How Much Does a Computer Monitor Cost?

It’s amazing how far the prices for computer monitors have dropped over the years. What used to cost thousands of dollars for just one monitor can now be bought for less than $100

Of course, the monitor you can buy for $100 might be cheap, it’s still a bit small. For example, the HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch IPS LED HDMI VGA Monitor   is cheap but I would prefer one a little bigger. I forget where, but I read that about 28 inches is the perfect monitor size for everday use on a desk.

When it comes to 28 inch monitors there are many from all makes like Samsung, LG etc but if I had to choose I think that right now the best deal might be this Asus 27 inch monitor that’s under $200.00. It has all the fixings one would need: Full HD resolution, speakers and HDMI ports for connecting to your devices.

4K monitors  are nice but they are pricey and then you have to worry about scaling in the OS will work right. Also, they cost more with 4k monitors starting at about $300 for a 27 inch monitor.   and of course going up.

There are bigger monitors too in 4k with screen sizes going up to 43 inches, but for the  most part these are too expensive for me to consider right now. Also, you need the desk space.

I think that a full HD monitor in a 27 inch size is probably the best bang for the buck and my choice right now would be the  Dell Professional P2717H. I have owned Dell monitors in the past and they always seem to be bright and sharp and I have had no problems with them so if I was to do it all over again that would be the best monitor for me

How Much Does a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable Cost?

Answer: about ten bucks.

I have just had the need for one of these cables and there’s really not a lot of choice when it comes to buying these.

You get two options: Buy the cable with the appropriate male connectors on either side or buy an adapter. I prefer the cable option as I find an adapter just too much of hassle. Besides, you still need to buy the HDMI cable separately.

This Mini DP to HDMI, Rankie 6 Feet Gold Plated Mini DisplayPort cable by Rankie looks like it would do the trick and is my recommendation for a cable of this type. It’s long enough as I find 3 foot cable to be a bit short.

The connectors look to be of good quality as well as the cable itself looks to be well built too.

If you do need an adapter vs a cable then the AmazonBasics Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) to HDMI Adapter will work just fine and it too is under $10.00

My vote though is for the Rankie cable and it is the one I would buy

How Much Does a Wireless Keyboard Cost?

Answer: About $20.00

I had already written about what it costs for a wireless mouse so now it’s time to write about another computer accessory we all use – the wireless keyboard. Yes, there are wired keyboards but why would you use one of those when you can live a tangle free life?

I’ve found that you can buy a perfectly good wireless keyboard like the Dell KM117 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse combo for actually under twenty bucks which is probably one of the cheapest prices on wireless and mouse combined.

But you get what you pay for and as I am sure the keyboard is acceptable I have lit little faith in the mouse.

What Wireless Keyboard to Choose?

The Arteck 2.4G Wireless Keyboard Stainless Steel Ultra Slim Full Size Keyboard looks like a good choice to me and is just over $20.00 currently. It’s small and comes with a nano receiver and looks like it works just fine according to reviews.

This would be the wireless keyboard I would choose.

How Much Does a Wireless Mouse Cost?

Answer: About $10.00

I suggest the VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Portable Mobile Mouse

From my research you can buy a wireless mouse for as little as ten bucks for the best selling mouse

For about ten bucks you actuall get a fair bit like 5 adjustable CPI settings, up to 33 feet of range (not sure why you would need that much)  and low power usage for longer battery life. It’s compatable with Mac, PC, Linux etc with the included nano receiver.

Most Expensive Wireless Mouse

and if you have deeper pockets you can spent up to about $50 for the Logitech X Performance Mouse which a great choice for those with larget hands or if you want  a brand name from Logitech rather than some unkown name (at least to me)

This mouse has more features obviously as it’s a bit bigger and shows battery life on the side of the mouse without you having to guess as well as more buttons and customizability.

Personally, I think the ten dollar mouse is my best choice as I don’t need much. All I need is feel that’s not bad (I prefer smoother scrolling)  smaller size and left and right buttons with a scroll wheel and with reasonable battery life and my choice would be the VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Portable Mobile Mouse

How Much Does a Chromebook Cost?

