What Does 4GB RAM Cost?

4GB of RAM has never been cheaper than it is today

The price on memory upgrades, or RAM if  you will changes constantly so rather then tell you what it costs for 4GB of RAM I’d rather show you with a price list of current ram prices for notebook computers. I chose notebooks, because there’s a good chance your next computer will be a notebook computer because the prices on notebook computers keep dropping in price over time.

An example: One of the best selling notebooks currently on sale at Amazon (I like buying my computers from Amazon, they offer quick shipping, and stock everything under the sun so I can place one order and then get on with life.  I don’t have to shop at different computer stores  – one for RAM, and one for the laptop)

Anyway, as an example, you can get into an Asus netbook for about $350, which is  a pretty good deal for a notebook for web browsing and facebooking and  the like. And this particular Asus notebook  allows up to 8GB of RAM, meaning you’ll need to buy 4GB x 2 to fill the two available memory slots this notebook computer has.

Not only is this a pretty good deal on a notebook for under $400, but  also if you add RAM you’ll get a speed increase too Take a look at the  8GB Memory Upgrade Kits for this laptop computer:


[table id=7 /]

As you can see, 4GB memory modules for 2011 notebooks are pretty cheap, and the 8GB memory upgrade kits save you more money on RAM as they are discounted usually as a memory upgrade kit, as opposed to a memory upgrade module.

If you have been sitting on the fence about a ram upgrade, now is  the best time to buy. In the fifteen years I have been keeping  track of the memory prices, ram has never ever been cheaper. Buy 4GB RAM now and be happy that you saved money and have a smoother and faster computer to boot.



Where To Buy Cheap iMacs

**Cheap Apple iMacs at Amazon.


I like to shop.

I especially like to shop for stuff I’m interested in be it home audio, photography or my favorite: Apple computers. But I also hate to pay full load when I don’t have to. In fact, that’s how ramseeker was born. I read in a forum about how nobody could find a fair price on memory and how Apple charged too much for ram. (they do).

I had seen some great memory prices while surfing the web from Crucial, 18004Memory, etc and  a website was born on helping you get a good deal on Apple Memory.

And I do the same thing for Apple iMacs when I am ready to buy a new Apple computer, and over the years again I have found just like the memory prices, you can get  a better deal on a new  iMac if you don’t  buy the Apple iMac directly from Apple as Apple will charge you full list price. Granted, Apple does offer  some deals on refurbished Macs and that’s great but I’m talking about where to buy an iMac cheaper than what Apple charges.

Oddly enough, Apple allows discounts on Apple iMacs from other computer stores and that’s why it’s possible to get a better price on an  iMac at Amazon than it is if you would buy the Apple iMac from Apple. Sometimes Apple will offer rebates and other promotions such as the back to school program recently offered but for the most part when you buy from Apple you’re paying full pop day in and day out.

Deals on Apple iMacs happen all the time and a few stores you should check out for iMac deals I have listed below. Some, such as MacMall will throw in free software such as Parallels to sweeten the deal but also allow you to run windows software on your Apple iMac or  in some cases you can get a free printer with your  new Apple iMac too.  If you spend  an hour searching for the best Apple iMac prices online you could save ten percent or even higher on your new Apple iMac computer purchase.

**Best Apple iMac Stores: **



Best Buy


These are but a few stores where you can get a better deal on an iMac than paying full price from an Apple iMac. You’re just ordering a box with your credit card so it’s my opinion that as long as the warranty will still be honored in the rare case I do have an iMac problem,  I don’t care where the Apple iMac comes  from.

Now, don’t go thinking you’ll get a half price iMac or anything like that, because you won’t. Apple restricts resellers to display the MAP  (minimum advertised price) on Apple iMacs and that’s why when you shop for an iMac you may see the price displayed at these stores to be the same price as what Apple charges. The only way to get around this restriction is to add the iMac to your shopping cart  (don’t worry, you can remove it later) to see the lowest price from these online stores. It’s a bit confusing and some stores do  a horrible job at explaining how all this works and probably lose sales on Apple products because of it, while other store  do a great job of explaining why you need to add the iMac to your cart to get the best price.

Adding the iMac to a shopping cart is not complicated as it’s just one click and you could save as much as ten percent on a new iMac. Add the freebies places like MacMall add to the iMac deal and your total savings on a brand new iMac could be almost a couple hundred bucks. I think that saving over $100 on a brand new Apple iMac is worth the effort of a half hour or so to do some research on getting the best iMac deal you can find.

