pros today, and that’s because of the fact that 4GB RAM price for MacBook Pro continue to drop over time, and buying two of them will fill your MacBook Pro and this applies to both the Apple MacBook Pros made in 2011, and  just released a month or so ago, and the later MacBook Pros with the latest refresh being in the spring of 2010.

MacBook Pro RAM Types

The new MacBook Pros announced Feb 24, 2011 take different memory upgrades than what is available or was available for the older 2010 MacBook Pros, so unfortunately, you cannot take the ram from your 2010 MacBook Pro with you and install  it in your new 2011 MacBook Pro – You will have to buy new 4GB ram upgrades for the new MacBook Pros, as they require 4GB DDR3 1333MHz SDRAM so-dimms, while the older MacBook Pros ran on 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz SDRAM so-dimm and the two are not interchangeable.

4GB MacBook RAM Memory Prices

The good news is that if you fill your MBP with 2x 4gb RAM modules, you can do so at a cost of under $100 currently and  in some cases, less as some stores like OWC and OEMPCWORLD will buy back the factory installed memory upgrades that were in your MacBook Pro reducing the price of your MacBook Pro RAM to even less..  There’s no reason to spend more than $50 for a 4GB Apple MacBook Pro Memory Upgrade. Below are the best deals you can find  on Apple 4GB MacBook Pro RAM today for both newer and older MacBoo Pro models.