Nap Day

The photo you see is a stock photo. I had thought about uploading a photo of BW snoozing on the couch but I like staying married.

We both had naps this afternoon so any day with a nap is a good day.

Also BW woke me up with a fresh coffee!.

I thought it was because she really loved me but it was really a bribe so I would put on my coat and walk the dog. I’m not saying she doesn’t love me but I think that there was an a ulterior motive.

My big excitement of the day was that I figured out how to free up a computer I was using for my ad blocking system by using a cloud server. It costs a few bucks a month but it frees up a perfectly good notebook.

Also…I ordered a mug.

It’s a pi-hole mug. Because the nerd in me needed this mug. BW has her space mugs, and this will be my special mug.

I also updated my pi-hole ( I think I like this software so much because it has the word ‘pie’ in it) so that it blocks close to 3 million sites. Porn, spam and malicious trackers - poof! Gone.

I’m back to work full-ish time this week so I’m glad I got my blogging and napping and nerding in today while there’s still time.

Oh, BW found another project for me. I will share when/if I’m done.

I thought the family room makeover would tie me over for some time but apparently there’s more work that has to be done.