One Million Words

the big city

I have decided to just try and write here as much as possible about a whole lot of topics as I have learned that you just never know what will resonate with your readers (or, more likely now - what gets completely ignored) and I am beginning to realize that it’s just a numbers game:

The More You Write

The more you will get read. Also (and I need this part) you will get better over time, or at least that’s the idea..

So, assuming each one of these posts is 300 words on average and I have about 765 posts: the math works out to be abut 225,000 words. I suppose I could count the words in each post but that’s too much like work.

I would much rather just write about stuff and see how long it would take me to write approximately a million words. I have no idea how long this will take or even what I will write about but I have a feeling if I write more I will get more of an audience. It makes sense, yes? If you throw enough against the wall surely something would stick.

Not every article would have to be a pulitzer award winner. I think my most popular post is no prize but when it gets searched for, the reader gets the result he/she wants: the question answered.

I have a lot of questions. Some are related to my baby and raising her and yet others might be related to well..whatever.

If this was a site I wanted to make money online with I would write about one topic like…oh I don’t know: power drills and sell you all on the drill you should buy but with this site first and foremost it’s for fun and I think that publishing a million words might be fun. :+1: