Windows NotePad. Mac Software Alternatives

I’m switching from Mac to PC.  I know that the usual consensus in the online community, especially in  the blogger community is to switch from PC to Mac and not the other way around,  but when I went shopping for a brand new notebook this fall I really couldn’t justify the cost of a brand new MacBook computer of any shape or size when you can buy a comparable Windows 7 notebook for considerably  less money.

I find that the work (and increasingly, my play time too)  I do with my computer is done in the cloud. I write in the cloud, check email in the cloud but there’s one area that I still use an application for and that’s a simple text editor. I don’t have a need for anything complicated and even Microsoft Office is too much.

On the PC the choice is notepad and it suits me just fine for simple text stuff. But what is the alternative text editor on the Mac?

Mac NotePad Alternatives

TextEdit is the default text editor on the Mac, but when you compare it to** Windows notepad** it seems like it’s a bit of a letdown and really really simple. Almost too simple.

Google Docs is a free text editor that’s worth a look – and I can recommend  that as well. Not only can you edit text, but you have a full office suite with Google docs too. And the best part – it’s all free.

One thing I do miss the most about text editing software for the Mac is BBEdit. This software is one of the more robust text editors out there for the Mac and if you do any sort of programming, web or otherwise  – this software is definitely worth a look.

If free text editing software is what you need, the good folks at Barebones software – the same people that are the creators of  BBEdit also offer Text Wrangler,  and this free text editing  software far surpasses any text editor for Mac or PC.

If you need a cloud based text editor that allows you to edit your files no matter where you are – Google Docs is the clear winner. But, if you prefer an Apple Application, TextWrangler is the best free text editing software for the Mac today.


Where To Find QuickTime Download Software

One of the many issues I tend to have recently is that  in my move from Mac  to PC  – I know, I know –  but I just can’t find the money right now for a new 2012 MacBook Pro. RAM prices are not what they once were and in tough times, one has to cut costs. One way to do this is to buy a PC notebook instead of the Macs I am used  to as this switch to the dark side is much cheaper than buying a new Mac today.

Anyway, one are where the Mac just works, is with QuickTime software. When I would work on my Mac,  all I had to do would be to would  be to – just use my Mac, whereas the PC makes me stop and  think. Earlier today I had to stop what I was doing as QuickTime is not on my PC installed from the factory. This leaves me to have to stop and think** where can I find a QuickTime download**?

It  took me time to figure out if I really needed to install QuickTime, but then I figured I will need to download Quicktime eventually so I may as well do it while I am with an internet connection.

Download QuickTime 7

The download page directed me to the PC version, as I’m writing this on a PC and  at the  time of writing , version 7.7.1 is current for Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 users.

Apple does require my email address,  and I think that’s a fair trade – I’m a registered Apple user already so they have my information anyway.  I’m essentially just repeating myself here. I figure an email address for free software is a fair trade.

My QuickTime Download experience went smoothly and installed on my windows 7 machine and now I can  use any software that requires the use of QuickTime software for PC.


How To Print Screen On Mac Computers

Best Price on Acer notebookI’ve recently moved from Mac to Windows. I know, I know – how could I after all these years of tracking memory prices primarily for Apple computers? Well, this is probably an article for another day but I find that  the value offered by a Mac for my needs is no longer there. I’m typing this on a very well equipped cheap PC notebook and if it were not for a few minor things that I miss I would be hard pressed to tell the difference as I switched from Mac to PC notebook and saved $1600 along the way.

That said, one thing I really miss and it’s probably due to the fact I have worked with Apple computers for close to two decades now is how easy it was to print screen on a Mac:** Shift – Command – 3** and I would be done.  I used the print selection feature even more: Shift Command 4 would get me just a selection of a page. 

Both of these simple commands would  save a screen shot to my desktop and I would then double click on the screen shot to print the image – in most cases by using the preview application.

Print Screen on Windows Instead

I have no idea how to do the same on a PC as easy – especially when it  comes to making a selection of the screen. I miss command shift 4 every day since switching from Mac to PC, and it may be one reason to switch back to the Mac OS at some point, but at the moment this cheap Acer notebook  is going to have to do the  trick for now. I know I can use the ‘snipping tool’ in Windows 7 to make either a selection or screen grab of the entire screen, but this is far from perfect: you have to open up an entire other windows application to do so and then navigate menus to get the screen grab you want.

This is one example of how the Mac offers a far superior print screen solution than the more popular PC.


How To Contact Western Digital Support

Get help with Western Digital DrivesThere’s a saying in the technology and computer industry: “It’s not if your hard drive will fail – it’s when“.

This isn’t something that the hard drive manufacturers like to talk about, but it really is common sense: Most hard drives in use today use moving parts and after a while, those parts stop moving due to use.  Hard Drives are sensitive electronics that don’t like to be jolted or moved, and despite the advances in solid state hard drives or even the technology in keeping standard old school hard drives free of damaging shock there may be a time when you need help with your hard drive

Western Digital Hard Drive Help

There’s more than one manufacturer of hard drives and names like Seagate, Buffalo and even memory manufacturers are now getting into the game when it  comes to solid state drives, but Western Digital might very well be the best selling hard drive manufacturer in 2012 and beyond.

I have been lucky to not experience a hard drive failure in recent  times, so I haven’t had to call or email Western Digital for support. I did have to contact LaCie once but that was due to the fact that I lost the cables associated with the drive in a move and had to order new cables for once was at a time a very large hard dive at 1TB.

But if you haven’t been so lucky and need help with your hard drive from Western Digital, you’re usually in luck as most hard drive failures tend to happen in the first few months if they’re going to fail and this will happen  well into the two year limited warranty that comes with each Western Digital Hard Drive.

To contact Western Digital your best bet is to visit the western digital support page where you can find answers to your hard drive support questions including dowloads, registration, warranty services, installation help as well as phone and email support too.

I hope you’ve been lucky as I have when it comes to hard drive failure, but if you do need help with your WD hard drive, the folks at Western Digital are happy to help

How To Contact Acer Computer

There’s two things I love about the internet:

You can connect and interact with just about anybody and read and learn so much from each other.

You can shop online!

I have been shopping for notebook computer memory for close to 15 years now to help you guys get the best deal on RAM, and buy it much cheaper than from other over priced stores. (see the sidebar to the right of this article for some real cheap ram).

And one of the cheapest computers on sale right now tend to be from Acer computer. Add some memory to these cheapo notebooks and you’ve got a fast and cheap notebook computer for under $600.

Most all Acer notebooks come with a limited warranty, but usually once you’ve made your purchase the online store from which you bought your Acer won’t refund  your money and  this leaves you to have to contact Acer support in the rare case you do have a problem with your new Acer notebook.

Acer  Contact Information

To save you some time, here are the Acer Computer contact information:

Acer USA

Acer Canada

Acer Brasil 

Acer Mexico

Acer Latin America

There are also contact support for Acer Europe and Acer Middle East and Asia Pacific too, but the Americas tend to be the most popular when it comes to Acer users so I’ll stop the list there.

Once you find the region you are in you will be able to contact Acer  by phone or email and have any warranty issues you need to be taken care of. I have found that in the past most companies are willing to work with you when it comes to notebook warranty if you treat them like you would like to be treated

As a new Acer notebook PC  user, I hope to never have to use these contact numbers for my Acer notebook but it’s good to know that Acer support will help me in the rare instance I do have  a problem with my Acer notebook computer.