On Curation

It’s been some time since I have written here about any one topic with any regularity and I really want to change this as I have written before. I have tried a few things but either gave up after the novelty of the idea passed or just didn’t know what to write. Many times that last bit is the big reason for lack of updates here.

So, I think it’s time for a change. I have written before about starting over so I will try not to repeat myself again but simply put the day of monitoring prices for ram are gone either because the current computers from Apple won’t even take an upgrade (with few exceptions) and in many cases, the vendors I did track are now long gone and out of business.

This second part is due to the fact that ram prices are pretty cheap these days. I recently stumbled across an eBay auction for some random pulls of various 1GB modules were priced at a dollar each. I remember when 1GB for a PowerBook G4 would set you back $2000.00.

Computers today are nothing more than either cheap terminals to the cloud (think chromebooks) or they’re ultrabooks that have the ram soldered on. Except for some desktop computers or if you’re looking to upgrade a legacy computer there’s not much demand for ram upgrades.

I thought I might write about legacy computers and how they are still a viable computer to use in 2017, but for how much longer? Will there be any computer you can upgrade in 2020?

But I still like to shop for stuff, and find new and interesting sites related to the Mac, but also tech in general. If for no other reason to get the stuff out of my head but so I can remember what I wanted later.

I could use evernote or some note keeping app, but I want to share the stuff I find so I figure I might as well share and link to stuff here. I have not illusions of being the next big authority site and that’s okay. Ramseeker has long been a hobby site and now my hobby has transferred to tracking ram prices to curating stuff of interest, or to be more specific stuff that interests me

Ramseeker.com will not be a news site, a deals site or even a personal blog but it might morph into one or all of those things over the years. After my dalliance with jekyll as a blogging platform I am back to wordpress and this offers a few features but the one I like is that I can quickly write a link post and hit publish. If there’s one thing I wanted to do the remainder of the year it’s to hit the publish button more often.

So, curating.

I started this site by culling and curating ram prices and now I’m culling and curating the things and links that interest me. I have found a blog theme I like and a workflow I can live with. The theme even has a bit of the old ‘ramseeker blue’ in it - just like old times and most importantly it offers a link type post format so the title of the post on the front page links to the site I’m writing about.

I’m really looking forward to finding some new sites and blogs to write about and link to - especially the smaller hobby sites that are not as commercial and are just some person’s site where they write about stuff that interests them.

An excellent example of this would be System Folder where the author writes about his older mac collections. I stumbled across this at some point and I try to remember to visit from time to time as it’s a great resource for those of us that still love or remember the older Macs

I also want to write more here as I always find it amazing on what has the most page views and what people like to read or at least what I rank in google for. But most of all I just want to hit that publish button more from now on. I’ve never cared much for stats and the days of ramseeker being a big money maker are over but it’s still fun to find out what resonates wit others.

Perhaps I will build an audience or maybe I won’t but at least I will have tried and if nothing else I have a few more bookmarks saved for later.

All I have to do now is to hit that publish button.