ad free


I’m so sick of ads and trackers, I have decided that this site shall have neither.

The fact that the modern web uses so many trackers and ads and all I need to to is visit this “one little trick” ad on the bottom of a site I enjoy and my problems will be solved.

I know that publishers have to eat and ads are a great way of monetizing a site but it seems to me that things have gone more and more overboard there has be a better way than having an ad blocker be almost a a requiremt to being able to enjoy the web.

Perhaps I’m the only one that cares that the content should come first and the ads are secondary but it seems it’s been the other way around for a while now and it only seems to get worse.

I would love for there to be a way for websites to get paid well without having to resort to all the spammy ads on the bottom as it seems to devalue the site so much. It’s like putting bumper stickers on a sports car - it just seems wrong.

Anyway no ads, no trackers here.