Nice Melons

We have some. Melons, that is. As in fruit.

We have big ones:


and we have smaller melons.

small melons

But as the photo above shows, the bigger melon has been, um, appreciated by other non family members. My guess is they have big floppy ears

And that’s too bad because we were really looking forward to growing the melons, and although off to a slower start than our peas and beans, it looks like  - if we can keep the bunnies away - we may have some fresh fruit in a few weeks.

What we’ve learned so far in our 2012 gardening adventure: 

Your friend’s dog will enter the backyard and make a bee-line to pee on your garden

You need more than an inch or so of topsoil. It’s a tad too early to tell but the beets and carrots we planted haven’t really done all that hot. I don’t think there’s enough deep dirt for them to grow. Beneath our $100 of topsoil is just clay.

Our dog, oddly enough could care less about the garden.

Our tomatoes were plum, of which we saw three  - or about  $33 per tomato,not including labor.

Bunnies like melons

Weeds will grow pretty much anywhere

We can grow green beans with ease. Next year, it’s looking like an all green bean garden.

Our neighbour took the stone that covered the garden and was the floor of the dog kennel meaning I didn’t have to deal with getting rid of the old patio stones.

I’m not sure we have the amount of water/sun ratio down pat. We may be drowning some of our efforts.

We sure are having a lot of fun with this - more than I had imagined.


And…that’s really all the news that’s fit to print here. I start shooting for the new job next week, and much to my surprise I survived getting a tooth yanked, it seems.

We’ve got a lazy anniversary weekend (six months!)  planned here, and I plan on taking my beautiful bride for a fancy $13.00 dinner to celebrate, and afterwards we may go to the Wegmans. Beat that for excitement. ?

Until Next Week,

TH. ?