Can DDR3 1600 Memory Be Used in Apple Computers?

Update: Yes

Now that 2012 versions of the Mac Mini, iMac and MacBook Pro have been released you can use DDR3 1600MHz memory upgrades. In fact, here’s the best prices:

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Apple MacBook Pro DealNot Yet.

At present, all currently shipping Apple computers use DDR3 1333MHz as the fastest ram available for Apple computers. In the upcoming months, this may change  as new Apple computers are released in 2012, but for the time being we’re stuck with 1333Mhz  as the fastest RAM you can install in any Apple computer model

MacBook Pro models use DDR3 sodimms with a maximum of either 8GB or 16GB of RAM, depending on who you ask. Officially, all the MacBook Pros max out at 8GB of DDR3  1333 Mhz memory, but since released in Feb 2011, 8GB DDR3 memory modules have become available for sale and with the  price  dropping, 16GB of RAM for MacBook Pro is starting to become affordable.


iMacs can accept more ram than the MacBook Pros thanks to more real estate to work with, as four memory upgrade slots are available for upgrades. Like the MBP’s the iMacs officially max out at 16GB but some have reported on 32GB of iMac memory working just fine.

The Mac Mini is the smallest and cheapest Apple computer on sale today, but the same rules apply to the Mac Mini as it does with the MacBook Pro – 8GB max, so say the folks at Apple. One thing to note is that if you can swap out ram between the iMac/Mac Mini/MacBook Pros as they all use the exact same memory upgrade in a 1333Mhz DDR3 sodimm format.

Even the Apple Mac Pro is still limited to 1333Mhz RAM upgrades and like the other model above – you can have a maximum ram for Mac Pro of either 32GB or 64GB. The Mac Pro  is getting a bit old in 2012 so it’s not too surprising that 8GB DDR3 sodimms were not available on sale, resulting in a maximum of 32GB (4GB x 8 slots)

I have no doubt that in time we will see DDR3 1600 memory requirements for Apple computers, but for 2011 and into 2012 you are limited to using DDR3 10600 memory upgrades for Apple computers

DDR3 1333Mhz memory prices 

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Resetting iPod Models Is Easy Once You Know How

The Apple iPod has been around for a while now and with that are different versions. Truth be told, I have an old school 30GB iPod that holds more than enough music I care to listen  to, but it’s starting to get older and I am hoping to buy a new iPod – from Amazon probably as I find that they usually have the best iPod prices, when you compare iPod prices from them as opposed to buying an iPod direct from Apple.

And this means I will want to get rid of my old iPod to help pay for the newer model. I am thinking about buying an Apple iPod Touch to replace my much older 30GB model, and I want to be able to reset the 30GB iPod to the same as it was when you bought it back in 2006, almost six years old  now. Wow.

I found an Apple help document  that shows me how to reset my 30GB iPod but  also for others too, so I thought I would share this, as I thought surely there’s somebody else wanting to set their iPod to factory settings.

In my case, all I needed to do was was toggle the hold switch, which means  turning the hold switch on and off and then at the same time I held down the menu button and the center button and in about 7 seconds the iPod reset itself. Apple suggests doing all this with your iPod either plugged into a computer or wall outlet, so I made sure it had power before I went ahead with my iPod reset.

When I was done,  I had a like new 30GB iPod on sale and with the money I got, (not much – well under $100) I could use that money to buy my new Apple iPod Touch



How To Force Quit Mac Applications That Don’t Respond

As great as Apple Computer is, there are times when either the Mac OS operating system or the application itself doesn’t work as it should resulting in you having to stop what you’re doing  and deal with this troublesome application that doesn’t want to play nice with your Mac.

How To Force Quit Mac Software. 

One of the most common indicators that something is wrong with your Apple is  when you’re left sitting there waiting for your software to respond, and then after a while you realize that even on the slowest Apple computer made today – something is wrong with your Mac.

Sometimes,  the Mac will display the indicator or spinwheel displaying that it’s trying to catch up, but don’t be fooled – that appllication is stuck, even if the wheel is spinning your Mac gave up the ghost long ago.

When you’re ready to force quit Mac software, all you have to do is:

From the Apple Menu in the top left hand corner of your screen** choose the force quit menu item. Alternately, you can use the keyboard and  hit Command – Option – Escape** to exit the Mac Application too. Lastly, the third way to force quit is to right click on the Application icon in the dock and  choose force quit. All three get you to the same result:quitting  the Mac software.

I suggest two things to make sure you see less chances of even needing to force quit  Apple software: The first, is to be sure you have enough ram installed. ram is cheap and one reason your application keeps hanging is that you don’t have enough ram to run the software for your Mac in the first  place.

My last suggestion is to restart your Mac.This is an optional step and not  required, but I have found more times than not that a good reboot fixes a lot of computer problems.

If you find yourself needing to force quite your Mac a lot, you may want to take your Mac into see an Apple Genius, or contact Apple Support to be sure there’s not  a problem with your Mac that a force quit will not fix.


How To Find The Nearest Verizon Locations

Maybe it’s the old guy in me, and even though I have been working in online sales for over a decade I never really ordered that much stuff online and would prefer to go to the store in person to check stuff out and decide whether I ant to spend  my money on a product or service.

There’s lots of reasons why I prefer to shop in person, but one of the best reasons is you can sometimes get a better deal if you shop at the store as opposed to shopping online. I have found more deals by physically  being in the right place at the right time.

This old school style of shopping especially holds true to cellular phones too. Usually they are staffed by eager kids who can work the phones with one hand  in seconds, as opposed to my old  fingers trying to figure out how to transfer my contacts from my memory card or some other problem.

And speaking of problems, one problem you have to solve first is the fact that you need to know where to go. When shopping online, you either do a google search for what you want to buy, or a good  place to check is also from Amazon, as – and  this especially holds true in the  USA – chances are they will have i – in stock and on sale.

When it comes to finding Verizon stores in my area, I have found it easiest  to ask the** mother ship** rather than do a google  search and  weed through the sites that can’t help you.

Verizon offers a handy dandy Verizon Store Locator where all you have to do is enter either your  zip code, or start your search for the best Verizon location for you by choosing your state and then after you do that you pick your city. You will be presented with  a list of  the closes verizon stores and you get to choose the radius of your search  from 5 miles, 15 miles, 25miles, or 75miles, depending on how far you want to travel.

This is the easiest way to find the best and  Nearest Verizon Locations so that you can go in person for either Verizon sales or support.

Exploring Insurance Options With Zander Insurance

I’m about to get married in the new year, and move to the USA from Canada, and if there’s one area I have no idea when it  comes to living in the USA , it’s about insurance or banking and I find that the best way I learn is to write as I go so here I am today – exploring the Zander  Insurance Group.

Dave Ramsey Endorsed

The very first thing I noticed when visiting Zander  is that Dave Ramsey  is all over this site, so either this is his own company or just one he endorses, there’s a lot of  goodwill from Dave (further reading shows that Dave just endorses the company and  that this insurance company has been around some time – since the 1920’s)

Zander Term Life Insurance. 

Zander claims to have 80 years experience with Term Life Insurance, and they recognize how important Term Life Insurance is to a family’s future. You can get an  instant quote for Zander Term Inssurance and find out how cheap Term Life Insurance can be.

Zander Disability Insurance

Health is so important. It beats fancy cars,  iPads, the latest cell phones or even memory upgrades. If you’re not happy and healthy than it doesn’t matter how rich you are and with Zander Disability Insurance you can get covered in the case that you do become ill? I know this will be something I will look into further as I am not getting any younger, and although my job of sitting at the computer is hardly taxing  (boring sometimes) I could get hurt – either on the job or at home and I should  be sure I am covered in case that happens.

Zander Identity Theft Insurance

To be honest, I don’t really think too much about Identity theft, I mean am not a celebrity by any means,  and there’s lots of other Identities I could think of swiping other than my own, But, this is another type of insurance  I should  consider  too, as I am sure it’s the  world’s biggest pain  to get your identity back and Zander would keep  me insured from this event happening

Zander Auto Insurance

I don’t have a car to drive right now, but as I will be moving from the big city to the suburbs, I may need a car in the near future and it looks like Zander insurance may just be what I am looking for when it comes to car  insurance. Sure, there are much bigger car insurance companies out  there, but I can get a free quote on Car insurance quickly and easily using their online insurance quote form.

Financial Guru Dave Ramsey endorses this insurance company fully, so it will definitely be on my shortlist when it comes time to start insurance shopping in the USA.