Not So Tidy Husband

It’s Tuesday, and that means I only work a few hours in the evening so there’s usually some time on tuesdays for me to clean the house.

BW left for work in a flurry and hurry as is the usual, but on the way out the door she joked that we have to change the blog name to “not so tidy husband” as we both agreed that the house was about a 6 on the richter scale when it comes to crap that needed put away and dog hair that needed swept up.

As I was cleaning up and taking wonder woman upstairs to BW’s office where she rightfully belongs I wondered what happened - how did the house get so bad?. Oh wait, I know - I wasn’t home, I was busy. That explains it.

This doesn’t mean we don’t pick up as we go, and the bed gets made and the dog gets walked but the mail on the kitchen table was piling up so things just needed an hour or so to get sorted out. You know, so I could fix stuff like this:

We like to keep the house about a 7 or 8 out of 10 on the clean side where a 10 is an impossible goal as it looks like an ikea catalog where nobody has dog hair or lamp cords

We will never be a 10. Earlier today we were a six. I fixed that.

The blog name can stay the same for now and it doesn’t look like an earthquake hit and left a trail of old mail and toast crumbs.

For now. Tomorrow’s a whole new day of dog hair.