Out From Behind The Wheel

This is the weather we’ve all been waiting for. The long summer nights as spring disappears and the official start of summer begins. And with the wife away and I have wheels too, I have an opportunity here to get wild and crazy, play the stereo loud in the car (jazz) and head straight for:

You’ll note that how in the USA, they have the need to explain what Tm Horton’s is. Not so in Canada . But the Canucks do promote the ‘Always  Fresh’ I have noticed..

Anyhoo..  It could of been worse and my beverage of choice for this evening could have been this:

(and this probably costs less than my beverage of choice here too. The portion sizes seem to be the same for both and that’s supersized!)

This little adventure actually started earlier in the day actually when on the way back from a Doctor’s appointment I stopped at the drive through  (sorry, drive thru - old habits) pharmacy.** I didn’t have to get out of my car at all** to pick up my prescriptions!!  (you know you’re middle aged when it’s not just one prescription any more - but many) . And I realized that except for a stop at the grocery store I made three other stops and never got out of the car:


Post Office  - you just drive up. Drive through window for stamps. And they have Saturday mail. I have a little thing for the USPS here but that’s another post all on it’s own

Drug Store for above mentioned drugs.

After my steak dinner, I thought - what would happen if I got out of the car? What would I see? Only one way to find out…and off I go..

And right across the street from the ‘Cafe and Bake Shop’ I see this:

I thought to myself - this is perfect! They can explain about the Tim’s thing and the popularity of drive throughs and why there’s mail on Saturday but on closer inspection I saw that the place looked a bit deserted:

despite their welcoming signs:

I don’t think they’re open, regardless of what the sign says.

So while I drank my coffee on the bright red picnic table:

I reflected,

and asked myself - Now what do I do?** I guess I may as well go explore**. It’s not like there’s demand for space at the infocenter. I have the entire place by myself and it’s kind of nice to be out  in the warm summer air. Might as well have a look around:

I  saw lots of people who like me earlier, were stuck in their cars: Some had places to go:

and some travelled by bridge:

and some were just out cruising: 

And some had parked their cars at the info center: I saw a blue Ford

And a red Ford.

But eventually, my coffee ran cold. I may as well take a bit of a walk and see what I can see, as this really was the purpose of this trip - to get out of the car and smell the:


And I found that when you do this, the grass really is greener:

And you see all sorts of things you can’t see from behind the wheel of  a car:

You hear birds chirping

and bullrushes swaying in the breeze.

and see planes fly high above.

All of this I happend  by getting out of the car and using those things at  the end of your legs: your feet.

You also find you may need them to run, because: oops!

So with that in mind I ran back to the car,

And drove back home to Pleasantville.

The End.