Of course, once you buy an iMac, you need to fill it with RAM for the best performance, and if you buy RAM from the cheapest memory stores, you won’t get hosed on a ram upgrade. Whatever you do, don’t buy Apple RAM as its’outrageously overpriced. You can find much better deals on RAM for Apple iMacs  below:

Cheap Apple iMac RAM

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What is the Best Apple Desktop Computer To Buy in 2011?


**The Cheapest Apple Desktop Computer Might be the Best Desktop from Apple in 2011


It’s October 2011 as I write this, and this will probably change over time as new computer models could be released before the year’s end and  in time to take advantage of Christmas 2011 sales on computers, there’s a good chance that the computers for sale in 2011 have already been released.

The Best Apple Desktop Computer for 2011. 

Earlier this year, when I made this list I would have said that an Apple MacBook Pro or even the Apple iMac would  have been perfect choices for Apple Computers. We haven’t seen a new Mac Pro Model this year at all from Apple so  we can scratch that off the list as it’s my opinion that the 2010 Mac Pros should be discontinued or at least have received a refresh to the lineup  this year.

Before the Apple event yesterday announcing the iPhone 4s, I had hoped  that Apple would bump up  the Mac Pro lineup with new models, but now that the cat’s out of the bag we know that Apple is concentrating on phones and and iPods in time for the holiday season. A smart move, professionally, but personally I would have liked to see to see a new Mac Pro under my tree this year.

The cheapest Apple Mac might be your best bet for an Apple Desktop computer to buy in 2011, with the 2nd place going to the Apple iMac. A Mac Mini and external monitor may not be as elegant as the Apple iMac with it’s all in one design but it’s possible  you can buy a 21 inch desktop computer cheaper than if you were to opt for the  all in one  Apple iMac Design

Let’s Compare Apple Desktops

The cheapest Apple iMac you can get into is the Apple iMac 21.5 inch model at $1125.00 or so from Amazon. The cheapo iMac features a 2.5 GHz Intel i5 Processor, 500GB of hard drive space and 4GB of RAM.

The cheapest Apple computer you can buy, period is the Apple Mac Mini at about $568 from Amazon at time of writing. That’s close to half price of the iMac. The specs for the Apple Mac Mini are 2.3GHz, 2GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive.

You can’t bump the processor speed on the Mac Mini, so based purely on processor speed the Apple iMac wins. But we’re talking .2GHz of speed differences between the two and at double the price of the Mac Mini (without the needed accessories like monitor and keyboard) you have to ask yourself is the Apple iMac worth it?

Yes, the iMac features a LCD display the Mac Mini does not have, and a keyboard and mouse are included in the box as well but all of these items can be bought as well as the display.  The ram is a little lighter on the stock Mac Mini too,  so that needs to be rectified, but 8GB of RAM is so cheap today you should  upgrade the ram regardless of what mac you decide to buy.

Total for a Mac Mini with accessories:

Apple Mac Mini: $568.00

[Apple Keyboard: $69.00


Apple Magic Mouse: $69.00

[21.5 inch Acer Display: $109.00


This gives us a bluetooth mouse and keyboard that are wireless and I chose the best selling 21.5 inch display for this example that’s pretty cheap too, at just over $100. The display may be the deciding factor here. Unless you do a side by side comparison of the two monitors there’s no way to tell which LCD display is preferable, so I went with the cheapest 21.5 inch monitor I could find.

The Total Cost for a Mac Mini and Accessories based on my calculations above comes to $815.00.

Compared to the cheapest iMac Price of $1125, you save a touch over $300 if you buy the Mac Mini over the iMac.

The Pros of the Apple iMac include more ram and a cable free all in one footprint. No monitor cables. The Cons of the Apple iMac is the price. If you’re looking to buy the cheapest Apple computer desktop package then the example above gets you into a current 2011 Apple desktop for under $1000. Well under, in fact.

I’m in the market for a new Desktop Mac and I’m leaning towards the Mac Mini as my next Mac as the speed of the computer matters less and less to me as the computer is waiting for me most of the time now and with the extra savings I could get into a bigger LCD display giving me more screen space, and for the computing I tend to do that’s a bigger deal than having the fastest Apple Computer in 2011.

There’s also the fact that the Mac Mini setup is considerably cheaper than an iMac. $300 buys me a new iPod or gets me close to an iPad or tablet device than if I had bought the Mac Mini. I can live with a cable or two on my desktop for a $300 savings overall.

