On the Seventh Day


Another day, another pie.

But more importantly, I’ve managed to stick to writing  here for a entire week without giving up. Now granted that these little posts have not been war and peace but these little snippets will be fun to look back at over time.  So yay for me. I only have to write for 358 more days in 2018.

As the photo suggests, it was a pretty quiet day at home. It’s warmed up a bit and should be even warmer tomorrow.

I don’t like you right now

BW called me from the Airport at 10:45 am. Her flight is at 10:45 pm and she lands at midnight. I asked her  what she was going to to do for 12 hours at the airport and she ended up going to the movies. last I heard from her she  was in movie number 2 and that she was the only person in the theater.

My complaint is that I have to go collect BW at 11:30pm and then drive her home.  The trouble is that I have to get up and work a 12 hour day about five hours later. I think we may have to change the blog name to ‘cranky husband’.

I tried to convince  BW to take an uber and let me slumber but she wants me to pick her up so off I go. Also - she still wants flowers. I have my orders.

In preparation of my sleepless night, I had a nap today so I guess I can’t complain too much.

In fact, now that you think of it - it’s been a pretty good day: 2 different kinds of pie, and a nap, and the wifey comes home.

Tomorrow I might not be able to type full sentences but for now we’re doing just fine.