50 Percent More

When we brought the little one home from the hospital we just used the same formula that they had been giving her in the NICU as I figured that they knew what they were doing when it came to selecting the right formula for our newborn better than I ever could.

For a few months, all was fine but then the little squirt ended up eating more and more and I have to tell you that this shit’s expensive! so we started to look around at alternatives before she eats us out of house and home..

Hello, No Name Brand

target forumla

“Comparable To” might just be my two favorite words of 2019 as I found the target brand and it’s a much bigger box for about twenty bucks instead of close to 30 dollars I was paying for much less of pretty much the same thing.

My daughter doesn’t seem to mind the newer and cheaper Target stuff and I get to feed her for less. all of these are good things. :)

It used to be a time when store brands sucked but I think over time for the most part they are very comparable to the more expensive branded products.

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