Do You Have an iMac or are Ready To Buy an iMac? Join an iMac Forum To Learn More

Best 3.1GHz iMac Price

I’ve been working with Apple computers for so long that I sometimes forget that not everybody has the same skillset and knowledge as I do and  may have questions about their new iMac, or even if they are ready to buy an iMac they may need help with choosing the best Apple iMac for their needs  or even ask if the Apple iMac is right for them in the first place, and would they be better off buying a cheaper windows PC.

Ask iMac Questions and Get iMac Answers on iMac Forums 

Thanks to the wonders of the internet there’s a whole world of information out there about Apple iMacs, on both new and old discontinued iMacs  and as such lots of iMac users are ready to help you with your questions, but also allow you  to join a community designed around the Apple iMac where you can discusss the pros and cons of your favorite Apple desktop compute  for consumers.

Of course,  the biggest iMac community is found at  the mothership at Apple with forums dedicated to both the newer Intel based Apple iMacs but also the slower PPC Apple iMacs too are discussed at length at Apple with lots of knowledgeable  Apple users willing to help and discuss the Apple iMac with you. From help with iMac Hardware or iMac software you’ll find somebody  willing  to help you with your iMac questions.

But the Apple iMac Community is  not  the only forum dedicated  to the Apple iMac  and more information  on the Apple iMac can be found at other websites dedicated to the Apple iMac both new and old:

Mac Rumors iMac Forum

MacNN iMac Forum

CNET  iMac Forum

Amazon iMac Forum

There’s more iMac forums online, but  these are the best five Apple iMac forums available today for  the Apple iMac computer and you’re best to stick with the larger sites due mostly to the volume of  iMac users these sites attract.

Of course, if you’re looking to upgrade the memory on your Apple iMac, you don’t need a forum to help you with the best deal on iMac RAM as I have all the answers right here with  the lowest prices on iMac RAM from the best memory stores online :

[table id=2 /]

How To Get a Crucial Memory Scan

Crucial 8GB Kit (4GBx2), 204-pin SODIMM, DDR3 PC3-10600 Memory Module (CT2KIT51264BC1339)One of the easiest ways to upgrade your notebook or desktop computer is with a **Crucial Memory Scan. The Crucial Memory Scanner is safe to use for both Mac and Windows OS systems and has to be the **easiest way to get the right RAM for your computer that’s guaranteed to work and be compatible without the fear of wondering if the RAM you buy is the right RAM for your notebook or desktop PC.

How The Crucial Memory Scan Works

It can be difficult to figure out what memory you need to buy for your computer. As an example depending on what Apple MacBook Pro model you have or need to ugprade the memory on, you may need either PC5300, PC 1066, or PC 1333Mhz DDR 3 menory upgrades for your MacBook Pro. But how do you know what speed memory upgrade you need to buy? All this goes away with a Crucial Memory Scan and takes only minutes to perform an will not upload or share any files on your computer so you can be assured that your privacy is respected as all this program does is scan for the system information from your computer so that it can help decide on the perfect memory upgrade for your Mac or PC.

To Get started with the Crucial Memory Scanner you need to download the crucial memory scan software and then run the crucial memory software on your PC. There’s a good chance your computer will ask you if you ar e sure you want to run this application as it was downloaded from the internet and the answer is yes as Crucial is a well respected computer company that has no interest in harming your privacy or computer security as they are a business and by offering this free software to scan your computer they will of course, recommend Crucial memory upgrades.

The crucial scanner will even direct you to the correct part number for your computer, or in the case where your computer might be eligible for more than one upgrade the crucial scan will offer a selection of ram upgrades for your Mac or PC.

**Crucial Solid State Hard Drive Recommendations


In addition to using the Crucial system scan method to get the right memory for your computer, you can also use the Crucial SSD, or Solid Stat Drive recommendation tool to assist you in finding a solid state drive for your computer in addition to adding more computer memory.

Crucial Solid State Hard Drives are starting to drop in price where they are an affordable computer upgrade. Compared to the price of RAM, the solid state drive still has a way to go before the general public will jump in and accept them but it’s only a matter of time as the hard drive sizes for solid state technology continue to grow and yet the same time drop in price.

Using the Crucial solid state tool to upgrade your hard drive ensures that your computer can accept a solid state hard drive upgrade, as not all computer models are equipped for such without extensive modification or sometimes not at all, so I advise you to be sure you can use or benefit from a solid state hard drive upgrade before you spend your hard earned money only to find a solid state drive is not compatible.

These are just two free tools provided by Crucial Technology free of charge to help you with your computer upgrade needs with the hope that you get a fair deal on memory and solid state hard drives.