Answer: from about $150.00 and up to over $1000 for premium models.

I suggest the Asus C302CA Chromebook. It’s not the cheapest  but in my opinion offers the best bang for the buck of the current Chromebook options.

Chromebooks, for the most part have been known to be pretty cheap in the past with the best selling chromebooks averaging about $250.00 for  a small portable chromebook like the Acer R11

and for the price this really is one of the best chromeooks you can buy. It’s  cheap (ish), is durable and although not the fastest you can buy it’s fast enough and a bonus is that you can use this as a tablet too (albeit, it’s a bit on the heavy side).

Cheaper Chromebooks

If $250.00 is  too much for you to spend ther are even cheaper options like the Samsung Chrombook. At about $180.00, it’s cheaper than some other chrombooks like the Acer above, but if you just need a more traditional computer without flip or touch features then the samsung can be a good choice if you just need a cheap and small computer for everyday stuff like web browsin and email and the like.

Chromebooks for Power Users

What if you need a laptop to get some work done, but you’re still okay living in the ChromeOS ecosystem but you don’t want a plastic computer that looks like a toy?

You have a few options and the pricing ranges from about $350.00 to $550 dollars for what is still a very nice computer and in a lot of cases can be had for under $500 on sale.

The Asus C302 you see above is priced at about $450.00 usually from various  online vendors and in my opinion looks like it could have come from Apple, instead of it being a Chromebook. The aluminum body with faster M3 processor make for a great combination of form and function

Chromebooks over $500.00

Yes, you can spend over $500 on a chromebook with some like Google’s new Pixelbook costing $1000 or more, but these are more luxury items than everyday so unless you have got money to burn, I would say either the Acer R11 or the Asus C302CA are your best bets for choosing a Chromebook in 2017.

The Cost of Stuff

I’m about a week or so away from  twenty years of ramseeker and listing ram prices, and I think I’m due for a change  – or ‘pivot’ as it’s been said.

RAM isn’t really that big of a seller any more and also it’s pretty cheap and for the most part the same price from most vendors. Even if the price does vary it’s by a few dollars at most.

I mentioned before I am out of memory as it’s time has come and gone. The iPhone is close to being the primary computer for a lot of people and you can’t upgrade the ram in these either.

When it comes to the Mac, it’s the same – save for a few iMac models you can’t upgrade the ram in practically any Mac now. I suppose there’s a market for ram for older computers but the last MacBook Pro you could add RAM to is now almost six years old.

To summarize: the days of RAM upgrades are over except for those upgrading older computers and this is not a niche or market I want to pursue over the years as it’s only going to get worse over time.

The same goes with storage. Yes, there is still a demand for hard drives and SSD’s but I’ve never really tracked them as they are pretty much all the same – just pick a brand and size you like or need. I think that these too will go away over time with the Cloud being your number one place for storing your files – I know it is for me.

So Now What?

I’ve tried a few things and failed spectacularly over the last few months from On Curation to writing about upgrades for the few that can still take an upgrade like the Lenovo x260 but I don’t think that tracking ram prices is the way to go forward for the long term,

What I do want to do is to start publishing more, but what? RAM prices are out but everything else is up for grabs and I always come back to one thing – shopping. Heck, ramseeker started because I liked to shop but twenty years ago ram was expensive and so comparing prices made sense because saving just a little bit of money on RAM made a difference.

I guess going foward I will write about a bunch of topics but with the prices in mind, specifically what stuff costs.  Writing about stuff is easy for me and I like to shop, so this is a combination of that.

I’ve had a good run over the past 20 years but it’s time to move away from memory upgrades. My phone and notebook have all the ram they need and I bet you’re in  the same boat.

Thanks for visiting.

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iMac 27 2017 with Retina 5K display Memory and SSD Upgrades

The iMac 27″ 2017 with Retina 5K display can accept up to 64gb of 2400Mhz DDR4 Memory.

There’s four slots to choose from so you have some options when upgrading – from as little as 4GB of RAM all the way up to 64GB of RAM.

SSD drives can be installed in this Mac but it’s a task to be sure.

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