Outfit of the Day

It’s valentines day so of course there’s going to be a lot of pink and red and at the NICU today they did not disappoint! When I got there they had her all dressed up in this little onesie with pink LOVE written all over. And of course, there’s the hat. She wiggles around so it’s usually just off her head and today was the same.. the hat seems like a good idea.

She is keeping her temperature and is eating and weighing more so that’s all good news. She made us a valentine’s card (with some help from the nurses I am sure) . She also got mail today. In fact, there’s more mail for her than me.

She didn’t eat for me today from the bottle but she did for the nurses. It’s hard work figuring out to eat and breathe and suck all at the same time but she’s still just days old. When she is ready she will let me know.

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