No Internet, No Respect and No More Jobs on the List

Item number 1:

The Internet was down today, and both the dog and I were not happy about it. There were cable guys in the backyard today changing one beige box for a brown box in the back corner. They were there for a few hours and were waist deep in mud digging and dragging to and fro.

Let me tell you, the dog was NOT happy about this development. How dare anybody go in her backyard? Of course, lots of barking and barking today just because she can.

Meanwhile, for yours truly I had just found my groove working when I went to reload a page and OH NO NO INTERNET. How did d we live before the internet? I think magazines were big. Also, I remember going outside more.

Once I realized the internet was going to be down for a while, I thought: Oh no! What do I do? So after some thought i knew what to do: I present to you:

Item number 2.

I have officially cleaned all that can or will be cleaned while BW is away. Including the fiddly stuff:

Cleaning under the sink:


Cleaning of the cutlery drawers:


All wrapped up:



All Lids Match:


Item number 3.

My phone chirps this am, and it’s a text message from my MIL asking how I am doing,which was very nice. I’m a lucky guy and I thanked her for thinking of me.

But then, she blew it.

Her next message was “Is the pantry done yet?”.

I can’t win.

In the meantime, watch this space for further developments: