Nobody cares what your site looks like


I have come to this realization over the years:

The uglier your site is, the better it will perform.

I have spent probably about thousand dollars on commercial wordpress themes over the years and it’s been a complete waste of money for the most part.

Save for a few sites - most of themes have extra features and bells/whistles that you don’t really need like extra sharing buttons and the like. I’ve been trying to minimize the stuff on my sites over the years because most of it is crap

There are some sites that are very well made and designed but with most sites that i go and visit I just want to read the content and not click ads or sharing buttons or even need a “featured image”

This post has a featured image which to be completely honest isn’t really needed. In fact - now that I think about it - after this I might remove them completely and just well, write. Images slow me and the site down as it’s one more thing to worry about when creating content.

Some of the best sites I have made when it comes to producing an income have been the ugliest sites I’ve ever seen but they get the point across of what I am trying to say or share.

The rest is just fluff.