The Last Pie of 2018

We end the year with coconut cream pie:

oooh it was delicious

Now that it’s this close to the end of year I just wanted to wish all the best of 2019. I know I’m looking forward to having a great year in ’19.

Carter’s Onesies

These were a gift so I have no idea on the cost or if this is the exact product but close enough. I know some of these are in the wardrobe for the baby to be so they are on the list. The pack you see above gets you 8 for about $22.00 (check price) and might be the cheapest clothing item I put on this soon to be child of ours.

Here’s the specs for these:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • Nickel-free snaps on reinforced panels
  • Expandable shoulders

More onesies are available here on Amazon

Blogging from Google Docs

I’m back to using wordpress for this site.

I know that it was just a few days ago that I professed my love for Jekyll but with multiple computers and servers it was just getting too complicated. With WordPress, it’s overkill for what I need but I seemed to have tweaked things enough that I get a 100 percent score with Google Pagespeed so that’s just as fast as the Jekyll site I had going when it was hosted on firebase hosting

If this goes as planned when I hit publish you should see this photo and post as intended. If not – well, I tried.

Carter’s Baby Burp Cloths


The baby burp cloths are one of those things I don’t really understand why you would pay for them when a good old tea towel would do and much cheaper, but then I realized that perhaps one would not want to use the same towel the baby barfed on to wipe the counter the next day.

Maybe these burp cloths are not that bad of an idea after all.

They are kind of pricey though at about $25.00 for four.

Baby Carrier


I had thought about buying one of these for some time but I did not want to spend the $100 or so on a name brand baby carrier that gets outgrown so quickly but while browsing Amazon I found this one for $20.00 so it’s hard to beat the price. Reviews on this seem to be good so I’m hoping it will do for me without having to spend a lot of money on a baby carrier.

100 Percent

Now that I have committed to using Jekyll, I have done some testing and tweaking to get a pretty good score on Google PageSpeed Insights:

google pagespeed

It’s a perfect score! This site loads in less than 2 milliseconds!.

That’s pretty neat to think that I can create a website that is hosted for free on google servers and that is super fast like this one.

My $88.00 Computer


You don’t need that $1000 MacBook Pro.

At least I don’t.

I’m currently writing this on a Lenovo Thinkpad x220 that cost me $88.00 on eBay. The only thing it did not come with was a hard drive but I had one of those in a drawer so that the cost of the upgrade was essentially zero.

I installed Ubuntu on it and everything works like a charm. I use squoosh to optimize my images and then I’m writing this in markdown using Typora and then when it’s all done I upload my images and this markdown file to my $5.00 a month server on Digital Ocean and I’m done. One blog post written using the web, a text editor and the terminal. That’s it.

Heck, with a bit of tweaking you could even install MacOS on it.

The keyboard is the beloved 7 row Lenovo keyboard and it’s fast enough for me with an i5 processor and 4GB of RAM. I had thought about upgrading the ram to 8GB but the 4GB seems to be doing fine for my computer that cost me less than a hundred dollars.

Battery life is so-so compared to the 12 hours you get on a more modern machine but you also pay 12x the cost. I get about 2-3 hours of battery life which is enough for me to get some work done remotely. A

Another benefit is that if you drop it or break it you can get parts for it easily and if you spill on the keyboard there’s holes in the bottom where the liquid pours through and you just keep on working.

Lastly, there’s a night light that shines down on the keyboard and I find this preferable to a backlit keyboard

All in all I am very happy with my $88.00 dollar purchase. It took me a while to get used to the older style keyboard and the trackpoint in the middle of the keyboard but I did and now I find that it is one of the better writing experiences I have had.

My Current Workflow


I thought I would write a bit on my current workflow using a $5 digital ocean droplet, Jekyll for writing and publishing and firebase hosting for serving this site.

I had thought about using WordPress but once you try blogging with a static website it’s really hard to go back to using a CMS like WordPress and worry about plugins and caching and security risks. I had been hacked before using WordPress and let me tell you it’s a pain in the butt to try and get un-hacked.

When I use Jekyll and static sites all this goes away. WordPress might be easier to use as you can blog and write from pretty much anwyhere but it comes with a lot of overhead I don’t really need. My posts are text and some images and so I really don’t need all the extras that WordPress provides.

Did I mention that I get free hosting? I could have an entirely free site if I opted out of the digital ocean server and just use my local computer but I like the fact that all my stuff is just on one server that I can login to and use any computer rather than having to sync files across computers. Also, the servers are fast which cuts down on the build times.

If I was to complain about using Jekyll, it’s the time it takes to “build” this site. With almost 800 posts here and lots of images it takes about 15 seconds to build which isn’t bad at all but if I’m to continue with this site the times will get longer and longer over time. For now 15 seconds isn’t a big deal and is an excuse for a coffee break.

Once my site is built, the other thing that takes a bit of time is uploading the site to firebase. It’s gotten better over the years as now it “hashes” the files to figure out what files are new and what files need to be uploaded but this take time to do so you want to be sure your site is the way you want it before you send your updated site.

I could actually serve the site from my digital ocean server but that requires setting up web server software on the server itself and except for the wait times with firebase it’s kind of hard to beat having your site served on Google’s servers for free.

This isn’t to say I might (and probably will) switch things up over time. I would love a replacement for Jekyll to speed up build times and there are advantages to having a wordpress site but for now I’m liking the setup I have.