Out of Memory

I knew this day would come eventually.

I no longer compare memory upgrade prices for apple computers.

This is due to a few reasons:

RAM is cheap - real cheap and you can get all the ram you will ever really need for about fifty bucks so it’s not priced like it once was where you could spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on memory upgrades.

It’s getting harder and harder to upgrade the ram on an Apple computer. If you

want to upgrade a current Mac Mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro or iMac (some)? You can’t.

RAM on these machines are soldered in so be sure to buy the computer with enough ram because if you don’t you might be stuck with an obsolete computer faster than you would like.

There’s Amazon . Seriously. When I started ramseeker, buying stuff online was from small specialty shops that sold memory upgrades. Many of these stores are either no longer or have branched out to other products to sell - not only on their sites, but also on the Amazon marketplace.

Honestly, it’s just too easy to fire up your phone and you can buy almost anything and it’s at your door the next day in some cases - why bother signing up for shopping carts when a click of the button on your phone

Of course, mobile killed ramseeker and tracking ram prices too. My current phone has 3GB of RAM . This was just unthinkable not that long ago.

Operating systems have gotten better at memory management too, so you really don’t need all the ram to run programs like you used to.

All of the above means that demand for memory upgrades have dwindled and prices have dropped where it’s just not worth it any more to compare ram prices as over half the vendors are out of business (or pivoting to another).

So, What Now?

To be honest, I am not sure. I’m keeping the site up for a quick guide to ram upgrades for the legacy macs but considering with few exceptions that there hasn’t been a new Apple computer release that will take a RAM upgrade in some time, I will no longer be updating it.

I’ve started to link to some sites and items that interest me. I figure if I’m interested then perhaps somebody else will be too. Also, this takes very little time.

I may start writing more about storage and SSD’s as they are really the new ram upgrade, and in most computers these are still upgrade-able by the end user. There is also the PC side of RAM upgrades, and like I have done with the Macs , I might start working on a similar page for the PC too. This would be a much bigger project but it would be a good resource to have. Now that there’s software like cloudready by neverware that will turn any old PC into a chromebook-like device adding some RAM and a cheap SSD to an older PC is a worthy upgrade.

Lastly, I just want to start writing and let time dictate what the future jim.am looks like. Heck, this might end up being a personal blog. Bloggers like John Saddington and Shawn Blanc have evolved their sites over time as they grow. There’s no rule that a site must stay the same.

I do want to thank every reader and sponsor of jim.am over the years. Thanks to you a hobby site turned into a complete career for over a decade. I’ve now taken on a a part time job once again as the income from this site has eroded to next to nothing over time. (thank goodness for free web hosting ) but it’s been a very fun experience and I am glad to have been able to help you get a deal on memory upgrades over the years.