P is for Pie

Yesterday, I barely had enough juice to get a blog post up before my notebook computer died so today’s the day I try and get it written.

As the post yesterday it’s been the weekend of pie here.

First, my hunch was right and my mother-in-law did come through and make me a pie.

And it’s delicious as always.

The bad news is BW burned her hand on it. She had come in from walking the dog and did not realize that the pie had **just come out of the oven. **

I know know what the word “puta” means. It means “ I burned my finger.” I think.

Anyway, not good.

Lucky for her she has some magic cream for burns and a few hours later she was fine. What a week for BW - earlier she fell down the stairs and now this.

But as the sun goes down on our** weekend of pies **I’m very pleased to share that I have figured out a way where I get to block ads on my computers and this leaves BW’s computer alone.

She’s happy to have ads and I’m happy **not **to have ads show when browsing the web.

Oh, and we’re all full of pie. ? Kind of hard to beat a weekend like this.

Pie Counter: This is pie number 4 for 2018.